I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1470 An Unfortunate Mosby

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Chapter 1470 An Unfortunate Mosby

  Slash! Slash! Slash!

  Across the camps, a few heads rolled in various corners. 

  Some spoke of their resentment before dying; others remained silent with no remorse. 

  Ferguson lowered his head, staring at the severed head with turbulent emotions.

  Initially, he hoped it was all some conspiracy, planning to give Jameson a chance to speak up on the matter.

  But the moment he saw Jameson’s eyes, he knew this General of his was guilty.

  When Jameson first spotted him, the shock, followed by hostility and contempt, all flashed in his eyes in just a few seconds before returning to normal. 

  Henry sat in his tent, listening to the news from his hidden guards. 

  ”Your majesty, 6 were executed in Commander Fergeson’s camp.”

  ”7 in Commander Brinkley’s.”



  The hidden guards who watched the execution firsthand reported the matter diligently, not adding or subtracting anything from their tale.

  Henry nodded, satisfied with the outcome. 

  ”Tell the rest to keep a lookout for more.”

  Some might’ve not made a move, hiding in the shadows… One could never be too sure.

  Before the commanders left, they changed their battle plans from what was initially proposed. 

  Soon, their real battle will commence. 


  Henry slumped into his cushions, looking nothing like his Noble self the moment he was alone. 

  Now that the matter had temporarily ended, he felt exhausted. 

  His emotions were no longer overly raged, and he returned to his naive self. 

  ’So tiring. Hopefully, we can finish this matter quickly.’

  He has to admit that he missed the Capital… More accurately, he missed his warm bed and just his room that was now his sanctuary. 

  Closing his eyes, Henry finished calling it a night. 

  1, 2, 3…


  The young monarch was sound asleep amidst the restless camp. 

  And similar to the camp’s atmosphere, in another place, many also had turbulent thoughts storming in their hearts… Though not as violent as these warriors. 


  –Ventila Border City, Baymard–

  10 A.M. 

  Mosby held a newspaper, crossing his legs within the massive wooden building. 

  There were public seats everywhere with several posters of strange yet eye-boggling adverts all around

  ’What good woodwork!’ He thought, running his hands along the fine wooden walls. 

  Mosby’s face turned pitiful, like a child deprived of candy. 

  ’Dammit! If I knew, I wouldn’t have left Pyno when I did.’

  That’s right. 

  Mosby had left Pyno the same month Baymard was officially open to the public. 

  At the time, the 31-year-old Mosby was a low-level merchant who hadn’t started his career too long back.

  At first, he used to be a shop owner for most of his life, working with merchants.

  However, the longer he spent knowing merchants, the more profitable their profession seemed to him. 

  And so, after saving up enough money and handing his shop to his only son to look after, Mosby left Pyno. 

  Why leave? Because he wanted to make a big name for himself fast. 


  Like so, he decided to head into a bigger continent to get rare goods to supply in Baymard.

  And without thinking deeply, he set sail with his newly hired crew to Veinitta. 

  But who would’ve known that the journey would be so terrible?

  They met pirates almost every step of the way. And by the time they reached Veinitta, they were very broke, with almost nothing on them. 

  Mosby had initially heard he should prepare money for these pirates, which he did.

  But no one told him they would be this excessive.

  Now, stranded on another continent with little to no money and their goods all seized, they were forced to find ordinary jobs to make ends meet. 

  It was the toughest and darkest time in Mosby’s life. 

  Those in Veinitta looked down on them from a lesser continent. His accent was different, and his demeanor also weakened. 

  Every night when jumping onto his hay-stacked bed, Mosby would recall the appearance of his wife and son in regret. 

  He was already a well-off store owner. So why did he feel tempted to be a merchant? 

  He indeed wanted to give his family a better life. But shouldn’t he also be grateful and content with what he already had?

  During his time there, the other crew members also went their way, some deciding to head deeper into Veinitta and start new loves, while others joined various factions, gangs, and even Crews belonging to those on the continent.

  But just like himself, those who still hoped to return all stayed in the coastal town they arrived at, planning to work and save up enough money to return. 

  And those who quickly saved traveling expenses were the first to bid them farewell… Or so Mosby thought. 

  Who knew that after six months, those who left would return with even more shocking news.



  The Pirates blocked passage into Pyno? But why?

  Mosby only felt the last hope in his heart shatter.

  Was he destined to remain and suffer in Veinitta for the remainder of his life?

  Years had gone by like that. 

  And many slowly lost hope, leaving the coastal town for better job opportunities in other regions across Veinitta.

  But Mosby remained, always thinking of his family. And maybe because of his prayers, the heavens finally decided to heed his cries. 

  While working one day, he overheard the matter of the pirates now allowing people to pass. 

  That day, he froze in place while wiping tables, wondering if the news was true or not. 


  There was only one way to find out…

  Without thinking any further, he hopped on board a public ship with very little belongings. 

  And whenever the pirates stopped the ship, the ship crew would show some documents, which made the pirates back off. 

  As for what the document was, Mosby didn’t care! 

  He was just happy he could return home!


  Days passed, weeks passed, months passed… 

  And soon, he arrived on Baymard’s shores. 

  Lucky, his hometown was just a month and a half away from where he was dropped off.

  Mosby initially had a smile on his face when returning, feeling that fate was on his side. 

  But who can tell him why Pyno became prosperous only after he left?


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