Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten - Chapter 894 - Responsible for Li Zilan

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Chapter 894: Responsible for Li Zilan

In order to keep their whereabouts hidden from Mu Feichi, Yan Shuo would make sure that each call they made was just before they got in the car to leave for the next stop.

Hearing that Mu Feichi had not ordered anyone to search for them, Yan Shuo was a little skeptical. He was extremely careful in the selection of their locations.

After being through the extreme heat and cold, Yan Shuo chose the tropical rain forest, which was completely out of their country, for their last stop. It was here that they would do actual in-the-field survival training.

After leaving the mountains, they headed to Country S using the passports they had gotten from his special connections.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye. Mu Feichi had already completed his military exercises. He was then sent on a mission put together by the United Nations.

Being unable to see his darling for such a long time was, for Mu Feichi, a torment equivalent to cutting his flesh with a blunt knife.

He did not know what she had become. He was also not sure if she was doing well. The worries within his heart were like a ball of wool, twisting and turning, entangled like a mass.

The training ground of Country S…

In the dense tropical forest, an international friendly competition of special forces from all over the world organized by the United Nations was being held.

Mu Feichi was the representative for Jun Country. He had brought four people with him to the competition. They were Jin Lie, Li Zilan, Qi Yuan, and Feng Rui.

The name of the Young Commander Mu Feichi had various legendary versions among the special forces all over the world. As soon as he arrived, he drew the attention of many of the foreign special forces.

The organizers of the competition gave him special treatment because of his special status.

Li Zilan was the only female special forces soldier participating in the competition. As soon as she arrived, she caught the attention of all the men.

Her alluring figure, which even camouflage clothing could not hide, enticing makeup, icily arrogant eyes, and beautiful face all gave her the potential to be the center of attention at the competition. Teasing and laughter could be heard throughout the field.

Coming out of the organizer’s tent, Mu Feichi looked at the soldiers from various countries, who were gathering in groups of two or three. He turned his head and warned Li Zilan.

“You have to be careful. This place is different from our country. These people are all top-class well-trained experts. Don’t let yourself meet up with any accident. You must have someone accompany you wherever you go. The same goes for when you’re training out in the field. You must not be alone. Do you understand what I mean?”

She had seized the opportunity to be here for this competition from the hands of Grey Wolf. He, as the Young Commander, would be responsible for her safety.

Especially in this kind of all-men camp, it was not a good thing for a woman like her to be involved.

“I understand! I will not be careless.”

If he was talking about her safety and chastity, she would definitely pay attention and be careful.

This competition was held every five years. She had missed the last competition because she was too young. This time she would like to experience what it was like to fight against foreign special forces.

“All three of you should be on alert. Don’t leave her alone. We will all stay in the same tent at night. I have already informed the organizer that someone will be with you during the competition. Don’t let anything happen to her, understand?”


Everyone knew the hidden meaning of what Mu Feichi had just said. Li Zilan was the only woman in the competition. They had to take more care of her.

The week-long competition covered jungle operations, long-range sniping, target mission rescue, and much more.

The competition was neither hard nor easy for them. Team combat was a test of rapport, especially when new members were added. Rapport and team cooperation among them were the most important elements of their association.

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