Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1047 - Relentless! I

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Within the Necrotic Universe.

The fearsome presence of the Goliath vibrated powerfully as his voice rang out towards the Hegemony of Necromancy.

"...Now use the remaining 80 Seeds of Chaos. All at once."


After the spread of the terrifying aura of the Great Usurper, the Goliath and others in the same camp naturally weren't affected by this as they had their auras branded onto the Universal Constructs. Now, they would only be using this as a chance to wipe out the fearsome Apex Paragon making his way across the Necrotic Universe!

The Hegemony of Necromancy nodded as his figure disappeared, going into the depths of the remaining Clans of Undead in the Necrotic Universe as he planned to utilize all of them to take down the coming enemy.

Not a portion of the forces remaining in the Necrotic Universe...but every single Paragon and Monarch he could find as long as he could entice them while utilizing the Dao of Necromancy!

He would make this Apex Paragon that had now fallen under the effects of the aura of the Great Usurper and had their power greatly reduced face the remaining force of an entire universe that were led by 80 Incarnations of Chaos!


"The Great Usurper…"

Noah's Primordial Ruination Clone repeated these words over and over again in his mind as he familiarized himself with this unknown enemy.

The Undead Legion behind him was filled with over 50 Paragons at this moment, all of them leading sections of hundreds of billions of creatures that waded through the Universe in search of more existences he could conquer as he now had even more reason to rapidly increase the Marks of Antiquity!

At this moment as he neared the completion of the conquest of the Necrotic Universe, he had gained a few billion more as the number was currently edging towards 8 Billions Marks of Antiquity. 

He expected for him to hit the 10 Billion Mark with the complete Conquest of the Necrotic Universe, leaving behind only 40 Billion more before he could completely connect all of the 100 Billion Galaxies within his Origin and form the Universal Seed!

When that time came…!


Noah's eyes flashed with power at this thought as he focused on the present. To complete the conquest of the Necrotic Universe, Destiny told him he would have to overcome a perilous battle.

A battle where he was under horrendous debuffs from the mere aura of an Antiquity, where the power that his Subordinates could display was reduced by a large amount!

But when it came to him…

Even if the debuffs made it so that he had -10,000% Comprehension and Assimilation Ability to all Laws and Daos, so what? He had tens of thousands of percentages when it came to this area!

Even if he could receive +10,000% more damage, so what? He had the Purification of both Ruination and Primordial Essence that had long since spilled over 1,000,000% to all Parameters, granting him that same percentage in defense, health, mana conductivity...everything!

Even if they cut his mana reserves by half, what was half of INFINITY?!


A glorious flash of golden light shot out from his eyes at such a thought, raising his head as he looked towards a certain direction where a storm of essence was gathering.

He was currently situated upon an enormous throne of essence and bones as he kept his form of a Demonic Lich Emperor, moving at the forefront of the Legions of Undead that swirled with the Necrotic Ring of Death.

The Seven Deadly Sins pulsed with immense power as they moved right behind Noah, each of them carrying an aura of malevolent power as even with the debuffs, they seemed even more intent on battling their enemies!

The over 50 Paragons were behind the sins as they led trillions upon trillions of Undead that ranged from Dullahans, Dragons, Draconic Vampyres, Titanous Undead...all the myriad of Undead Races at the ranks of Entities and above filled the Undead Legions that seemed to cover the distance of a Galaxy.

Undead Legions covering millions of miles in diameter!


Against all of these forces, Noah raised his gaze as he noticed the storm of essence hundreds of thousands of miles away gathering, the auras of tens of Paragons beginning to light up as they came closer and closer.

These auras were extremely unique as they were not just those of Paragons...but they exceeded this level as they infinitely neared the ranks of Hegemonies- it was the aura of Incarnations of Chaos!


Against the rising auras of powerful beings, Noah's forces felt their oppressive pressure tens of thousands of miles away as the Paragons stopped their forces and had them brace themselves, the Paragons on his side bellowing out as the trillions of Undead followed.


The bellows reverberated across the chaotic void as even with the oppression of an Antiquity, Noah's forces still seemed to vibrate with power.

The auras of Incarnations of Chaos came even closer after a few seconds, Noah remaining on his throne as he gazed calmly at their appeared figures.


A spatial essence vibrated out as 10 appeared soon after.


Then twenty.






The pristine and domineering aura of 80 Undead Paragon Incarnation of Chaos appeared grandly as behind them, for millions of miles...were the auras of undead that looked as vast as an unending sea.

They towered majestically before Noah as the endless sea was actually hundreds of trillions of undead, promising for a shocking battle to come as all of them were led by powerful Incarnations at the very forefront!

Some of them were Lich Emperors as their skeletal figures blazed with blue flames, standing atop Undead Qilins and Dragons.

Other Incarnations were Abyssal Undead Emperors as they were the size of Planets, holding in their hands swords and spears in the form of Dao Weapons as a single swing from them could shatter a star!

The majesty and honor of the Races of Undead were all present at this moment as they all stared silently at Noah's calm figure that was still sat on the imposing throne of bones.


Essence flew around the battlefield madly as not a single side spoke, an oppressive silence descending in the chaotic space as both sides seemed to just watch each other.

Outside the boundary of the Necrotic Universe, there were also a few Hegemonies watching this battle as inside the Necrotic Universe itself, the Hegemony of Necromancy and the Goliath were also watching near the Universal Construct.

Many eyes watched this singular unfolding battle as the pervasive silence was needed for the shocking storm to come.

One side was under heavy debuffs as a single Demonic Lich Emperor led over 50 Undead Paragons and Sins, the other side had 80 Incarnations of Chaos leading hundreds of trillions of Undead!

In the tense standoff of power, a singular prominent being on a throne moved first.

He raised his palm grandly as a glorious star of conquest shone over him, a crimson purple clock blooming from his palm at this moment as it expanded to cover everything!

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