Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten - Chapter 1681 - I Don't Need You  

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Chapter 1681: I Don’t Need You

Both Qi Yitan and Young Commander Mu were stupefied for a long time.

So, was his darling publicly declaring her affection for him?

Her overbearing style had indeed won him over.

However, he was very satisfied that the little demon had rejected Qi Yitan in public without any hesitation, and he was especially triumphant when he saw Qi Yitan’s defeated look. Qi Yitan had probably never met anyone who had dared to reject him in public in his entire life.

Since the little demon had spoken up, Mu Feichi naturally had to continue his act.

“Qi Yuan, take Young Master Qi back,” he ordered lazily.

“Yes, sir,” Qi Yuan answered and made a gesture to Qi Yitan.

Qi Yitan turned to look at Yun Xi with a devilish smile on his lips. He did not move or leave, obviously ignoring Mu Feichi’s words.

Since he did not move, Qi Yuan did not move either. As soldiers, one had steely determination and the other would abide by his superior’s orders.

No one said anything for a long time. Finally, Qi Yitan turned to look at Qi Yuan and smiled at Yun Xi. “Girl, I will return this favor!”

“There’s no need to. Just keep your life safe so you can protect the people who need your protection.”

“But what if I only want to return the favor to you?” Qi Yitan smiled lightly and met Mu Feichi’s gaze provocatively.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and patted Mu Feichi’s chest without any hesitation. She replied proudly, “I already have Mu Feichi, so I don’t need you.”

Qi Yitan was speechless.

In the end, he smiled awkwardly and turned around to get into the car under Mu Feichi’s cold gaze.

Jin Lei came in from outside and nodded at Mu Feichi. “Young Commander, I’ve already interrogated them. They were sent by the Han family!”

Mu Feichi’s sharp gaze landed on the few corpses lying on the ground, and his gaze immediately darkened. The dim light made his entire face look dark. “Li Zilan!”

“Here!” Li Zilan, who had been standing by the side to minimize her presence, looked up and saw Mu Feichi’s dark expression. A bad feeling rose in her heart.

“Send all these bodies to Han Hongbin. He gave us such a big gift, it’s impolite not to reciprocate!”

“This…” Li Zilan frowned slightly and glanced at the blood on the ground. They would usually deal with these matters privately. Sending the corpses to the Han family was really too much.

“Why, do you have a problem with that?” Mu Feichi waited for a long time, but did not hear her say anything. His cold gaze swept over her.

“No, I heard you loud and clear! I’ll give the order now.”

Not wanting to be cannon fodder here, Li Zilan ran out to call for help to clean up the battlefield.

Yun Xi looked at the cold-faced man next to her. She had originally wanted to say something, but when she saw his chilly gaze, she immediately swallowed her words.

The moment he got into the car, Feng Rui drove the car to the main road. Before Yun Xi could even sit down properly, her entire body fell onto someone’s thigh.

Her left arm was hurting, so she decided to go all out and lie on his lap. She reached out with her right hand to hold onto his waist tightly and did not move. Just like that, they went up Tianyu Mountain.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and looked at the little thing who was lying on his lap. He did not intend to pull her away. He let her do whatever she wanted.

At the entrance of Mu Mansion, the butler and Great White were already waiting. Mu Feichi did not move, and Feng Rui did not dare to get out of the car either. He quietly sat in the driver’s seat to reduce his presence.

The tension in the car continued to build up all the way from the foot of the mountain. Feng Rui felt as if he was about to collapse.

After a long time, Yun Xi finally sat up from Mu Feichi’s lap. Her left hand was in so much pain that it was numb, but when faced with Mu Feichi’s icy-cold face, she did not even dare to let out a whimper.

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