Imperial Phoenix Rules - Chapter 277 - Poor Chi Chi

Chapter 277: Poor Chi Chi

His Lord would definitely praise him for being smart! Not only would he restore his salary, he would also give him additional bonuses.

A gloomy voice interrupted Chi Chi’s beautiful fantasy.

“Chi Chi, do you think I’m stupid? 200 years of your salary will be deducted!”

Chi Chi almost vomited a mouthful of blood and hurriedly stabilized himself before rolling down from the horse.

Sigh, it was not easy being a secret guard these days!

The convoy headed towards the City of Beastmen.

By noon, the major families were fully prepared. They brought a large amount of food and servants and had lunch in the carriage.

By the night, there was still a day’s journey left to Huan City. The people of the major families could only sleep outdoors.

In the end, the leader, Feng Yunyi, chose a flat area by the quiet water to let everyone stop here for the night.

Chi Chi Bai was shocked, but he did not forget his job.

Once the carriage stopped, he chose a flat area and lit a bonfire. Then, he went into the forest to hunt.

Chi Chi was very efficient. In just a few minutes, he brought back a few demons.

Jun Mohuang got out of the car and got someone to clean up the fur, internal organs, and other miscellaneous parts. She then got a few servants to carry Jun Jianlin down.

She saw a river beside her. The water on the surface of the river was golden in the sunset glow. From time to time, silver light flashed on the surface of the water.

She took out a harpoon from Huangyu Space and went to the river.

It was a good time to make some fish soup and roast some magical beast meat.

Di Lingtian was in the carriage and couldn’t help but feel excited when he heard Jun Mohuang getting off.

She had ignored him the whole day and now that her anger had subsided, it was time she came looking for him.

After a few minutes, Jun Mohuang had no intention of looking for him at all. Instead, she ran to the river to fish.

Di Lingtian’s eyes darkened and he had no choice but to get out of the car. He pretended to admire the scenery and was about to walk into the bushes by the river.

The bushes were only 50 meters away from the riverbank where Jun Mohuang was. She would definitely discover it when he got there.

Di Lingtian walked into the bushes and deliberately made his footsteps heavier, breaking many branches. He wanted to attract Jun Mohuang’s attention.

However, Jun Mohuang was focused on observing the surface of the water. The harpoons in her hands were swift and accurate. The fish were thrown ashore one after another and she ignored him!

Di Lingtian glanced at Feng Yunqi, who was standing behind Jun Mohuang.

Di Lingtian meant that Feng Yunqi would be rewarded if he put in a good word for her.

Feng Yunqi saw that the fish meat was fresh, tender, and plump. It would definitely be delicious whether it was roasted or boiled.

He was instantly attracted to the fish and carried them back to the bonfire one by one. He was so happy that he couldn’t care less about receiving Di Lingtian’s gaze.

He originally wanted to beat around the bush and ask Jun Mohuang and Di Lingtian what was going on. In the end, he saw the delicious food and completely forgot about it.

Di Lingtian’s expression turned even uglier and he was extremely gloomy.

Could it be that he couldn’t compare to these fish in the river? His Huang’er didn’t even look at him!

Ever since the entire convoy stopped, Su Zhiyu had been secretly observing the relationship between Di Lingtian and Jun Mohuang.

She was in a good mood after confirming that they were still in a cold war.

Seeing that Di Lingtian had taken the initiative to approach Jun Mohuang, it was obvious that he was showing goodwill.

But Jun Mohuang ignored him.

Su Zhiyu couldn’t help but mock Jun Mohuang’s stupidity.

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