Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1014 - The Strongest Attack

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Chapter 1014: The Strongest Attack

The Barren Desert was a bare land that stretched 500 kilometers.

All of a sudden, the sand condensed into stone awls that flew out from the yellow sand. They were as fine as rain and flew into the sky, turning into a huge formation map.

Ou Yangming’s golden mental power wrapped around the formation map like a Yin-Yang fish that was spinning non-stop. It was profound and contained a trace of the true path intent. It took the initiative to attack Dong Chenyu and wherever it passed, yellow sand filled the sky, stirring up a monstrous roar.

This scene seemed to have frozen in the eyes of the others.

There was only one thought left in their hearts. ‘An Advanced Spiritualist actually took the initiative to attack a Venerable One. How dare he? How could he be so bold?’

On the other hand, He Jian’s movements were like the wind. Although his body was dry and thin, he seemed unpredictable.

His right hand held the Meridian Sword, and his left hand held the Chronicle. Every sword thrust seemed smooth and was one with the world. They were effortlessly stunning, and the spiritual power fluctuations were subtle or even unnoticeable. Every attack seemed to come from different directions, directly slashing at the flaws. Wherever they passed, not a single Blood Horned Dragon—not even a high-rank one—could block them.

Same thing—after replenishing his foundation, He Jian’s strength had increased by too much.

As for Jiang Yingrong, her body was graceful as she constantly moved around the edges. Ordinary techniques seemed magical when she performed them. There were leeways in the techniques that she used, where she could easily make all sorts of changes if she needed to. As long as one was slightly careless, one would receive fierce and continuous blows from her. After all, she was the God-favored one of the Black Dragon Clan. Her combat power was definitely not weak and was even remarkable. The Bloodline Power of the Dragons in her body was rich.

Nonetheless, when she glanced at Ou Yangming, the worry in her eyes could not be dispelled.

After all, the one standing in front of him was a Venerable One. Only a Venerable One could block a Venerable One.

Dong Chenyu looked at the formation map, his eyes full of ridicule. He raised his right hand and pressed down gently. A wisp of red mist condensed out of thin air. It was as heavy as a mountain and as deep as the abyss. As he pressed down, in just a breath, the formation map showed signs of collapsing.

His face was calm as he pressed down with his right hand again.

The formation formed by the stone awls exploded and collapsed. Ou Yangming hurriedly cut off his mental power to avoid the backlash.

Yellow sand began to fall to the ground. They fell and made clicking sounds.

Dong Chenyu’s voice was cold as he said, “You won’t be able to escape today. Forget it, I won’t play with you any longer. It’ll be troublesome when a Venerable One from the Blood Dragon Clan comes.” Even though he said that, in fact, the majority of his attention had been on He Jian. The Heaven-lifting was an incomplete move, but it had left a deep impression on him. It even gave him a sense of danger, so he had to be cautious. As for this Advanced Spiritualist in front of him… ‘Hmph, you don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth at all. How are you qualified to fight me?’

Of course, the most important thing was that when Dong Chenyu saw He Jian this time, he realized that the old man’s aura was smooth and endless.

Dong Chenyu knew the old man had become stronger, which made him feel a little uneasy.

Ou Yangming no longer used magic arts. He knew since even the Stone Awl Art was so easily fended off, it would be a waste of mental power to use it again. Furthermore, the attack was only a test.

He slightly parted his fingers, clutched the Dragon Slayer, and said in a soft voice, “This time, I’ll treat it as a trial on my path to heaven…” Ou Yangming’s spiritual world was in a state of chaos. He held his breath and focused his mind, concealed his spirit and Qi and entered a mysterious state. The young fellow’s heart was like an ice lake without any ripples. He gradually entered the state of forgetting matters and himself. First, he forgot about the matters of the world, then he forgot about himself, and everything in the world.

At this time, his state was very similar to when he comprehended the Path Intent Spear.

His hand seemed to be casually moving in the air as he continuously stabbed out. His movements became faster, so much so that his hand was almost turning into afterimages. A green wind surrounded his feet. He was either tall or short, retreating or advancing.

At the spur of the moment, he stabbed out with his spear. It was incomparably valiant, carrying with it a ruthlessness that would not turn back until it hit its target. It was cold and resolute.

Pushing outward, many spear shadows overlapped, carrying a monstrous sharpness as they pounced toward Dong Chenyu.

Dong Chenyu’s pupils shrank inconspicuously as he muttered softly, “This fella’s state isn’t quite right…” Even so, he did not take it to heart. With a flick of his sleeve, he shattered the spear shadows, turning them into light streams that dissipated.

Without warning, his heart turned cold as he seemed to have thought of something. He shrieked, “Is… Is this the true path intent?” The killing intent in his heart surged to the extreme. Without any hesitation, he used a lightning-like method to attack.

Normally speaking, even top-grade Venerable Ones would rarely comprehend the true path intent. As for Spiritualists, once they comprehended this concept and became Venerable Ones, they would not be obstructed by anything. This was also the reason Dong Chenyu did not dare to delay any longer.

When the other God-favored ones heard this, they looked as if they had seen a ghost.

After being stunned for a long while, someone muttered, “The true path intent? This is the true path intent. Damn it, this… Isn’t this kind of talent too abnormal?”

