Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1223 - Pressure

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Chapter 1223: Pressure

The air was dead silent. No one could believe their ears.

How could Master Ni make such a judgment?

The thing Master Ni was talking about was clearly the candied haws in the young fellow’s hand. This was too unbelievable.

Young Master Mu was also dumbfounded. He never thought that in Master Ni’s opinion, the precious Star Pearl in his hand could not be compared to candied haws, which were junk food for commoners.

“Master Ni, are you joking?” Young Master Mu asked with a trembling voice.

Ni Yinghong’s eyes darkened. “Do you think I have to joke with you? I don’t care what kind of treasure you have. This is my answer.”

“That’s right!” Ou Yangming clapped his hands. He glared at Young Master Mu and questioned, “You’re too uncultured. How can you question the decision of the judge?”

He stretched out his hand and handed the candied haws over, saying, “Alright, little beauty, I’ll give you this treasure. Come with me. That guy is too stingy. He only gave you a pearl!” He looked at Young Master Mu with contempt.

Master Ni actually nodded in cooperation. She took the candied haws solemnly and left with Ou Yangming.

The surrounding people made a path for them.

Everyone was stunned. They did not understand what had happened. Master Ni was kidnapped by candied haws?

They were bewildered for a moment. Only when a gust of cold autumn wind blew over, everyone’s minds became clearer.

“Master Ni has really left.” Everyone looked at the distant figures of Ni Yinghong and Ou Yangming.

Young Master Mu could not even invite the master with the Star Pearl, but she was taken away after she was given the candied haws. This… Many people looked at Young Master Mu with sympathy.

His face was livid.

Young Master Mu’s eyes were cold. He put the Star Pearl back into his interspatial bag, flicked his sleeve, and left in a hurry. He felt that he had no face to stay in this place. The gazes of the people around him made him feel as if he was being pricked by needles.

On a street in Butterfly City.

Compared to the bustling square, this place was a little quieter. Most of the people around were ordinary people, and no one knew Ou Yangming and Ni Yinghong.

Ou Yangming and Ni Yinghong walked together. Ni Yinghong held the candied haws in her hand and did not care about her image. She started to eat them in large mouthfuls.

The slightly sour candied fruits were the most delicious thing she had eaten in the 2 years since Ou Yangming had left.

“When did you come back?” Ni Yinghong spat out the fruit pit in her mouth and asked.

Ou Yangming said, “Just these 2 days. I went back to see the old man first, then I came to look for you at the first opportunity.”

He emphasized that he came here at the first opportunity.

As expected, after hearing those words, Ni Yinghong had a smile on her face. She tiptoed and kissed Ou Yangming’s face.

They strolled along the streets of Butterfly City and slowly walked out of the city.

Ni Yinghong asked Ou Yangming about the situation in the Great Wide World. Ou Yangming picked out some important things to tell her.

After all, Ou Yangming was planning to bring them all to the Great Wide World this time. It was very important to brief them.

Ou Yangming tirelessly introduced the common knowledge of the Great Wide World and told some interesting things around him.

When Ni Yinghong knew that Ou Yangming’s strength had reached the second step of the laws, her eyes widened.

Just now, Ou Yangming had told her about the division of strengths in the Great Wide World. Above a Venerable One was a Ruler, and above a Ruler was the laws. One who was in the second step of the laws could be considered a top-notch powerhouse in the Great Wide World.

Thinking about it, Ou Yangming had only gone to the Great Wide World for 2 years. The speed of his cultivation was too fast. Ni Yinghong thought that if she worked hard, the gap between them would be narrowed. She did not expect that the gap would become bigger. Given his strength, he had left her far behind.

The thought of this made Ni Yinghong feel a little disappointed.

Ou Yangming naturally did not say this to hurt Ni Yinghong. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I came back this time to bring you to the Great Wide World. I also have a way to quickly increase your strength.”

“Really?” Ni Yinghong’s face was filled with surprise. In this way, would she not be able to stay with Ou Yangming forever?

Nonetheless, she was only an Intermediate Spiritualist at this time. Thinking about going to the Great Wide World, she would at least need to be a Venerable One.

The gap between an Intermediate Spiritualist and a Venerable One was too big. Was it possible to change overnight? It would probably take a long time.

“Do you know Old Man’s current strength?” Ou Yangming saw through her worries and asked.

Ni Yinghong nodded. “I know. When I left the 10,000 Beasts Mountain, Old Man has become an Intermediate Spiritualist.”

She and Old Craftsman had a harmonious relationship. Since they were both blacksmiths, they had the most topics to talk about and were always together. On the other hand, Bai Shixue and Wu Hanning did not have such a good opportunity.

One of them was a business genius who was busy with the Yangming Chamber of Commerce, whereas the other was a part of the imperial family who was obsessed with martial arts. Therefore, the topics between them and the old man were much less.

Ou Yangming smiled and said, “What you said is already outdated.”

