I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1222 - A Surprising Mission

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Chapter 1222 - A Surprising Mission

"Thank you for staying with us during this one and a half months. We hope you enjoy your stay in Baymard." Several uniformed cruise staff members said while watching the dazed Uther and Beverly leave the ship.

That's right. Because they were the most V.I.P of V.I.Ps, they had priority service for everything.

They felt a little nostalgic as if leaving the ship would be akin to leaving their homes... After all, they did stay here for so long and enjoyed all they could about the place..

So the sudden wave of depression that hit them was to be expected.

However, the moment they stepped out of their ships and got on the docks, their depression got swept away in the blink of an eye.


The numerous buildings on the coastal region made them hold each other in disbelief.

You know... They had seen some buildings from watching some shows on the cassette.

But nothing beats seeing it face to face.

Uther's gut churned with buŧŧerflies when thinking of the entire design and structure of the place.

Of course, he wants the only one, as countless people began exclaiming from shock alone.

"It wasn't a lie/ it wasn't a lie! They actually have such towering buildings here just like the movies showed!"

"Look! Their roads are also extraordinary in texture with a clean and hard feel to them as well... Tsk. I bet that these roads can also withstand our Zalipnian weathers too."

"Look! Look! It's a man in uniform driving some strange vehicle that says Coast Guards on it."

"Papa... Papa... Look! It's a massive portrait frame/billboarded!... Ah! Papa... When we get in, can I have a bite of whatever is on the portrait?"


As expected, those who stepped out felt the entire scene too surreal. 

And the same could be said for Uther, Beverly and several V.I.Ps who were driven to the Coastal Port in what seemed like expensive airport Golf carts

The distance between the docks and the Port itself wasn't that far apart and was more like the distance between the runways and an actual airport. 

So a simple mode of transportation between the short distance would suffice.

The VIPs didn't even know what was going on with their baggage.

But since these people said everything would be handled, they allowed them to do their jobs and didn't bother with it.

Heheheh... They felt on top of the world while getting the best treatment and entering the port without worries.

Damn. The service alone was truly worth the money.


The glass doors opened on their own, making the Uther and the rest feel marvel at the ingenuousness of it all.

They had already seen glass doors open on their own in the cruise ships, especially when one wanted to but in the stores.

So their initial shock had been then. And now, they could only chuckle at their former inanity and step in proudly, like the VIPs they were.

Now, they felt like nothing else could amaze them.

From instant tap water to lightbulbs, fridges and countless items, they had already gotten the shock of their lives when on the Cruise ships.

So now, they felt like veterans on the battle scene, feeling that nothing could faze them again.

They quickly checked into Baymard and were told about their Landon's arrival outside the Port on the other side.

Landon was waiting for them by the limos.

Instantly, everyone's eyes bulged out in shock and disbelief as they so badly wanted to rush over and touch the limos before them.

This... This... What sort of luxury was this?


There were several limos with different lengths there too. But the most eye-catching one was the longest one that seemed to stretch out in style!

F***! They wanted to sit in that one.

Everyone couldn't help smiling bitterly after getting the shock of their lives.

It seems like just when they think they had seen it all, Baymard would bring in something mind-blowing to crush their initial thoughts.

Landon looked at their dazed expressions and chuckled

"Welcome to Baymard... Now, let me take you to your new home."

With that, they were off.


The trip to the palace was long but exciting.

They left King's landing and drove all the way to District A, passing through countless buildings and sites that made them plaster their faces to the windows like little children.

And at the same time, the Airport limos had many pamphlets and tourist packages, showing people where they could go when in Baymard.

Others flipped open the tourist map and were in a daze.

'Does this brat not fear that enemies might use this map to do evil acts in Baymard?'

Uther deeply stared at Landon while secretly taking note of what he wanted to do after settling in.

That's right. The Cinemas, Theatre plays like magic shows, Drama plays and so on, had already piqued his interest.

The Museum, Gym, Photo Studios, Aquarium, Go-Kart racing, Ski & Snowboarding Resort, Mountain Bike Parks, and so many other places had made him restless.

Yes... The Ski & Snowboarding resort only had indoor activities now, but this was a must-see place on the list of top most visited places in Baymard.

Scuba diving and doing other activities in the Aquarium Resort seemed like a good idea too.

Of course, Number 1 on the list seemed to be the Palace itself... And number 2 appeared to be a place within the palace titled his 'Majesty's garden of Horror & Mysteries.'

There was also Princess Lucia's garden at 5th ace too.


Uther looked at the scene outside the window and secretly decided to take note of things.

When his children were very focused on changing Zalipnia's outlook, he was only 70% convinced of their decision.

But now, looking around Baymard, Uther's mind seemed to have awoken from some deep slumber.

Maybe this was why the gods sent them to the saviour. 

The saviour's outlook was what they needed.

And slowly but surely, Zalipnia too will grow!

But before that, there was something more disastrous that Uther wanted to talk to Landon about.

Some deadly disease had begun spreading out from one of the Romain empires close to Zalipnia.

And no one seemed to know what it was. It killed at a deadly rate and spread out like wildfire.

So who knows when it might come to Zalipnia?

They needed help to treat this strange new illness.

And Landon was the only person they could think of.

Of course, Uther didn't know it, but the thing being spread out was far more deadly and dangerous than the Black Plague.

No. They needed help!


[Host, New Mission]


Landon's entire being almost crashed in rage.

A mission this close to his wedding?

Why that bloody, stinking son of a BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEEEEEEP~~

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