I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1098 - Arrival: Zalipnia!

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Chapter 1098 - Arrival: Zalipnia!

Thinking of her plans, a sneaky smirk appeared on her now chubby face as she carried her big belly and fled with her guards.

As for Lucy and the rest, they were already well informed about Plan C.

So they wouldn't cut their vacation time short.

Doing so would only make them all look too suspicious.

With that, Mother Kim entered an ordinary Taxi pre-planned for such a move, and her bodyguards also entered several reticular cabs by her side as well.

At the same time, another person in another car dressed similar to Mother Kim, and pregnant too, also entered the same spa that Mother Kim was at earlier on.

Heh. It was the old switcheroo.

Who would swear that mother Kim was the one who came in earlier?

After all, she had been wearing a face mask and a wig.

So what proof did they have?

With that, Mother Kim's team was off!


Meanwhile, back on the road, Lucius who had his eyes closed and his arms crossed against his c.h.e.s.t, suddenly opened his eyes and squinted them ahead calmly while looking at the old granny crossing the road.

He then observed his surroundings a bit more, before smiling deeply, before talking into his walkie-talkie.

At the same time, seeing that Lucius's vehicles had taken the bait, Kim's subordinates reported the matter fast.

But just when they thought it was all over, Lucius's vehicles suddenly broke out into all directions.

And the issue was that they had no idea which vehicle Lucius was in.

This wouldn't have been an issue if Mother Kim had sent all her units to follow Lucius.

But now, the people following her husband were completely outnumbered by his many units.

Well, it was more that they didn't know which one to follow.

It was as if the Pac-man game had come to life, with Lucius's vehicles being the Ghosts.

All the vehicles looked identical.

So which one do they follow?


This... This...


~Vrrrrr Mmmm!

Lucius grinned playfully while taking control of the wheel and heading first heading left.

His men at the back seats also kept an attentive watch on their surroundings.

And after seeing that they weren't followed, Lucius made another turn again with a coy smile on his lips.

Mother Kim's eyes turned grim while listening to the report.

"Everyone, stay alert! They probably broke off because of all the distractions earlier.

They likely want to get here as fast as possible. That's why they chose to break off and take several lanes to speed things up.

Meaning they might drive by us at any given moment. So keep your disguises intact and step it up.

We have to get to the Palace fast!"

"Roger that, Queen Mother!"

With that, her gang drove their taxis and nonconscious vehicles past the streets with care.

Sure enough, they spotted several of Lucius' vehicles when they turned from lane to lane and even headed to the highway.

It looked like they were all rushing to 'capture' Mother Kim in the Resort.

Kim who saw this, felt mighty proud of herself.

Hey! She bested the great King-Father Lucius, a war legend in Arcadina, as well as here.

How many people could boast of doing this?

No! How many people did this while pregnant?

Damn. How come she never knew that she was just too awesome?


Mother Kim smiled right to the Palace gates.

And of course, since they weren't in official vehicles, this might've been an issue.

But their Plan C involved a few palace guards that were secretly on their side too.

These guards did routine 'checks' on them and confirmed that they were indeed tourists here to visit the palace.

With that, they entered without a hitch and secretly snuck away from the Tourist Zones, moving towards the maid & staff quarters.

Yes. The head maid and a few of the butler's we're in on it too.

These people had planned an entire operation just so that she could go out for a few hours.

They were so pumped to be part of a secret mission that they did their best to practice and rehearse what to do and how to act.

They felt like they were in a spy movie.

They quickly kept a lookout while The bodyguards changed.

And when everyone was ready, they stepped out with massive laundry baskets and all sorts of cleaning supplies, trolleys and whatnot.

Of course, Mother Kim was in one of the wheelable Laundry baskets.

With that, they 'rolled' out in a straight path for a bit before breaking away into all sorts of confusing directions.

Everything seemed ordinary to those who caught glimpses of them, making everyone secretly wipe their sweat away.

Well... So far, so good.


Just like that, Mother Kim's team successfully made it towards the main building and even managed to get her into the massive entrance Hall inside her wing.

In short, it looked like a ballroom instead.

It was so grand and luxurious as well.

And at the forefront of the hall were several stairs leading up to a few bedroom chambers.

Of course, on the current floor just below the stairs were slightly smaller bedroom chambers and storage rooms as well.

Now, they had successfully gotten Mother Kim into the grand open dining hall in her Wing.

It was just that the moment they stepped in, they knew that their mission had failed.

They looked at the person before them in shock.

How could he be here?


Lucius who had been seated with his hands in his pockets while crossing his legs, calmly raised his brows in silence.

At the same time, his many guards surrounding the hall quickly blocked the exit, keeping everyone inside.

Lucius looked at Kim's men silently, making them inward nervous too.

They thought that Lucius would lash out. But surprisingly, he only nodded in satisfaction instead.

"You all have worked hard and have proven your loyalty to my wife.

This is what you should do.

That said, I don't have the right to sanction or punish you all. And have no intention of doing that too."

Hearing this, everyone couldn't go celebrating in their minds.

So, they were off the hook?

Lucius looked at them and chuckled.

How could it be that easy? If he did so, then where would he vent up all his anger?

"Alright. Even though I don't have the right to punish you, I do, however, hold a few liberties in some areas.

Yes. You did do your jobs but ended up losing in the end.

This means that your skills still need a lot more improvement if you're going to keep guarding my wife.

That's why I'll personally modify your training to make you all as efficient as possible.

Don't worry, you all will be able to handle it... Hopefully."


Everyone had no tears in their eyes but wanted to cry.

What special training?

Who didn't know that his majesty Landon, as well as King-Father Lucius we're demon trainers?

Was this his way of letting them off the hook?

Sure enough. King-Father Lucius was a petty Man!


"Alright. You're dismissed.

I would like to talk to my wife alone."

With that, everyone, including his own guards, exited the room.

Lucius calmly tapped each laundry basket feeling the echoed sounds, before stopping at one of them.

And before he could open it up, Kim burst out pitifully.

At a time like this, the pitiful card would always work, right?

Too bad; this time, Lucius didn't fall for it.

To him, she put her entire body in danger, and this would never sit well with him

At the same time, he knew that if he had to stop occurrences like these, then maybe he should give her more outings?

But... But... She was almost about to pop.

And she was such a frail woman.

So was it truly that safe for her to leave the palace?

Sigh... He knew he had to back up a little bit, but it was so hard!!



Landon who had been watching the whole play from afar, felt as though he had been watching some hidden spy movie with both parties being spies from enemy organizations.

That's right.

He had been watching it the entire time.

Blame the system for all of a sudden giving him a random mission concerning Ren.

After seeing the mission, he decided to check up on Ren, only to later hear one of Ren's guards snowboarding at a safer distance, mentioning something about his mother commencing Olan C?

Of course, worried for his pregnant mother, he had to check things out for himself.

Who knew that he would then get drawn into the show between husband and wife?

For a moment, it shocked him that his dignified mother would actually get into a laundry basket.

It was just too hard to believe.

Well, that was it for their little escapade.

With that, Landon switched the monitors and had another quick glance at Lucy again before turning off his monitors and focusing on the upcoming war.

And sure enough, just like the wind, time flew by too quickly with February officially coming to an end.

Like so, March entered the scene like a rushing wave.

But unlike the noisy waters, the sh.i.p.s were deadly silent instead.


Because tomorrow, they would arrive Zalipnia!

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