Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1242 - Cold And Unfeeling!

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As Noah obtained a terrifying set of eyes and was about to explore their stupendous uses, other beings dancing atop the same board he was on were also moving as things didn't just remain static with him out of the picture!

In the Havenbreaker Cosmos that was even more prestigious than the Propitious Cosmos that held the Golden Citadel that had hosted a recent stellar banquet.

Princess Halcyon had been summoned by none other than the Family Head of Havenbreaker herself!

The steps of this unique being were light as she was in the core universe of this Havenbreaker Cosmos, walking in the halls of another majestic castle that was towering to be larger than most Galaxies as she went towards a throne room that only powerful Daolords and Forefathers normally entered.

She passed by many beings in the long hall of this castle as they bowed to her with respect, her languid eyes remaining calm as he continued forward until she opened the huge golden doors leading to a throne room!


The huge doors opened with a sound as the scene inside was revealed, showing a singular golden throne atop pristine stairs that a curvaceous queenly woman was sitting on, with figures of powerful Forefathers and Daolords situated below the steps as they were discussing busily before Halcyon entered.

Seeing her figure appearing, the eyes of more than half of them lit up as they bowed towards her, the other half keeping their eyes on Havenbreaker who was situated upon the throne as the eyes of this being turned sharp, her voice echoing out soon after!

"Leave us."


The moment her command was given, spatial light flashed for a mere two seconds as the entire throne room was empty, leaving behind two women- one still situated regally and with authority upon a throne as the other walked towards her with light steps...Halcyon coming to stop before the golden steps that led towards the throne as she bowed her head while calling out lightly.



A light call. But no reply met her as she raised her head to find her mother's gaze tightly locked onto hers, the figures of these two women being utterly shocking as if one were to look at them- they would think they were twins!

Havenbreaker herself seemed to be in her late forties as she let out an aura of an experienced queen, while Halcyon seemed to be in her mid 20s as she seemed fairly young. What was most surprising was that when comparing their beauty...the daughter actually gave off a sense of more awe and splendor even though they were both dressed in gold.

The pair of mother and daughter stared at each other for a few seconds before Havenbreaker spoke in a commanding tone.

"Daolord Osmont. Why did you invite that creature to the Propitious Universe...why did you associate and mingle with him...and what exactly have you been doing this whole time, my dear daughter?"


A commanding tone of a queen speaking to her subject! No warmth of a mother speaking to her daughter could be felt as Halcyon calmly took in the words while replying.

"He's a new Daolord I am trying to rope in for our House, Mother. I was the first to reach out to him and form a strong connectio-"

"Do not try to play me with your act and pretty words." 


Before she could finish, the responding voice of Havenbreaker interrupted her as this Queen rose up from her throne, beginning to walk with light steps down towards her daughter!

"A mother knows their daughter best...or so I've heard. I've known your movements and scheming for many years now, my dear daughter."

Havenbreaker's expression was utterly impassive as she stepped on the golden stairs, coming to a stop on the last one as she stood a head above Halcyon and stared down while she spoke.

"My sweet, sweet daughter." Havenbreaker raised her hands as she cradled the cheeks of Halcyon, but no warmth could be felt from it as Halcyon's body even shook!

"Do you know...when you were first born, my very own Destiny and Fortune reacted as they told me to kill you?"


"Can you imagine that? My own baby girl that I cradled in my hands, and every cell within my body was telling me to strangle her. My own destiny was telling me that my very blood would scheme against me, that my very own blood would threaten my life and hegemony."


With an expression utterly devoid of emotion, Havenbreaker removed her hands from the cheeks and spoke while she stared at the eyes of Halcyon that had begun to shake.

The eyes of this daughter listening to her mother say the words to a scene she had actually seen over a million years ago, this scene playing itself now as Halcyon thought she was prepared!

She thought that after seeing it happen over and over again in her dreams, watching it happen for real would not be so painful. That it wouldn't hurt her so much to hear these words from her very own Mother. The one person that should have loved her the most.

She...would never feel that warmth in her life as with her eyes shaking, she stared straight on towards the woman that had a face very similar to hers and continued listening to her cold words.

"I had confidence in myself as I said no. My very own daughter would not be able to do such a thing to me. And since then until now...I have continued to believe that. Whatever schemes or games you play at, you will always be in the shadow of Havenbreaker!"

With an utterly chilling tone, Havenbreaker walked up to Halcyon as she raised her hands that had begun brimming with a dangerous essence- an essence that could wipe out the whole Universe they were in if it wished!

She brought her hand clad in such an essence as she held Halcyon's ears and spoke into them.

"I could have snuffed you out when you were a mere child, and I can still snuff you out now. So I will ask again...tell me everything about the Daolord Osmont, and exactly what you have been playing around with him."

Cold and unfeeling.

These were the eyes of Havenbreaker as they held onto the ears of her daughter that were becoming dyed with a black color and decaying as if they would fall off at any second!

Against such words and a threat, Halcyon's shaking eyes actually calmed as her breathing steadied, her languid eyes staring at the woman who should have been her most loving mother as she replied slowly.

"He is just a Daolord I am trying to rope in to our-"


A resounding sound of a slap echoed out the throne room as from the golden steps of the throne, Halcyon's figure was flung out like a ragdoll as it smashed into the golden doors behind her and left a huge dent!

None of the daos or law essence she had raised up could protect her.

Not even the rough assortment of laws and daos she was trying to fuse could stop the slap of a hand that was palpating with a striking golden light. After all, how could one stand against an Edict?!

Halcyon's figure fell down weakly as she released ragged breaths, multiple pristine white teeth falling to the ground as blood flowed freely. The terrifying essence from the slap surged through her body as it left behind broken bones and nearly ripped apart her Origin!

Yet....her golden eyes still filled with calm and defiance as she stared at the woman glancing at her coldly from a distance away!

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