Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten - Chapter 879 - : She Knows Her Weaknesses

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Chapter 879: She Knows Her Weaknesses

In the blink of an eye, 20 days passed, and, during this period, Yun Xi met Liang Weimin once for a meal.

Liang Weimin did not vent his anger on Yun Xi for the scandal caused by his wife and Yun Yuanfeng.

But on this trip to Jingdu, Liang Weimin had realized that both his wife and daughter had changed.

Both of them had been completely mesmerized by the great bustling city of Jingdu. He had asked them about it and had found out that they no longer wanted to return to the countryside.

He was only left with the option of divorce. This would turn out to be a relief for both Liang Weimin and Chen Lixue.

Once the conference ended, Chen Lixue followed Liang Weimin back to the countryside in order to arrange for the divorce procedures. She did this immediately, because she was afraid that problems could arise if she waited.

Chen Lixue did her best to fight for the custody of her two daughters. It wasn’t only because she wanted the best for her daughters’ futures; she wanted to enjoy them too.

Liang Weimin yielded and gave in. So his daughters would end up going with their mother, and he would fulfill his duties of helping to raise them until they reached the age of 18.

Chen Lixue went back to Jingdu as soon as she got the divorce agreement. She wanted to send her second daughter, Liang Danyi, to a high school in Jingdu for her senior year.

Now that she had enough money, as Yun Yuanfeng had given her a sum to keep her quiet about the scandal, she wouldn’t be creating any problems for the time being.

But for Liang Xinyi, this was all a missed opportunity. She hadn’t managed to get Liang Xiuqin out of the picture and had even failed to force Yun Yuanfeng into getting a divorce. She was bitter as she felt like all her efforts had been wasted.

With less than a year left, she had to find a way to push her mother up the social ladder before the socialite banquet.

Soon after Chen Lixue returned to Jingdu, Liang Weimin received a transfer order telling him to report to work in Jingdu. Also, he was given a rank just below Yun Yuanfeng.

Yun Yuanfeng held the rank of Director, and Liang Weimin became a Deputy Director. Although they did not belong to the same department, Liang Weimin’s position was still pretty high up in the hierarchy.

Yun Xi delivered the news personally to Liang Xinyi and Chen Lixue. Even if she couldn’t make them regret their actions, it was still fun to annoy them.

“Yun Xi, what are you trying to do by telling us that information?”

“Nothing. I am just here to say that don’t you feel that you have wasted your energy, trying to plot against my father by getting your mother to get in bed with him? Now, Uncle has been appointed as an official in Jingdu. He might get to an even higher position than my father in the next few years if he does well. But, Aunt, it’s too late to regret it now. Also, my mother is not a fool, so she would not ask for a divorce even if my father cheated on her. Do you know why?”

“Why?” Chen Lixue stared at Yun Xi, as that was what she wanted to know too.

Liang Xiuqin is not being as magnanimous as everyone thought. She did not ask for a divorce even when Yun Yuanfeng cheated on her because she still wanted to be a Director’s wife. She would never give up that position, even if she had to risk death.

“Because she only has my father and nothing else. Only because of my father is she a Director’s wife, enjoying all the glory and wealth. So if she decided to divorce my father, she would only be left with Yun Ziling. She doesn’t work and has no money, so what could she do after the divorce? Didn’t you think she would want to hold on to being a Director’s wife? When one has nothing, one knows one’s weaknesses very well. So even if my father asked for a divorce now, she would find ways to make sure that my father couldn’t get it.”

Yun Xi looked at Liang Xinyi when she said that. Liang Xinyi was glaring straight at her as if she wanted to cut a piece of flesh from her body.

“So, Liang Xinyi, I advise you not to make any more useless moves. If you want a rich and powerful stepfather, you can find one easily enough in Jingdu. It just depends on which high-ranking politician or wealthy businessman you can get your mother involved with. Of course, your mother must first be able to go all out, and the other party also needs to be willing to accept a woman who is slightly desperate.”

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