“Could it be that Old Man has broken through? No, didn’t he just break through not long ago?” Ni Yinghong looked confused.

The old man had cultivated late, and his body’s condition was not good. In terms of progress, he could not compare to Ni Yinghong and the others at all. He only became an Intermediate Spiritualist by luck with the help of the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One.

Ou Yangming said with a smile, “Old Man has become a Venerable One.”

“What?” Ni Yinghong was shocked. The fruit in her mouth almost choked her, and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Did I hear you wrongly? You said that Old Man has become a Venerable One?”

Seeing Ni Yinghong’s shocked look, Ou Yangming felt a sense of accomplishment. He nodded confidently and said, “It’s not fake. You’ll know when you go back and take a look.”

A Venerable One! This was the highest level in the Spiritual Realm.

“How did you do it?” Ni Yinghong knew that Ou Yangming would not lie to her. She looked at him in shock and asked.

Ou Yangming smiled and asked, “Didn’t I tell you that I have a way to help you increase your strength?”

Ni Yinghong remembered this. She was only thinking that Ou Yangming might have some way to speed up their cultivation. She would never have thought that it would be so terrifying. It had only been a short while, and an Intermediate Spiritualist had broken through to become a Venerable One.

“Don’t worry. Everyone has a share of that treasure. Before we leave this place, I’ll let every one of you break through to become a Venerable One.”

Ou Yangming smiled faintly. Once Old Craftsman, Ni Yinghong, and the others became Venerable Ones, he could then bring them to the Great Wide World and enjoy a happy time. Looking forward to the future, he suddenly thought of the news he received from the Nine-sworded Ruler. His heart could not help but sink.

3 years, only 3 years!

If he was not strong enough to seize a divine spark after 3 years when the catastrophe came, it would be useless.

Ou Yangming was not a saint. He knew that his ability was limited, and he could not shoulder the heavy responsibility of saving the world. Nevertheless, he needed to protect the people around him, and this was his last line of defense.

If he was successful, he could help the world. If he was weak, he could only help himself.

Ou Yangming only hoped that when the great calamity came, he could protect the people around him so that they could live in peace and happiness for the rest of their lives. Despite that, this was also an extremely difficult task.

This meant that he had to fight against the top powerhouses of other worlds in the universe. He needed to seize the initiative in the battle between the powerhouses and take one of the few divine sparks.

“What’s wrong?” Ni Yinghong turned his head and saw Ou Yangming with a heavy heart.

Ou Yangming cast the distracting thoughts aside and said, “Nothing…”

He did not say these things out loud. Some things could only be handled by himself. Saying them out loud would only increase the pressure on the people around him.

Ou Yangming looked ahead and said, “We’re almost out of the city gate.”

In another corner of Butterfly City.

This was a luxurious courtyard. In an elegant room, Young Master Mu stood there. In front of him was a middle-aged man sitting on a chair.

“Are you sure you’re not mistaken? Master Ni really didn’t want our Star Pearl and left with that fella?” The person sitting on the armchair had a surprised look in his eyes.

“Yes, father. I don’t understand why either.” In front of his father, Young Master Mu was very respectful.

“Master Ni is acquainted with that lady from the Yangming Chamber of Commerce. If we can recruit her to our family, we can establish a relationship with that mysterious Yangming Chamber of Commerce. What a pity…”

The middle-aged man sighed slightly and had a regretful look on his face. The Mu family did not lack a blacksmith. What they lacked was someone who could establish a relationship with the Yangming Chamber of Commerce.

If it was not for the fact that Ni Yinghong was familiar with the lady in charge of the Yangming Chamber of Commerce, they would not have paid such a huge price to invite her.

“It’s all that little b*stard’s fault. If he hadn’t interfered, I would’ve already invited Master Ni here,” Young Master Mu said with a twisted look.

The middle-aged man on the armchair raised his head and asked, “It’s not that simple. How could a little b*stard take someone away with a stick of candied haws? Are you sure that young fella’s just an ordinary person?”

“Father, I’m sure.” Young Master Mu nodded, “You know that treasure of mine. It can detect the strength of people within 2 levels of me. In other words, I can detect anyone below the level of a Spiritualist and up to the level of a Venerable One. Master Ni’s an Intermediate Spiritualist. I used my treasure to probe the young fella who appeared, but there was no reaction at all.”

The middle-aged man paused and said, “Perhaps Master Ni didn’t intend to join the Mu family, so she found a reason to leave with that person. However, the face that we missed Master Ni still has something to do with that young fella. Anyone who goes against the Mu family…”

He lifted the green porcelain teacup on the table. After taking a sip of the tea, his gaze suddenly turned cold.

“Crack!” The teacup shattered.

The middle-aged man’s palm moved twice. When he opened his hand again, powder was lifted and scattered on the ancient wooden table.

A cold glint appeared in Young Master Mu’s eyes. He said coldly, “Father, I know what to do.”

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