He spoke for the other God-favored ones but no matter what, they did not believe that Ou Yangming could block Dong Chenyu’s move.

After all, the gap between the two was too big. One had become a Venerable One for many years and also had a Bloodline Power while the other was not even a top-grade Spiritualist. If the young fellow could block one move from the Venerable One, it would simply be a myth.

They knew Ou Yangming had not been defeated after 2 breaths because Dong Chenyu was fooling around and had not made a legitimate move.

Once the Venerable One made a move, the battle would end in less than a breath. After all, the distance between the two was an insurmountable chasm.

Jiang Yingrong’s eyes shone with a strange light, and her heart beat much faster. She thought to herself, ‘The true path intent is something that even the 3 great ancestors in our clan have yet to comprehend. Given his talent, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that he’s out of this world.’

Zang Jian did not speak. He looked deeply at Ou Yangming and felt strongly that his decision was worth it. If the young fellow understood the true path intent, as long as he did not seek death and fought steadily, he could become a Venerable One one step at a time.

He Jian was the only one who was calm and seemed carefree. In fact, he had witnessed too many miracles and became numb. Others did not believe that Ou Yangming could block the Venerable One’s attack, but the elder believed he could. Of course, during the battle, he had been secretly accumulating power in the dark for the Heaven-lifting. It would not take long for the world to lose its color.

The path conception reverberated around Ou Yangming. At the same time, the snow mountain in his spiritual world began to collapse.

This attack was like using the Big Avalanche to execute the True Intent Spear. This was also the strongest move that Ou Yangming could execute so far.

He was confident that this could block the Venerable One’s attack and even injure him.

The 33-kilometers-tall snow mountain in his spiritual world began to crumble. His spiritual world collapsed as if the end of the world had arrived.

At this time, the accumulated snow on the mountain began to shake. The snow mountain separated from the middle, and a bottomless crack suddenly appeared.

It was as if it was torn apart by an invisible force, and the crack was 33 kilometers long. It revealed a pitch-black color that made one’s heart palpitate.

Crystal-clear ice beads began to roll from the mountaintop. Even a spark of fire had the power to start a prairie fire.

1 bead, 2 beads, 3 beads… Countless beads.

All the ice crystals gathered and rolled down from the mountaintop.

This was the Big Avalanche!

It was getting faster! From afar, it looked like the world was vast and as if many silver dragons were spiraling around each other and rushing down from a height of 33 kilometers. This was certainly not something that a human could stop because it was a heavenly power.

“Boom—” It sounded like the world was roaring furiously, and the sound shook one’s soul.

Ou Yangming opened his eyes. The snow mountain in his heart, the snow mountain in his spiritual world, and the snow mountain reflected in his eyes all collapsed at the same time.

“Kill—” Ou Yangming’s expression was cold, and his body released a cold intent.

There were a total of 9 black light spots on the Blood Spear Dragon Slayer. At this time…

The first, second, and third light spots lit up at the same time, emitting profound lights.

Ou Yangming’s center of gravity shook. He raised his right hand and stabbed viciously at Dong Chenyu.

“Boom!” A shocking spear-light shot into the sky. It was more than 66 meters long. Under this spear attack, every obstacle including the shackles that restricted one’s body would be shattered.

This was the Big Avalanche. The avalanche did not stop, nor did the spear momentum.

The True Intent Spear was perfectly displayed at this moment. It was awe-inspiring, resolute, and unyielding. Even if the sky was blocking in front of Ou Yangming, he would still break through it.

This move contained the true path intent. There was no way to avoid it, so one could only take it head-on.

The sound of the winds stopped, and so did the yellow sand that fell from the sky. Outside the light screen, it was dead silent.

It was as if everything had stopped against common sense. The only thing left in the space was the stunning spear.

The avalanche became faster. The powerful force carried by the spear-light also became stronger and heavier. The spear carried a kind of domineering and awe-inspiring aura that could split open the sky.

After this attack was launched, Ou Yangming’s dantian instantly dimmed. The spiritual Qi in his body was completely exhausted. Even his face became pale, and his body trembled imperceptibly.

Dong Chenyu’s heart turned cold. He actually felt a sense of danger from this attack, and it was not inferior to that of the Heaven-lifting. In fact, it was even more fearsome. He thought to himself, ‘What a monster! But let’s see how many times you can use this move!’ He had discovered that after this spear attack, there was not much spiritual Qi left in Ou Yangming’s dantian.

“How foolish you are to actually use this move at such a time.” The Venerable One sneered.

While he said so, he did not show the slightest bit of arrogance. His expression was solemn, by which he was no longer as carefree as when he first fought Ou Yangming. His center of gravity lowered, and he got into a stance for a full-strength defense. He only wanted to defend and did not want to attack.

This was the cleverness of Dong Chenyu. He knew the spiritual Qi in Ou Yangming’s dantian was exhausted, which was why the young fellow did not want to meet him head-on.

The spear-light shook the sky. The path intent burst out and turned into a black vortex, sucking in all the spiritual Qi within hundreds of meters, causing the sharpness of the spear to be multiplied.

At this time, the Big Avalanche and the Path Intent Spear perfectly merged and became incredibly mighty.

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