I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1192 - The Best Performance Yet!

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Chapter 1192 - The Best Performance Yet!

Within the large motel room, a group of women had now gathered within the same space, with deep expressions on their faces.

Of course, they had gotten over 6 rooms in total and were now 5 in one room alone.

One might think that the room would be cramped.

But they did get large motel rooms, with enough space for some of them to sleep on the voices or floors.

As for how unmatched they were in Baymard, it didn't matter to them.

After all, as ȧssassins, numbers didn't matter.

Assassins had to sneak in or act against the odds to complete a job.

Thus the name and title ȧssassins.

Well, they did have several options for today's job.

A- kidnap the traitor's daughter.

Or B- They kill the traitor's daughter and flee if they can't successfully kidnap her.

Yes! That was the plan.

Because if they couldn't successfully kidnap her, they would never let her go!

Why? Because after the incident, the traitor's daughter will be more vigilant and might even try to dig out their identities.

From what they knew, this Lucy didn't even know anything about her mother's true nature.

Pyno continent's image about her was that of a weak woman who could get bullied at every turn.

But that wasn't the traitor they knew of who single-handedly brought down the majority of their forces.

Before coming to Baymard, they had a 50-50 way of thinking regarding either goal option.

That is, whether they kidnap her for the sacrifice or kill her now, the result of both options was that she would still die, no?

And yes, the ritual was a little more critical since when seeing her on the late, burning around the flames, the rest of the witches and the Goddess in the heavens would be appeased.

As of now, even though they had been steadily building their forces after that major cross with the Traitor, their powers were still fragile.

So they needed all the able people they had.

Thus, they were told that even though it would please the Witch society greatly for the traitor's daughter to be brought in, it shouldn't be at the expense of their lives.


All 30 of them were one of the best and most elite within the organization. So they didn't want to lose them during these fragile times.

That's why they were told that if they noticed that the only option they had of getting close to Lucy was a risky one, then they should just ȧssassinate her from a distance and flee, heading back.

They already knew that weapons would be collected once one came to Baymard.

But believe it or not, as ȧssassins, they could still shoot a dagger from a distance and get the job done.

Nonetheless, they wanted to get a headshot, with the dagger or kitchen knife piercing through Lucy's skull or neck.

This was also one of the reasons why they chose a motel.

Since coming here, they have asked a few people about looking for rooms with kitchens in them.

Most hotels had room service, a public dining area and whatnot.

And even the ones that did have a kitchen didn't have a dimly equipped one, focusing on just a few key features.

But they found that some motels, especially the single-floor ones, did have a big shared kitchen with enough kitchen knives and other items available to them and several other guests.

They knew that it wasn't a crime to buy kitchen knives on Baymard.

But still, they didn't want to start walking about and trying to go shopping here and there.

So they just asked around for the perfect space where they could live and cook in for just a few days.

Of course, they could rent homes and even apartments within district H. But meeting the renters and doing all that unnecessary confirmation was a hassle for them who had to be undercover and on the low.

And the one they were in was cheap and also met all their needs.

Additionally, they also broke a few teacups and took away the broken pieces for weapons too.

Heh. As ȧssassins, anything was a weapon.


Well, this was what they meant by thinking of both options as 50-50.

But now, after seeing Baymard, they, as ȧssassins and firm believers of the Witch society, felt their blood boil when thinking about the benefits of taking the traitor's daughter back.

Yes! They did believe that she was extremely smart and was probably the real brains behind this Landon trash.

And even if they were wrong about their ȧssumptions, this Lucy had already been living in Baynard for a long time.

So she should also have known about these countless things that were created from Baymard.

She was the future queen. And from what people said, it looked like she had perfectly entrapped this Landon guy in a perfect web of 'love.'

Heh. To them, love with a man was a taboo. And they didn't even believe it was love at all. To them, this had to be ŀust or Lucy's seduction scheme.

They thought about it and even had a little more respect for the traitor's daughter.

As expected. The Apple didn't fall far from the tree. As ȧssassins, from a young age, they were trained on how to ensure a man.

So it all has to be seduction!


Within the room, Melina, Gwen and several others all thought about it deeply while discussing it with the Head Assassin, Number 5.

"Leader. I agree. For the future of our witch society, we need this girl more alive than dead. So we must see to it that option A should be her main priority!" Melinda said while sharpening the kitchen knives in her hands.

Gwen nodded in agreement too: "Yes, leader! We need to focus more on the first option. For one, even if this Baymard looks more developed, in a way, it doesn't give off the suffocating air of constantly being watched, just like the case in Tenola or even Veinitta. The people here are too free, moving up and down without even looking around ever so vigilantly. This is something we've never seen before! It's as though they have forgotten or were just clueless about how many wars, ȧssassins and dangers might be lurking around next to them in these times. It's simply ridiculous! One can tell a lot about a place from the aura around it. And that's why I think handling option A shouldn't give us too many worries." Gwen said calmly, getting the acknowledgement of the other witches.

Number 5 ċȧrėssed her smooth chin thoughtfully.

But if one stopped these guards and asked them questions, they would answer politely like fools.

Where in the world would one meet such a thing?

Their actions already meant that they were ȧss-kissers with sugar-coated mouths who could sing to save their lives like the cowardly people they were.

Well, the only thing that made them a little happy was that they did see women amongst the guards as well.

But they only hoped that those women were the leaders, while the men were the dogs underneath them!

Additionally, she heard about another group called soldiers who were always hiding away, hardly seen doing anything.

In short, this Baymard was too weird.

The way they operated was like no place in this world.

And coupled with the news that all the other 5 Pyno empires had signed a treaty with Baymard, didn't It also mean that they were cowards hiding behind the back of those empires?


Number 5's thoughts about Baymard were roughly the same as the other witches.

All Baymard's actions showed that they had become good ȧss-kissers, to maybe begging for protection from the other empires.

Who knows, they might've also sold the manufacturing procedures of so many things to the other empires in fear too.

They all scoffed in disdain when thinking about Baymard.

Yes! They were definitely a bunch of cowards.

Well, it wasn't just them, as many who did come to Baymard the first time did think that at first because the world wasn't like this. Customer service wasn't something known in these warring times.

And even though they did appreciate it, it also made them think that Baymard was leaning on other empires as well.

It's only when one crosses Baymard, do they show their fangs.

That said, it looked like these witches had also fallen into the normal thought process for those who first came to Baymard.

And now, their choice was leaning more on option A.

For the development and progress of their society, they had to bring the traitor's daughter away.

But, they would also have to put their acting skills to play now.

"For sure, if this Lucy knew of our deep-rooted hatred for her mother, she would never willingly share anything with us... That's why we must make her feel comfortable instead. Ladies. We might not even need to sneak around if we play our cards right." Number 5 said, with a sly, charming smile on her face.

And instantly, everyone's invisible light bulb lit up before they smiled mysteriously.


Their leader sure was great.

Alright. It seems like they would really have to tweak up their plans a little bit.

Because tonight, they would have to give their best performance yet!

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