Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1568: l'm Something of an AlchemistMyself! ll

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Chapter 1568: l'm Something of an AlchemistMyself! ll

Across the vast Realities, there were many austere Dimensions and layers of Reality that other beings would never see in their lifetimes!

Of those previously mentioned, there were the Mirror Realities that could be accessed through the Mirror Dimension, and there were Dream Realities that could be accessed through the Dimension of Dreams.

Very few existences could utilize unique levels of power that allowed them to traverse into such Dimensions, and Noah had begun taking steps into the Dimension of Dreams at this moment as his Infinite Dream construct pulled upon the unique essence of this dimension, 100 portions of his soul wrapped around this essence as they silently spread out across the Boundary Between Realities!

The movements of these portions of Noah’s soul were extremely erratic as the distance they covered could not be looked at normally, with their path of travel beings through gaps of the Dimension of Dreams as they could be in one spot in the infinitely vast Realities at one moment and be countless light years away the next.

They flashed with intent and purpose as they were wrapped up by Noah’s bountiful destiny and fortune, each one carrying with it a Billion Units of Destiny and Fortune as Noah still had quintillions of units of such essence to spare!

While the Tyrannical Emperor slumbered, his portions of soul traversed countless light years unseen as ever so slowly…they latched onto their own targets under the guidance of destiny and fortune!

Within an unknown Reality that had its Ruination and Primordial Seas tinged with a frozen cold essence that caused glaciers of Primordial and Ruination Essence to form.

Stellar white Cosmos could be seen floating across its vast Seas as countless unique existences were contained within, and within the glacial Primordial Sea…something bloomed at this moment as a golden flash of light was ejected while releasing wisps of essence from the Dimension of Dreams!


Constant pulses of light were released as the wondrous portion of a terrifying existence anchored itself onto this Reality, the hazy circular figure enlarging with every pulse as it gradually took on a humanoid form while an illusory crimson gold crown began to rotate above it.

In no time…


This humanoid figure developed devilishly handsome features as its eyes opened from slumber, a look of confusion being seen on its face briefly before the eyes cleared and began to shine with a luster of multicolored light!

The portion of soul awoke from its slumber as its multicolored eyes gazed around it and at the thousands of Cosmos its eyes of the Watcher could already see, wasting no time as it shot out towards the nearest Cosmos to begin its task!

This was a single soul that was steered by destiny to quickly find a wondrous Emerging Reality.

There were 99 other portions of souls that held their own Destinies, nobody knowing what percentage would land within Emerging Realities or Prime Realities…or Realties that Noah had yet to even be in!

— Frᴇᴇwᴇʙnᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄoᴍ

The Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality tore across the Boundary Between Realities as it neared the Domains of the Celestial Vines, a few hours passing since the meeting with the cuboidal vessel of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans that now followed behind them.

“Master…how should we be acting since Empress Genevieve will more than likely become the focus of our bloodline as they receive her?”

Elder Victoria was beside Noah as she asked carefully since they were near the Prime Reality that was surrounded by many others under the Domain of the Celestial Vines. Hours ago, Victoria had already sent word back to the other elders of her Bloodline that she had been saved by a Primordial with an Emperor of Old Bloodline who was also of their race that she was bringing home.

This caused the elders to turn ecstatic as they had seen when the Life Medallion of Raenor vanished- this being the Celestial Vine that did not bend the knee to Noah!

An existence even more powerful than Victoria and Raenor had appeared as he carried the Celestial Vines Bloodline and even a Bloodline from the Olden Times…it was enough for the core forces of the Seventh Firmament Elders to prepare a welcome banquet and celebrate. But Victoria also released another piece of news that even caused the Eighth Firmament Tyrants of the Celestial Vines to be mobilized- the coming of Empress Genevieve!

A future Candidate Ruler of a Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodline visiting them to see just how genius their Bloodline was in Alchemy! This caused the higher ups of the Celestial Vines to move in fervor as the welcoming ceremony that should have been for Noah drastically changed and was made into something that even the Ancestral Elders of the Ninth Firmament rarely came out of seclusion to appear.

These were existences focused on achieving Reality, and yet when it came to the majesty of Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodlines, they could not compare as they had to show their respect!

So when it comes to how they should act?

“We’re just escorting the Empress right now into our lands. Just go with the pace and inform the Elders that I understand the importance of Empress Genevieve, and they can put their focus on her without worrying that I will feel scorned from not being showered with their attention…”

Noah’s eyes shone with a golden glint of destiny as he spoke, Victoria nodding her head as her body buzzed with mental power, the vessel they were on beginning to slow down as a vast glimmering verdant river of an endless Reality bloomed before them!

At the far stretches of this Reality, one could see multiple other Prime and Emerging Realities closely shining together- this being a cluster of Realities that someone truly powerful had to pull close together.

In front of the boundaries of these Realities, there were already existences standing on unique vessels waiting for them as they were arranged in neat rows, many of them adorned in green gold robes with inscriptions of leaves as they gave off abundant life force!


The enormous cuboidal vessel of the Pure-Blooded Humans appeared beside the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality soon after as the existences within had their auras vibrantly felt, the faces of the Celestial Vines in the distance filled with respect as they gazed forward.

A flash of multicolored light bloomed out as Noah’s party was the first to disembark, Victoria and Lucia being the ones to step forward with Noah floating behind them as Victoria announced loudly.

“Empress Genevieve has graced our domains with a visit today…let us make her feel at home!”


Her sound waves reverberated around them as the neatly situated Celestial Vines ranging from the First Firmament of Ascendancy to even three existences at the very forefront being at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy smiled, the glorious aura of Empress Genevieve erupting out as she left her vessel with 10 Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans and arrived in the domains of the Celestial Vines!

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