Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten - Chapter 893 - One's Own Demise

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Chapter 893: One’s Own Demise

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When the results of the high school leaving exams were released, Yun Xi was still training with Yan Shuo. It was actually he who told her about the results.

She had ranked first place in Language, Mathematics, and Science in Jingdu, securing her position as first place over all. Her results were beyond and above any other high school student in the entirety of Jingdu, which brought great honor to Jingdu High School.

And it was the first-ever first place in three subjects in Jingdu for all the years that the exam had been given.

Every year, there would be some student from Jingdu High School who would rank in first place, so it wasn’t really a surprise for the teachers and principal of Jingdu High School. However, Yun Xi was the first and only student who had managed to obtain first place in three subjects.

Once the results were released, the school hung a giant red banner at the front gates to announce the great news. The principal even personally called up the Yun family to congratulate them.

The enormous good news spread across the entire villa residences estate within one morning. Even though Yun Xi wasn’t present, it didn’t stop Yun Yuanfeng and Grandfather Yun from having pride written all over their faces.

There was never anyone from the Yun family who had obtained first place in the national exams. Now that first place in all three subjects had been attained by Yun Xi, it was glory and honor to all the family and even to their ancestors.

Yun Yuanfeng had just risen to the position of director, and now his daughter had attained first place in three subjects in the national exam. Inside his office, all of his subordinates’ gazes were laced with a mixture of envy, admiration, and obsequious fawning.

Today, Yun Yuanfeng could be said to have both a career that was on a smooth path and an ideal family; it seemed that his rise up the ranks was only a matter of time now.

And Yun Yuanfeng credited everything he had today to the good fortune that Yun Xi had brought him.

Now, he scoffed at how Liang Xiuqin had foolishly thought that Yun Xi was a bad omen back in her childhood and had agitated her so much that she couldn’t even deal with her at all.

Yun Yuanfeng had agreed to sending Yun Xi to the countryside back then. He also shared in the fault.

The signal in the mountains where Yun Xi was training was weak. By the time the news reached her, three days had already passed. She didn’t know whether the school and her teachers had communicated to her family, but these results were surely great news for the Yun family.

Using a break that she had gotten so that she could come down from the mountains, Yun Xi first called up her form teacher from school. After asking about the results of the few people who she paid attention to, the ones that surprised her the most were those of Zhou Chengzhe.

Mu Feichi had said that he wouldn’t mess with Zhou Chengzhe’s results, but he would send a copy of his record to the schools that he applied to. This would reduce his chances of being admitted, but there would be nothing false about his examination results.

She had initially thought that Zhou Chengzhe would rank first place in at least one subject, but when the results came out, no one had expected it.

Not being able to rank first wasn’t the big news here, but he lost to Peng Zihang from the Attached Middle School in all three subjects. Yun Xi really couldn’t tell whether she’d overestimated Zhou Chengzhe or underestimated Peng Zihang, who had really hidden his true capacity deeply and well.

He had just stayed low-key the whole time and shocked everyone now that he had actually tried.

Hearing the puzzlement in her voice, Mr. Xu told Yun Xi about the speculation by him and several other teachers.

“Perhaps it was because Zhou Chengzhe was overconfident, too arrogant, and had underestimated the difficulty of the paper, resulting in his having setbacks at the exam. The more agitated and impetuous he became, the more he was unable to calm down. How would he be able to obtain good results like this?”

Yun Xi recalled the day of the exams when Zhou Chengzhe appeared to have everything under control. He did look rather arrogant and full of himself. Yun Xi thought that the exams had gone really well for him. She didn’t think that…

One really wouldn’t die if one didn’t go actively looking for one’s own demise.

After repeatedly asking her teacher to keep their conversation a secret, Yun Xi called back home.

On the other end of the line, Yun Yuanfeng’s thrilled and overjoyed voice was even more exaggerated than the person who obtained those results.

Yun Xi only mentioned once about wanting a reward, and Yun Yuanfeng instantly agreed without hesitation, without even asking about what she wanted.

But this indirectly allowed Yun Xi to learn that Yun Yuanfeng probably met no hindrances in his career during this period, which meant that she could be at ease going back to her training.

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