Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten - Chapter 878 - : No Eyes on My Woman

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Chapter 878: No Eyes on My Woman

Chen Lixue had absolutely no desire to leave like this willingly, but now that things had reached this stage, she had no other choice.

If everything had gone according to Liang Xinyi’s plan, Yun Xi’s uncle wouldn’t have appeared, and it had seemed possible that Chen Lixue would succeed in taking over Liang Xiuqin’s role. Too bad…

If she didn’t leave now, she could forget about divorcing Liang Weimin. Without a divorce, she had no legitimate way of getting into the position of a director’s wife.

So in order to get a divorce, she had to make a compromise.

With Liang Weimin’s personality, after catching her and Yun Yuanfeng in bed today, there was no way he would continue living in this marriage. And now, after the conference, he would have a great career ahead of him.

Chen Lixue’s biggest wish right now was a divorce, but she had underestimated Liang Xiuqin and overestimated Yun Yuanfeng.

Yun Yuanfeng’s cheating, together with the fact that he had just obtained the position of director, would definitely create a lot of controversies if he divorced now.

No matter how foolish and rash Liang Xiuqin was, she wouldn’t want to divorce Yun Yuanfeng at this juncture now that he had just become a director.

With all that settled, Yun Xi was now able to study in peace during this period leading up to the high school graduation exams.

Liang Xiuqin would be very busy during the following days. She would have to keep an eye on Yun Yuanfeng’s private life and, at the same time, wrack her brain thinking about ways to keep her position as a director’s wife. She wouldn’t have time to pick noisy fights or cause trouble for Yun Xi.

As soon as he dropped Yun Xi off, Jiang Chenghuan dialed Mu Feichi’s number.

The phone was passed to multiple people before reaching Mu Feichi. Jiang Chenghuan held back his laughter as he said, “While you’re not here, your sweetheart’s darling fiance is trying his absolute best to loot a burning house.”

Mu Feichi snorted. “Her engagement has already been canceled, what fiance are you talking about? Besides, who would dare to lay their eyes on my woman?”

“Even if the engagement has been canceled, there are many people who have their eyes on her. Besides, nobody even knows that she’s your woman. That girl has both the looks and the brains. It’s not a surprise that people are paying attention to her.”

Jiang Chenghuan then briefly recounted what had happened at the Lin Xi Resort today. Of course, he didn’t forget to mention all kinds of things that Jiang Henglin had done in the most exaggerated way he could.

Come to think of it, this kid seriously had no clue how to play the game. Who would try to gain the attention of a girl like this? He was pretty much digging his own grave.

But it’s also a good thing that he was so clueless. Otherwise our dear Young Commander would be in a very precarious position.

“Since Jiang Henglin has nothing to do at the moment, then you should go find something for him to keep busy. Do you really need me to teach you something so simple?”

“Yeah, finding something for him to do will be easy. I just wanted to get your approval for it.”

Acting as a spy for Mu Feichi to keep watch over Yun Xi, Jiang Chenghuan was clearly having an easier time saying things rather than putting them into action. In addition, he’s enjoying watching all the drama.

“Why would you need my approval for that?” Mu Feichi snorted, then hung up straight away.

Initially, he wanted to call the girl. However, after thinking it over for a while, he decided to call the Mu family’s executive director, Gu Baifan.

“Young Master!” The call went through, and a deep, clear voice sounded on the other end of the line.

“Before I return, could you please make some trouble for the Jiang family. Could you just make sure that Jiang Henglin is so occupied that he won’t be able to leave to do something else.”

Gu Baifan knew Mu Feichi’s way of thinking well enough, and he immediately understood what he meant. He didn’t ask why and answered straight away, “The Jiang family recently took on a few infrastructure projects. The Mu family is interested in them as well. I’ll immediately get people to work on it.”

After the call ended, LI Zilan turned from the surveillance screen that she was looking at and glanced at the Young Commander who was acting like a tsundere. She commented, “You keep a pretty close watch on that girl. You don’t look like someone who’s so unconfident of himself.”

An ice-cold gleam flashed through Mu Feichi’s half-closed eyes.

“Confidence is one thing, but whether I’m willing to let anything happen to her is another.”

He just didn’t like other people casting their gazes on his woman or even having her on their minds!

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