I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1219 - A Rigorous Session

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Chapter 1219 - A Rigorous Session

Landon looked at Bailey and smiled.

The way everyone was drilling and coming for her reminded him of all those teachers back on earth who caused him a headache too.

They asked all sorts of questions, which to be fair, was very reasonable as well.

After all, this project was critical and in line with Baymard's national security. So it was better to ask all questions than to ȧssume something which, in the end, might be wrong.

Those taking minutes had already begun writing everything diligently, not dating to get distracted at all.

Landon was already pleased with how things were.

And when concerning the matter of drones losing signal after getting too far away, Landon felt that they couldn't entirely treat the matter the way earth typically treated theirs..

What happens when the signal gets lost?

Some drones would automatically crash and get missing, giving potential enemies the chance to discover them... Especially now that there were countless spies and seasons stationed out day and night in these warring times.

Remember, the outside world didn't have cameras, phones or anything of these sorts.

So the human eyes and ears were essential needs of countless people in power.

And like so, it would pass on swifter than ever.

It was the same way the Chinese lit up the flames across the great wall of China to spread the word that an enemy had invaded.

One person lit up a flame, and after a certain distance, another person lit up the next.

Some people in Earth's history rang gongs or bells instead.

But overall, within Pyno and countless regions in this world, people would prepare not to use such loud methods.

After all, that would only let the enemy know that they had been discovered. By then, what if the enemy flees?

Most people stationed spies around like flies, who would pass on the news in that manner.

And if they couldn't handle the enemy, they would secretly flee instead, leaving the citizens or innocent people to stay behind and get killed by the enemies. Heh. Who cared about the common folks?


For one, it would alert the enemy that something strange was going on nearby.

Secondly, even if the enemy might take years to understand or even get a clue of the physics or understanding of how the Drone was made, they still didn't want their technology out there like that.

In fact, even understanding how the drone's remote got made might be too much for them. But so what? The important thing is never to let the enemy find the drone.

And thirdly, what if the enemy knew of Baymard's existence already? Seeing the strange drone, the enemy might link it to Baymard somehow. And this wasn't what they wanted.

Even if they disguised the drone like a bird, birds don't crash and splatter on the ground after falling.

Of course, in the future if they could make micro drones like fly or mosquito sizes, then they wouldn't be too worried about it being found out.

Thinking about it deeply, not all drones back on earth would fall to the ground and crash.

In fact, 85% of drones have preventive measures called 'Memory for home' with GPS. So they could quickly return or be tracked after getting lost.

But Baymard didn't have satellites yet. And it looked like it would be a while before it got invented.


Anyway, with no GPS systems, they could only bend and make adaptive changes suited for their lifestyles.

That's why they had to develop methods that those back on earth might not necessarily need in their drones.

The self-destruction mode was a must!

Landon had suggested that it could be an option on the remote controls that would get covered with a thin but transparent cover over the buŧŧon.

And if the captive soldiers who were discovered didn't have enough time to press the self-destruct buŧŧon, then they would have to come up with another method that initiated a countdown to self-destruction.

If the signal got weak by a certain percentage, the drone would automatically turn back. This safety feature already existed in the prototype drones.

But in the future, after the drone flew back and headed towards the location where the remote control's signal is strongest, it would also start a countdown for self-destruction mode.

And to alert the soldier holding the remote of the self-destruction mode, another buŧŧon on the controller would start glowing bright.

Anyway, once the buŧŧon glows bright, the soldier has to press it to disable the self-destruct countdown.

Because after 30 seconds, the drone would block up, get badly burnt and destroyed.

This was the plan they were currently working on, and they had from now till next year to perfect it before finishing up and installing the cameras in the drones.

Yes. This was the complete plan and outlook for drones in a non-satellite world.

They only worked with radio waves and frequencies that limited their range of things.

Until the first astronaut went up to space, they would have to find new and innovative solutions that catered to their way of life in these warring times.


The Drone presentation was finally done, with everyone extremely pleased by what they say today.

No doubt about it, the show had been too outstanding.

The whole experiment made them look forward to the future.

They felt like this would be one of the most remarkable military technologies to ever come for the next years to come.

These military drones could be increasingly used in special operations, allowing reconnaissance from the air.

And thanks to their small size, they could sneak unnoticed into enemy formations.

And from what supervisor Bailey said, some of these drones will not only be able to carry out Reconnaissance and surveillance, but also fire if need be.

Oh boy! Imagine taking care of the enemy without actually being there?

Soldiers and others might not necessarily have to risk their lives for deadly and dangerous missions.

No matter how they saw it, they couldn't possibly imagine what other technology would be able to beat these drones in the following years to come.

Hehehhe... Of course, their thoughts now were because they were still clueless about military choppers and fighter jets.


~Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap~~

Everyone clapped after Bailey concluded the shows. And even though they already asked a few other questions during the show, now was Q&A time. It was the real moment to hit her and her team hard with questions.

Instantly, the aura in the room became somewhat intimidating, as no one even smiled now.

It wasn't that they were trying to scare her, but they were organizing their questions in their heads.

And Bailey, who had long been used to them, wasn't terrified or worried.

This wasn't her first rodeo. 

The weapon manufacturing industry was constantly making government-improved weapons.

So you can imagine how many meetings she had attended with many of these people.

The fact that Landon was here was also similar to the scene where people gathered and had military meetings with Mrs or Mr. President.

Everyone took the meetings seriously, discussing everything involving the matter.

Bailey knew how much was at stake here.

And she fully understood why the room was so heavy with tension.

Likewise, her lab-coated team also stood behind her with heavy expressions as well. Of course, they were also a little panicked too.

What if these people weren't as impressed as they thought?

Deep down, everyone secretly looked at Minister Gonovich, the one they secretly called the troublemaker.

He wasn't per ae a troublemaker, but was more strict and diligent, not soaring anyone's feelings at all when it came to his opinion.

To put it simply, the guy didn't believe in sugar-coating anything.

Sometimes, they wondered how he got married.

Sigh... His wife must be a bizarre one too.

And just as they expected, Gonovich was indeed the first to speak.


"Supervisor Bailey. How far can the drones fly without losing any signal? At the current testing level, can you truthfully say that these drives will be able to fly far and do the work we want them to? We need a big range, not one that is just a few feet away from the troops. So I ask again. How far can they fly?" 


Bailey smiled: "Minister Gonovich, you've asked a good question. As for how far they can fly, that will depend on the drone type. Some can only fly for 20 to 100 yards, while others can fly at a further range. But so far, the longest range we've gotten is 3 miles from the controller."

"3 miles? Wasn't the target goal 4.5 miles?"

"Yes, minister. And we will do our best to ensure that by next year, we have accomplished it."

"What about water resistance? Can the rain destroy them? And what about underwater drones? How come a model hasn't been shown to us yet?"


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