Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1223 - Choices!

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As the meeting with Halcyon continued, Noah was still closely studying the newly designed Edict under him!

The eyes of his Universal Body were still closed as he studied the line that represented The Nomological Edict of Cessation.

He wanted to understand the Authority of Cessation and what it truly brought to him as after some time, his System was able to dig up the information and display it right before his eyes simply.

[Authority of Cessation] :: As the Architect of an Edict, much of what happens to it falls under your jurisdiction. The existences that touch upon it after being taught by you or taught by those you teach- their Origin Record becomes clear for you to read as you can share their Comprehension and Assimilation of laws and daos, review their life history, and even discern a glimpse of their destiny and fortune. When achieving mastery in Cessation, you gain the authority to perpetuate the Lineage of Cessation to those that have attained <A Glimpse of Edicts>...More information will be available when sufficient prerequisites have been met.


Noah's eyes flashed sharply as he read the description of this Authority, thinking how when it came to information that the Cosmic Core couldn't discern, it just didn't include it now as the words [More information will be available when the sufficient prerequisites have been met] were not displayed before Noah.

But then, there was the first portion of the description that showed one the immense power an Architect of an Edict held!

The Origin Record of those traversing the Edict of someone else is made clear...along with the Architect of said Edict being able to actually obtain Comprehension and Assimilation in the laws and daos they understood.

Now, the main question was who the architect of the Nomological Edict of Samsara was! An even more important question was whether there was an Architect for it...or Edicts were similar to Daos I that there were Natural ones and Artificial ones that were only synthesized from powerful existences combining different Daos and Laws!

These questions were extremely important as they needed an answer very soon! If Noah had taken the Edict of a powerful Primordial as his Origin Record was laid bare right now…

'Tsk…' his thoughts churned as he received no answers, but his Destiny and Fortune were calm as if this was not a major problem.

Such an advancement meant that either the fusion of Edicts and Laws that made Samsara was something natural...or something unknown was occurring with the Architect of this Edict!

Noah's eyes shone sharply as a myriad of thoughts flowed.

He had to change his plans.

He had to raise his power even faster than its current rate, and that was saying a great deal of things!

He had already forged over two thousand Universes as they continued to rise slowly even now, reaching stages that others would reach after millions of years...or much quicker if they had Primordial Hearts within their hands similar to him.

After he finished entirely absorbing all of the Universal Filament Cores, 6 Primordial Hearts, and even the newly gained Grand Primordial Heart from Halcyon, his number of Universes should spill over 10,000 as it would be over twenty times the number of Splendiferous Universes he had just days ago!

That was just how fast his pace of progress was! Other Daolords could not even compare when it came to this speed.

But Noah cared not for others as he only worried how he could make his already ridiculously quick pace even quicker.

When he arrived at such an answer, his eyes flashed as he saw a single glimmering path before him. 

The Primordial Hearts were one of the main answers as they provided the ridiculously rare Marks of Antiquity along with their essence being freely interchangeable to forge Universes, and Universal Filament Cores themselves built up multiple Normal Universes as they saved Noah from eating up too much of the Primordial Hearts' essence to do so!

The factor remained that even though Noah was getting his hands on them faster than anyone else...he now wanted to make this process faster.

He wanted prestigious loot like Primordial Hearts, Runic Dao Line Enhancers, and Universal Filament Cores to rain down in large numbers...and this was where his churning fortune and destiny were churning towards at this moment!

He saw that the answer of obtaining increased resources could best be done with the path of…

"The Third Cosmic Dao…"


The third Cosmic Dao!

One designed to supplement him fully as he used the Writ of Challenges to obtain more Cosmos while wiping out Daolords, one that granted him even more boosts after he faced Primordial Beasts!

He had the idea in his mind for a while, but it had seemed ridiculous at that time...but it didn't seem so now.

He let out a breath of excitement as he asked the Cosmic Core and Treasure slowly.

"The feasibility of the 9th possible Cosmic Dao?"

He asked of the feasibility of one of the many Cosmic Daos he had them run possible simulations on, this 9th one having a unique name as it was unlike many of the others he was researching!

<<With the percentages being reduced and a few things tweaked from what you originally had in mind, it is possible to bring it to fruition and have it be one of your most valuable tools yet.>>

The monotone voice spoke out calmly as even it couldn't hide the hint of excitement within its voice.

Noah felt his heart brimming with anticipation after such words as he nodded and gave the go ahead to forge one of the last Cosmic Daos he could forge in a while. But he felt it was worth it, and something that would be much needed for the future to come if he wanted an even more ridiculous rate of growth!

"Then, let us proceed with the design of the Cosmic Dao of Loot."



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