Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1244 - Confidence!

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As Noah followed a hidden pristine white river from the Infinite Cosmos in search of something even he didn't know of yet, the brutal scene within a certain throne room in the Havenbreaker Cosmos continued!

A daughter stood up weakly after suffering a strike that was the deadliest one she had faced her entire life- where even the Grand Primordial Beast had not been able to wound her this much just over a day ago.

Such a strike stemmed from her very own Mother, this being remaining where she was as she looked down towards her coldly.

"At least try to be a bit smarter and try to be useful to me, then I might keep you around longer."


"If I find that I have no use for you anymore, then I will have no problem doing what my very core told me to do the day you were born."

Words of utter cruelty resounded out as Halcyon felt her heart to be seemingly pierced too many times, biting her lips as she heard the words she was waiting for this whole time, the words she had seen along with everything else that was playing out at this moment.

"Clean yourself up and leave. Do not shame the House of Havenbreaker with such an unsightly demeanor."

After slapping her daughter with an attack filled with the essence of an Edict, Havenbreaker still didn't get any useful information that she wanted about a certain Osmont as she sent Halcyon away!

"Yes, Mother." 

As cordial as ever, Halcyon tried to bow amidst her broken teeth and bones, her body being wrapped in a spatial light as she disappeared from the throne room while utilizing one-fourth of the essence she left behind to perform a long distance teleportation to a specific location in the Primordial Empire.

Her figure with a tattered and shredded dress with lacerations all around her fair skin appeared in a verdant realm that she had just left, a figure not yet turning towards her direction as she spoke out teasingly.

"For you to return so soon, did little Halcyon miss m…!!!"

Alarm rose on Springforge's face as she turned to see Halcyon, as she saw the battered girl whose Origin and body screamed of weakness!

"What is…!"

Wrath filled Springforge's mind as she instantly appeared around Halcyon and began to release shocking waves of life force and a unique glimmering essence of a verdant Edict, lifting up the face of Halcyon that after holding strong this whole time against being attacked by her very own Mother...tears began to drop down freely as she threw herself into the chest of Springforge.


The minds and actions of existences could be cruel, no matter if it was against strangers or their own family.

If they stood in the way of power...everything could be discarded!

But in the depths of the hearts of the truly strong, there was something unique known as Confidence.

Confidence that stemmed from knowledge of their own power, and confidence in themselves as these beings always looked at life as if things revolved around them!

Confidence. Aegon was a truly strong individual as he had a great deal of it, the recent example of this feature showing being the fact that he saw through a being moving in his Empire wielding an Edict in secret...but he had such utter confidence in his power and strength that he knew that being he saw would never be able to even measure up to one-hundredth of his abilities.

It was confidence that didn't just stem from his own Edicts, but from a power that he knew no others in this Reality could ever grasp. This was his knowledge and belief, and his confidence stemmed from this and much more.

Champion of Reality. Can one imagine what the psyche of such a being was? How the thought process of such a being worked day in and day out? 

A chosen existence that was protecting the very Bastion of Reality with countless quintillions of existences below him. How could one not grow a sense of unbound confidence?!

Then...there was Noah himself! He knew very well that this feature of confidence and arrogance he had of himself was one of the negative aspects that he constantly tried to fix- always reminding himself to be humble and to always expect the unexpected!

To always move with care as even the smallest problem could become a big one if it wasn't taken care of carefully. This was why he moved in the past Primordial Cosmos with Clones and the Dao of Subterfuge, and why he was currently moving in the Primordial Empire with his Primordial Ruination Clone.

Even though he had utter confidence in himself- confidence that stemmed from Infinite Mana, a Trait that literally termed him as the Protagonist, and a Nomological Edict that branded his very soul onto this Reality that death for him would be hard to come by!

Yet even with all of these factors that would make a being extremely arrogant and conceited, Noah still tried his best to keep his ego and confidence in check as he still moved with care and more than always used clones.

It was a habit he was gradually learning and continuing to carry out as in case anything unexpected occurred, he would always be safe.

He didn't consider it cowardly, where his Universal Body that wielded the full Primordial Eye and the Eye of Ruination had for the first time left the Infinite Cosmos while chasing the river of Primordial Essence that stretched out towards an unknown location. 

It was just one of his main bodies traversing outside, but he still moved with utter care as he learned to what extent the Primordial Eye and the Eye of Ruination were applied to his clones.

Noah was one of the very few beings that should be filled with utmost confidence that should rival Aegon if not supersede it, but he was slowly learning to curb it and not let it lead to unbound arrogance and a huge ego as such an action might just greatly help to save him in the future!

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