I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 692: Performance Test

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Chapter 692: Performance Test

“Ai Mi, what are you doing?” I quickly moved back to avoid my sister’s hand that was moving towards my crotch, “I know you failed cultural studies class, but now you’re failing in common sense too.”

Ai Mi, who was unsuccessful, ignored me and pressed on again.

“Take off your pants and let me check.”

Her sky-blue eyes flashed with suspicion as she spoke extremely inappropriate words in a beautiful voice.

Normally, that would be a request that a perverted brother makes to his sister, what are you doing by turning it around?

“How can I take off my pants in front of you.” I reached out two hands to stop Ai Mi from leaning over, “Get out, if you keep this up, I’m going to call for help.”

“Hmph, you can yell all you want, but no one will come to save you.”

The two of us seem to have entered into a strange role swap.

If I wasn’t worried about having a heart attack, I was perfectly capable of wrapping Ai Mi in a bed sheet, turning her into a human spring roll, and then carrying her over my shoulder to Peng TouSi for him to handle.

Limited by my current physical condition, I was a bit helpless in front of the aggressive Ai Mi.

“Ai Mi, can you step out for a bit? I’ll find Dr. Yu to explain the problem in detail to you, okay?”

“No, what if he teams up with you to trick me, seeing is believing.”

“Consider it a favor to help your brother…”

“Brother, do you love me?” Ai Mi suddenly changed to a more gentle tone.

“Love, of course I love you.” I replied strangely.

Just as the words left my mouth, Ai Mi widened her eyes to the limit and questioned loudly, “If you have a sexual dysfunction, how can you still love me?”

The necessary condition for love between siblings isn’t sex. Even between ordinary couples, it may not be necessary to use sex to convey love.

I calmed myself down and felt my heart rate. I think I should be able to subdue Ai Mi while maintaining a steady heartbeat.

“Ai Mi, you’re out of line, if you keep trying to touch me inappropriately…” I pointed to the living room curtains, “I’ll rip the curtains off and use it to tie up your hands.”

Ai Mi, however, was not afraid of my threat at all. She tilted her head and smiled at me mischievously, “So brother is also a pervert who likes S&M…”

Who is a pervert? I’m going to tie up your hands to prevent you from sexually assaulting me, it’s not for S&M role-play!

“I don’t have to go over there.” Seeing my firm attitude, Ai Mi compromised slightly, “But you have to prove that you still have the ability to love me.”

“How would I prove that, do you want me to pull out my heart and let you take a look?”

“That’s easy, jerk off in front of me, then it would prove it.”

Ai Mi crossed her arms in front of her chest and said as if it was an easy task.

I was so angry that my face turned beet red and my eyes were bulging out.

“No brother would jerk off to his own sister!”

“Huh, so it turns out that jerking off ‘in front me’ is not enough to satisfy my brother, he wants to jerk off ‘to me’.”

Ai Mi intentionally misinterpreted my words.

Her two small hands, however, left her chest area and moved towards the hem of her skirt. She pinched the hem and slowly lifted it upward.

The seductive, graceful gestures, matched with just the right standing position, made her look like a fine work of art.

But it did not change the fact that she was lifting up her skirt at me! If she moves it up anymore, her panties will be exposed.

Ai Mi was focused on lifting her skirt and said: “Hmph, since you made all kinds of excuses, this must have been what you were waiting for. It’s troublesome having you as a brother… i guess I’ll reluctantly give you a glimpse…”

I think it’s troublesome having you as a sister! If I jerk off to my sister while she lifts up her skirt, I would lose the right to be a human being, I would be no better than a beast. This is even worse than you touching me earlier.

“Ye Lin, are you still alive, I’ve come to see you.”

The door of room 103 was suddenly pushed open.

The person who barged in was Winnie, who was wearing Qing Zii Academy’s school uniform. If you don’t look at the band-aids on her cheeks and knees, she seems quite ladylike.

Winnie looked towards us with a happy smile on her face. From her perspective, she saw Ai Mi’s back, and Ai Mi facing me doing something, and I looked embarrassed.

“What are the two of you playing?”

Ai Mi subconsciously put her skirt down after she realized someone entered without knocking. My sister may be a pervert, but not to the point where she would let anyone look under her skirt.

Ai Mi calmed down after she saw that the the person who ventured in was Winnie, and revealed a “so it’s you” expression.

“I’m really not used to Ye Lin wearing a hospital gown.” Winnie walked towards us while saying, “In the first year of middle school, you got into a fight and had more serious injuries than this, but you weren’t even hospitalized.”

