I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1100 - .... This Is Zalipnia?

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Chapter 1100 - .... This Is Zalipnia?


Everyone stood on the sh.i.p.s and looked through their binoculars with strange expressions on their faces.

Erm... Was this place still inhabitable?

Lucia and the other Zalipnians rubbed their noses awkwardly.

Hey! It wasn't their fault that the winter here was this bad, alright?

It was just nature!

Landon's whole world had been torn down by what he saw.

Of course, before coming here, they had been preparing for the worst possible outcome.

And since this was winter, of course Lucia and the rest had told them about how bad things got out here.

That's why back in Baymard, they had built a training center within the barracks that pumped in wind, allowing them to fly.

It was like the indoor Sky-diving entertainment rooms.

But this time, they built a massive room and pumped up more air into it at a controlled velocity.

And within the room, they would create multiple tornado-like words, allowing the soldiers to hurdle through them nonstop.


They prepared and planned for the worst-case scenario based on the information Lucia and the rest gave.

That's why they brought in the big guns!

They were talking about the Alpha Heavy-road Military trucks, vans and vehicles.

Those bad boys were damn heavy and had been tested by their researchers and teams to withstand all sorts of chaos the winds threw at them.

Of course, for fear that something might crash into the vehicle driving the drive, the windows were reinforced, and even the tires as well.

Just like how it was impossible to burst the tires of a presidential vehicle or even damage the windows, they had spent time reinforcing those bad boys all for this mission.

Heh. They'd like to see how nature would play against them with these bad boys.

Round 1; Man Vs Nature.

Man wins!!!!

Sure. The victory might not be so-flawless. But a win was a win, no?

Of course, regular military tanks were already heavy enough to withstand the winds and were already reinforced.

So they were good to go.

Nonetheless, only those who would be staying within the vehicles showed a confident smile.

That's right.

While some would do drive-throughs, shooting targets down, others were supposed to be on don't, jumping around the deadly weather, and even hitching rides with the winds.

That's right!

The plan was to use Mr. Wind, hitch a ride and find their next bus stop when ready.

And they also had another elaborate one for getting down as well.

It was just that when training, it all looked easy.

But now, standing out here and actually seeing the real thing, they had a feeling that things wouldn't go so smoothly as planned.

What... What sort of weather was this?


Out here, because the winds were spread across the vast open seas, they weren't as impactful as those on land.

Nonetheless, without their binoculars, it was still impossible for their eyes to see anything even a few feet away.

The heavy snow and winds had formed a white sheet obstructing their vision.

And one shouldn't forget that the place was semi-dark as well.

So already, they could see all the dangers and issues they would face once they set foot on land.


These people of Zalipnia should be natural-born flyers.

They've been doing it since young. So what was there to be afraid of?

The only thing was that they did so with weighted stones around their waists.

In this weather, even without the tornado-like winds, the average winds here took off the weight of the stones by giving people additional pushes forth or back depending on the wind direction.

So one just needed to catch the right drift and move where they wanted to.

But all this was all easy if people had practice as well as weighted stones on their waists.

For sure, they passed on all this information to Landon, who issued for military waistbands to be created.

And with these bands, one could add countless oval-shaped weights onto them.

It would be like hanging weights on a hot air balloon... Except the hot air balloon would be the waistband instead.

Heh. What do you think they stayed back in Baymard for all this time?

That was how one prepared to win a war!

...Well, they wish they could be this confident again.

Because as it stood, their biggest enemy wasn't the helpless Adonis followers who were yanked away here and there.

No... Their biggest worry was the weather!


After observing the real thing for a bit, Landon once again confirmed the wind Speed from the ship's anemometer, as well as several other factors; he, alongside others, deduced what the actual readings for the situation on land would be like.

Alright. Now, they knew more or less how much weight everyone should carry to keep them running forward in combination with the wind, without feeling the impact of the weights.

If they added too many weights, then it would only slow them down more.

Everything had to work in perfect correlation to the other.

Now, it was time to weight-up and get ready to Fly!

~Din. Din. Din. Din. Din~~

Very quickly, the soldiers hurriedly scattered around while listening to the announcements.

"All units should group up and head towards the Arsenal for Weaponry! I repeat! All units head towards the Arsenal A.S.A.P!"

Like ants in formation, they did as they instructed, swiftly collecting their weaponry.

At the moment, they were already dressed for battle.

So now, they just had to put on their thin, flexible but sturdy shields, as well as their weighted belts with the detachable weights, and their many weapons, with some, safely latched onto their clothing tightly.

Landon and Mitchen also suited up too.

As for the Zalipnians, they wore unique attire and waistbands too.

Of course, they also took along their original weapons like swords, long daggers and so on.

And to make this a little easier for them, the Baymardians had attacked a thin but strong band loop on their weapons.


They were to place their hands through the hole, ensuring that the band was on their wrists.

Well, even though they were used to fighting in this weather, it was never a bad thing to fight safely.

After all, what if their weapon accidentally flew away and stabbed one of their comrades?


Like so, everyone quickly suited up, ready for War!!

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