Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1110 - To Be, Or Not To Be II

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After coming out of the shocking pull of the Antiquity, Oathkeeper held onto the Cosmic treasure tightly as his mana madly poured into it, a pristine white light stretching out as droves of Primordial Essence wrapped around him!

His figure actually became more stable after the Primordial Essence wrapped around him, and it only continued in intensity as he was seemingly becoming wrapped up in a dense circle of essence.

With the dense authority of Antiquity, nobody could leave the surroundings. So instead, the Oathkeeper enclosed himself in as he could see the hands of the Antiquity were reaching out towards him. Towards the Cosmic Treasure within his hands!

So the last of his essence flooded out as he created a cocoon of Primordial Essence that wrapped around him tightly, this existence intent on keeping the hands of Antiquity away from the Cosmic Treasure!

Noah's words caught the Antiquity by surprise as his consciousness went towards his position. 

The moment that he finished his words, Noah had sighed deeply in his heart as he silently cast [Deus Ex Machina]!

This was what his Destiny told him would have the way for most benefits, and so it was done.

One of the skills of last resort that wasn't Plot Armor or Save Point!

"Life is definitely filled with struggles...but it is not as meaningless as you make it out to be!"


Towards the words of Antiquity that spoke between life, death, and Subjugation...Noah replied with calm as he waited to see what the effects of the skill would be.

His mind was also playing with the wild possibilities of what it meant for this Antiquity before him to say things that he would only expect those on a certain blue planet would be able to know. Was there something really profound in here or was it all due to chance with the quintillions of existences and an uncountable number of galaxies within Universes and Cosmos?

Maybe he was reading too much into it as it was all coincidence or there was something else in play he wasn't considering, but he focused on the current situation as he would not wait to see what would come from Deus Ex Machina.

The clones of the three Blue Slimes surrounded him as their aura pushed off the authority of the Antiquity, Noah's voice continuing to echo out as the figures of the slimes shone with gorgeous splendor to resist the authority of the Great Usurper!

"The struggles of life are always followed by joy and happiness...and this is what we are all searching for. You cannot take this away by either death or Subjugation!"


His words were resolute as the authority of an Apocryphal Antiquity stemming from three Slimes actually established itself on the surroundings, giving the figure of the enclosed Oathkeeper some support as the eyes of the Antiquity briefly went on to focus on Noah and the Blue Slimes.



A radiant blue light flashed as Noah's eyes locked on with the Great Usurper!

One existence looked at another as their gazes caused sparks of light, but the might of the Antiquity settled on the Blue Slimes as his ancient voice continued.

"You're connected to this false existence? I've very rarely come across Apocryphal Antiquities...were you the one destroying the Tools of Descent?"


With his gaze turned in his direction, Noah felt the billowing pressure even more as his face remained impassive and didn't reveal anything!

All he focused on was the difference between Apocryphal Antiquity and real Antiquity, wanting to know just how much the clones of the Blue Slime could withstand at this well as the gain of something he was scheming about even at this moment.

Of course, it was from the seeds he planted not too long ago- the action of bringing one of the most powerful existences within the Primordial Cosmos under him!

Silently, he sent a mental message to the Oathkeeper who was burning the last embers of his mana to wrap himself in a protective cocoon of Primordial Essence to prevent the Antiquity from getting his hands on the Primordial Disk.

"We have to work together if we want to survive this and prevent your Cosmic Treasure from falling into his hands. I can provide you with all the mana you need to keep utilizing your treasure without having you burn your Origin! Just...swear Fealty!"


His brilliant words echoed in the mind of the Oathkeeper as while wrapped in his protective cocoon, this being saw a prompt appear before his eyes that had appeared in front of many Paragons and lower ranked beings.

A prompt that asked him to pledge fealty not to the Tyrannical Emperor, but to the Hegemony of Tyranny!


Oathkeeper's origin pulsed with weakness as his somber eyes watched this prompt, and then towards the brilliant blue eyes of the Antiquity that screamed of coldness.

He then looked in the corner of his eyes as he saw his old friend and the Hegemonies around him deflated with disappointment, his gaze eyes becoming extremely dim!

Noah had truly schemed at the most perfect time as in this moment where he was faced against an enemy of the Primordial Cosmos...the Oathkeeper actually released his high pride and standing as he uttered out slowly, his eyes locked onto the palm of the Antiquity that had almost reached them.

"I swear the Hegemony of Tyranny."


On this day, one of the oldest beings in the Primordial Cosmos pledged Fealty to an existence that had only begun their path of power for less than a year.

The gorgeous glimmer of Primordial Essence that was covering his body trembled at this moment, Oathkeeper closing his eyes at such a juncture as his dried up Origin that barely had any mana to use at this moment...felt like a dry river that out of nowhere was blasted with mountainous waves of water!

Like a desert just had an entire sea poured onto it, and this sea was so vast that he couldn't see the ends of it!

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