“But…” Winnie put her finger on her chin and thought for a while, asking herself, “Come to think of it, if I could live in Miss Ai Mi’s VIP building all day long and eat meals cooked by the French chef, I would probably pretend to be sick too… ouch, my stomach hurts for some reason.”

“Stop faking.” Ai Mi scolded her in a bad mood, “You can come whenever you want, but there’s something wrong with the manservant.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Winnie still had her hands over her stomach.

“Ai Mi, don’t say…”

“Dr. Yu suspects that there’s something wrong with Ye Lin’s sexual function, and I am testing him.”

Ai Mi ignored me and explained to Winnie.

“Pfft.” Winnie tried to hold back a laugh, but ultimately failed and spewed out a lot of saliva. I take back my previous statement, even if she is wearing more ladylike clothing, it wouldn’t make her a lady at all.

After wiping off the saliva at the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, Winnie laughed out loud: “How would that be possible, Ye Lin’s sexual function is very normal. Actually, it should be even more normal than ‘normal’, it would belong in the strong category…”

Ai Mi furrowed her brows and said suspiciously, “It sounds as if you tested it yourself…”

“Ah.” Winnie suddenly realized the reason why she knew about my little friend was from the previous day when she mistakenly consumed aphrodisiac berries and something pushed against her butt when she pushed me down.

Even if you are a tomboy, that would be humiliating and it cannot be mentioned in front of other people.

So she hastily changed her words and said: “No, no, it’s just that Ye Lin sometimes naps on his desk in the classroom, and I accidentally saw it when he pitched a tent.”

When did that happen? Even if I did pitch a tent during one of my naps, it would only be Xiao Qin who could see it!

“You’re talking about the past. The manservant broke his eggs when he fell into the trap, then he developed a sexual dysfunction.”

The last version was that I was allergic to snake venom which resulted in swollen testicles, but now it’s not even swollen, it’s just “broken”.

“Ah.” Winnie was shocked, “It’s the legendary… ruptured testicle.”

She didn’t know how to comfort me, so she gave me a very hard hug, then said in my ear: “It doesn’t matter, since you’re bisexual, we can still be good sisters.”

“Who wants to be your sister, my eggs aren’t broken.” I angrily broke away from Winnie’s hug, “All those accusing me of having a sexual problem are all irresponsible rumors.”

I shouldn’t really talk about this in front of girls, but Ai Mi the American did not care, Winnie the tomboy did not care, so I gradually did not care anymore either.

“Prove it.” Ai Mi said as if she was a customer buying electronics and wanted the seller to show the product features.

How would I prove it? I was already embarrassed in front of only you, now you want me to do something nasty in front of two girls?

“Um…” Winnie suddenly remembered something and asked with an odd face: “Ai Mi, you just said you were ‘conducting a test’, could it be that you’re testing Ye Lin’s sexual function?”

“Yes.” Ai Mi admitted it without even blushing, “As my manservant, not only do you have to have a high combat power, you also need an outstanding sexual function.”

“I don’t think that’s good.” Winnie said carefully, “Miss Ai Mi, you are Ye Lin’s… Ye Lin’s distant cousin, so that’s not really suitable.”

Surprisingly, Ai Mi did not refute Winnie on this topic, but crossed her arms and nodded her head and said:

“You have a point, in that case, let’s give you the glorious job of testing, take off all your clothes.”

“Miss Ai Mi, stop joking…”

“I’m not joking, I’ll pay you.” Ai Mi said, “Remember the drawer full of money in room 101? If you take off your clothes in front of the manservant, I’ll give you all that money.”

At the mention of the drawer full of money, Winnie’s whole body froze for ten seconds.

I remember when she first found the drawer, she said she had never seen that much cash before and knelt down to it as if she was worshiping the god of money so that she would never run out of money to spend.

The temptation of money made her eyes turn back into $ signs.

Her right hand seemed to turn into a creature with self-will, it trembled and uncontrollably started to reach for the first button of her uniform.

“No, no.” Winnie was suddenly awakened, then she hit the back of her right hand hard with her left hand, “If I take off my clothes for money, then I’ll just be a stripper.”

Ai Mi narrowed her eyes and instigated from behind, “This is just a necessary medical measure for the health of the manservant, and in addition… if you think it’s too less money, I’ll change all the RMB in the drawer into USD.”

“So it’s a medical measure.” Winnie, who just said she doesn’t want to take off her clothes for money, repeated Ai Mi’s words to find an excuse for herself, “Um… is it okay if I only take half off?”

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