Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten - Chapter 1131 - Kill Without Mercy

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Chapter 1131: Kill Without Mercy

Mu Feichi rushed to the hospital, where he soon saw a figure squatting outside the operating theater as he stepped out of the elevator.

She was wearing a grayish-blue dress that was stained with blood. She was hugging her knees and squatting there like an abandoned child.

Jiang Chenghuan was not around. She was just waiting there in a daze, not moving at all.

Mu Feichi did not know how long he had been standing at the elevator watching her, but the whole time he had been standing there she hadn’t moved at all. She just waited there quietly, as if she had been left behind.

Doctors and nurses passed by in the corridor. He frowned slightly, and his tightly clenched hands loosened and relaxed again. Finally, he sighed and walked forward.

A pair of dark green shoes soon blocked Yun Xi’s line of sight. Above the shoes were the dark green camouflage uniform and the man’s cold, handsome face.

Mu Feichi looked more closely at her. The girl had a white bandage on her forehead. She looked at him pitifully, but her eyes were steely with determination as if she had definitely made some decision.

He knew that she had made a final choice. The consequences would not be good for anyone who crossed her bottom line.

“Come on, get up.” He reached out his hand and pulled her up from the ground. He reached out to touch the bandage on her forehead. In the end, he could not bear to touch it and asked with concern, “Does it hurt a lot?”

“I’m fine.” Yun Xi raised her head slightly and turned to look at the operating theater. “They’re the ones who have been badly injured.”

“I know.” He touched her head and did not know what to say to comfort her. “They will be fine. This is not your fault.”

Yun Xi turned her head to look at the operating theater lights that were still lit. She tightened her grip on Mu Feichi’s hand. “I was bullied because I wasn’t strong enough. I was treated as a target. If I was as strong as you, no one would dare to attack me.”

“People who resort to desperate measures like this don’t think like we do. To some people, profit is always more important than human life. This is why I agreed to help you overturn the balance of power in Jingdu. Some people have been in positions of power for too long, so long that they have forgotten their duty. Greed, power, desire…these bad qualities make them think that they can really blind everyone, that they can get away with anything. What you need to do is to wake them up and kick them out so that uncorrupted people are able to take their places.”

Mu Feichi curled his lips, but there was no trace of a smile on his handsome face. “I believe you have the ability to do whatever you want, so no matter what you want to do, just do it.”

“Okay, I understand.” Mu Feichi had never rejected any of her serious requests ever since he had agreed to let her stir up trouble in Jingdu.

The lights in the operating theater went off, and they finally saw the doctor come out. Yun Xi went forward to ask him about the patients’ conditions. After confirming that there were no serious problems, she followed Mu Feichi out of the hospital.

As soon as they left the hospital, they saw Jiang Chenghuan standing by a car door. Beside him was Zhao Yumo, who had an innocent look on her face.

“Yun Xi!” Zhao Yumo saw that her clothes were covered in blood and ran over despite Jiang Chenghuan trying to stop her. She checked her over from head to toe. “Are you okay? You have scared me to death! I passed by the road where the car accident happened when I received the call. It was too scary!”

“I’m fine, don’t worry. It’s just the bodyguards who got injured. You can go home now with Second Young Master Jiang. We’re going home too!”

Jiang Chenghuan nodded at Yun Xi. He had not told Zhao Yumo the reason behind this incident and had just treated it as an accident.

Yun Xi did not explain either. After watching their car leave, the pale smile that she had forced onto her face gradually disappeared. Her face clouded over, and she turned around to get into Mu Feichi’s car.

Qi Yuan looked at Yun Xi’s firm, straight back as she walked over to the car. He stood behind Mu Feichi and said quietly, “Young Commander, I feel like Miss Yun is going to start a massacre.”

“What are my methods when dealing with people who cross my bottom line?”

“…” Kill without mercy.

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