I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1256 - A Good Offer

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Chapter 1256 - A Good Offer

With brisk steps, Jonah quickly chased after Scarface as fast as he could.


Their fists clashed, sending both parties flying in the opposite direction. 

And after rolling on the ground for a bit, Scarface quickly stood up again, staring at Jonah with hidden shock in his eyes.

No. If one looked at his fists carefully, one would be able to see several streaks of blood oozing off his knuckles, as if someone had fiercely bashed his hands with a large stone.

Likewise, Jonah's hand was bleeding as well.

The Duo looked at each other as if seeing mirror images of themselves.

As they say, game recognize game. 

And at this moment, their full force fist punch had made them more or less understand just how powerful they were.

It was just that this organization alone once again added more hatred onto the Baymardians when Scarface realized that a mere Pyno bastard had the same strength as he does.


Scarface's eyes turned red with undescended emotions in his eyes. 

It was the mystery of uncovering a great secret... Pyno's greatest secret 

And all this information would definitely score him several points to climb up the ranks within the organization.

So, he was both thankful for the enemy, as well as fuming mad at the guys of these lowly worms.

Dammit! The loss they had encountered today, he would pay them all back sooner or later.

But for now, only one word came to mind... FLEE!


Thinking of things clearly, Scarface fixed his gaze on Jonah, like an unhinged animal, ready to pounce his way out if need be.

But who was Jonah the archangel?

He too also revered his paws, oozing out a frightening aura that alarmed Scarface's senses altogether.


Scarface shook the silly thought out of his head and quickly adjusted his emotions yet again.

And with a cold, indifferent tone, he stared at Jonah with scorching eyes that could set an entire forest ablaze.

Dammit! He didn't have time for this unimportant puppet piece.

"Move, if you know what's good for you!"


Jonah calmly picked up a nearby twig, whipped it in the air as if testing it out, before once again advancing towards Scarface with a broad yet warm smile on his face.

"You know stranger, you're really funny. In case you haven't noticed, I'm here to capture you. So why should I let you pass?"


Scarface looked at Jonah's seemingly friendly smile and so badly wanted to hack this bastard to death.

But he knew that he didn't have time for this.

Very quickly, his mind went to work.

And with his most honest voice, he faced Jonah as if looking at a comrade.


"Look! I don't have time for this! And seeing that they were of equal strength, I could end up fighting you for hours, which could be your plan to stall things and wait for backup. And even if I choose to flee, you'll still be able to catch up with me at every step of the way from the looks of things. So... Why don't we strike a deal?"

Jonah paused, looked at the ground for a bit before gazing at Scarface yet again with curiously written all over his face: "Talk... What do you have to offer?"


The nonexistent light bulb went on. And Scarface's lips broadened underneath his mask.

"I have an offer that you'll be interested in. A man of your kind must be yearning for absolute power. After all, you went through painstaking efforts to master so many Morg techniques. So it's a given that you like power, isn't it?"

Jonah raised his brow in intrigue: "Go on..."

Scarface looked at him arrogantly and secretly sneered.

Heh. Typical Pyno bastards! 

Give them a messily and vague offer, and they would be scurrying over one like a dog on a rope.

What nonsense.

Did this fool think that he would genuinely keep any offer after he escaped?

No way! For killing a T.O.E.P member, there was only one possible outcome he would get to experience... Death!

But... All this was in his head now.

And the words that came out of his mouth were the streak contrast to his dark thoughts.


"A man of your calibre shouldn't be put here with these people. So... Why don't you come with me, friend? Come with me, and I'll show you just how small Pyno Truly is. Think about it... What choice do you have? Sigh..." Scarface shook his head pitifully: "You know, the people behind us know of our coming here. So do you think that there's any hope for Baymard after this? No. Even the entire Pyno would be finished by then. So... Why not play smart? Follow us out of this sh**hole."

"Sh**hole?... So your place is better than here?"

"Of course! It's way better and stronger than this dump! We have all your towering buildings and technologies as well!" Scarface said while lying through his teeth.

"Really?... So even electricity?"

"Yes! Isn't electricity what you put on bread? We have it everywhere!"

"What about your ships? Are they just like ours?"

"A hundred times bigger... Bottom line, if you escape the city with me, I'll take you to my organization and introduce you to the brotherhood."

Scarface wasn't a talkative person by nature.

But if he needed to act while on a mission, he would do it with ease.

And so, he shamelessly lied without blinking an eye, mastering the ȧssassin art of lying to one's opponent at every turn.

"In our organization, all your dėsɨrės will be fulfilled!... Money, property, women, servants... Titles, POWER!... All these and more will be given to you at a snap of your fingers after we flee from here. So... What do you say?"


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