I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1092 - Who Were They?

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Chapter 1092 - Who Were They?

Upon seeing Landon, everyone called him Commander rather than his majesty.

They had to keep up their performances, even till now.

Only when his Majesty gave the signal could their countenance change.

Looking at the imposing person wearing an iron mask striking aboard the ship, everyone else swallowed nervously.

What did these people want?

Landon moved amidst them and stopped right before Holcim.

"My men and I are exhausted and don't have time to squabble with you.

We only came here for personal vengeance against those bastards.

And now that we're done, then we'll leave you to whatever it was you were doing."

Listening to him, many felt relieved, thanking their lucky stars.

Today had indeed been an eventful day.

First, they got head-on with those bastard Adonis followers.

And just when all hope was lost, they were somehow saved by these people who were also pursuing the Adonis followers too.

It looked like they had rescued them by accident.

That said, they were also shocked that these people know Zol as well.

In this world, Zol was at least 93% was similar to Roma

The continent of Zohl was just next to Romain, and the 2 continents had their own sort of pact as well.

Over the centuries, people had migrated between both continents, and their trade there was also booming.

Also, intercontinental marriage was evident in both continues wherever one went.

The people from Zohl were moderate to light blue in complexion, while those from Romain were dark skin instead, with several more varying skin shades.

So their children were always a wonder to look upon when one combined both.

Not only did they seem to inherit the best features, but were also breathtakingly beautiful as well.

In short, Zohl and Romain were 2 empires that went hand in hand with each other for as long as many could remember.

Seeing that they knew Zol, everyone's interest was a little bit piqued.

This, they wanted to know.

However, they knew better than to ask.

"Sir... Whatever the reason, thank you for saving us."

Landon shook his head calmly: "Like I said, we only came here to solve those bastards. So now that we're done, that's it. Goodbye. "



Holcim and the rest were taken aback.

That's it?

So the masked man just came to say this much and leave?


Holcim forced his mouth open as his curiosity had finally gotten the best of him.


Landon suddenly stopped, giving Holcim more courage to settle his curiosity.

"Sir... You and your men saved us all. So can you at least tell us who you are? We would like to know our saviours."

"It's best if you don't know.

Men, head back now."

With that, Landon's team retreated to their sh.i.p.s and speeded off into the sunset.

Well, this was the end of this matter.

But then suddenly, the expressions of the Zohls soon turned grim, playful and cruel.

They looked nothing like their former selves.


"Boss. They're definitely not Morgs... At least not official Morgs."

"Boss, I think that too. Did you hear them during battle?

Their language and pronunciations (accents) are exactly like the Morgs. Even when that masked man spoke Zol still gave off his speaking manner (accent).

So they might've been Morgs some time back. But now, they aren't. My guess is that they're rebels."

Holmic listened to his men while deep in thought.


But that would be a lie.

They had been searching for them, hoping to collect something vital from them too.

Too bad these strange rebels attacked them before they could get whatever it was they came for.

All this meant that these bunch of Zohls weren't easy, no matter how they looked.

Holmic licked his lips playfully.

If he gave this bonus info to the Order, then wouldn't he get promoted fast?

That's right.

He was part of the T.O.E.P... Even though he was recruited into the weakest class and group in the Order.

Firstly, since the Morgs owned the seas and were close to all continents, that meant that even if a continent were weak or trash, they would always take in a few members from there.

And the scariest thing was that almost no one knew of the T.O.E.P's existence in these regions.

So no one knew how much the enemy was clawing their way into their empires and territories.

For Holcim, he didn't give a damn if the T.O.E.P wanted to murder all Zohl people or keep them alive... Provided they didn't touch his territory or disrupt his goals.

He was a greedy man with one thing in his mind.

He had been on his way towards one of the pirate hands to deliver something, as well as state his wish.

Ever since joining the Order, he hadn't used his only wish-chance yet.

But things were getting a little desperate.

So he had no choice but to use it.

And what did he want?

Heh. It all boiled down to his brother's crown.

He had successfully poisoned his brother and had managed to get one step closer to the throne.

Then out of nowhere, his brother reveals some secret, saying that he had been training his successor somewhere else.


His brother had a son with a peasant woman and kept that son hidden from all the rest.

And now, he brought the bastard to take his place on the throne.

Sadly, it was as if fate was playing with him because no matter what he did or planned, the boy seemed to survive or get miraculously saved out of thin air.

This sort of thing was too annoying!

Was this guy the son of destiny or something?

He had successfully killed the rest of his brother's children.

So why the hell was killing this one so hard?

Everything had made him go crazy over these last 2 years.

Once he had burned down an entire place just to kill the boy, but miraculously everyone else died... All except the boy who survived with only a tiny cut in the inner part of his lower lip.

It wasn't even visible for crying out loud.

If the boy didn't pull open his lips, one wouldn't be able to see the tiny cut within.

All this made Holcim decide to bring in all his cards for this matter.

He didn't believe that his boy would continue to defy logic again after he involved the elites of the T.O.E.P.

Holcim's eyes glowed murderously.

Once his request was put in, no one would be able to help the boy in this matter!

No One!!!!

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