Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1569: l'm Something of an AlchemistMyself! lll

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Chapter 1569: l'm Something of an AlchemistMyself! lll

“Welcome, welcome! It is an honor for the Empress to visit our domains today…”

Stellar rows of Celestial Vines in human form parted as the glorious figures of white golden garbed Pure-Blooded Humans were led into the Prime Reality that was known as the Verdant Vineyard.

The verdant robes of the Ninth Firmament Elders held a vibrant golden mark of a tall tree, each of them showing the illusory sight of tens of Billions of Cosmos.

The ones doing the speaking were three Ninth Firmament Celestial Vines as Empress Genevieve nodded towards them, her eyes serene as her voice echoed out.

“I came by to witness the Alchemical knowledge and ways of the Celestial Vines today. I hope the Elders pardon my intrusion.”

Even though she was above them in status, she still spoke calmly and didn’t demean the three existences that were a stage higher than hers as it only caused their smiles to deepen!

Noah and his party were behind them as Seventh and Eight Firmament Celestial Vines nodded towards Noah with excited looks as they saw his illusory crimson gold crown, knowing that another powerhouse was about to enter their Bloodline as they looked forward to what this would mean for them.

The procession was smooth as the message Victoria sent was followed, Noah’s entrance not being made into a huge deal to even come close to overshadowing Empress Genevieve as they entered the Verdant Vineyard swiftly, the Ninth Firmament Celestial Vines in the lead speaking with pride as the image of this Prime Reality became clear to all.

“Our Celestial Vines seek homes filled with life force, and this Verdant Vineyard fulfilled our dreams the most as it is a reality where plant life thrives…”

An introduction was given as Noah’s eyes were exposed to the things he felt like he knew for millions of years through the memories of Raenor.

A scene that showed green rivers of essence mixed in vibrantly with the Ruination Sea, where Cosmos wrapped in verdant lights shone with luster far in the distance. Apart from the Cosmos, one could also shockingly see vast stretches of land and earth floating in the green-red sea of Ruination, these stretches of floating islands pulsing with immense life force as endless amounts of vegetation could be seen within them!

When one zoomed further in, they would be able to see the figures of enormous Celestial Vines taking on the form of glorious Vines with endless branches and green tendrils that tended to the vast vegetations within the floating landmasses, working in harmony and wonder as everything around them seemed to be filled with the pure force of life!

“We have Sacred Lands stretched throughout this Reality where we cultivate Sacred Herbs and other materials we use in making Elixirs and Pills. With abilities we have perfected over the years, we can cultivate Herbs to become hundreds of thousands of years old within mere years, with the Sacred Herbs in our stores being so profound that our specialty Herb which can increase the strength of one’s soul can only be farmed here!”


A Ninth Firmament Celestial Vine known as Ancestral Elder Chaesalor was the one taking the lead as he spoke, his eyes shining with a hazy green light similar to his hair as a smile never left his lips while he introduced everything and led their groups further into the Verdant Vineyard.

“Apart from the lands where we cultivate Sacred Herbs, we also have…the Mystical Pill Mountains within every single Prime Reality where we produce our prized Elixirs and Pills that make their name across these vast Realities!”

They floated past the glimmering Sacred Lands and a few shining Cosmos that all seemed to be rotating and surrounding a single location- a vast mountain stretching out endlessly with its peak aimed and seemingly ready to break the Boundary Between Realities.

A mountain that was bathed with a cloudy green light and verdant greenery all around, the welcoming party floating towards it as Ancestral Elder Chaesalor continued with shining eyes.

“Today is a special occasion with the Empress visiting us, so we moved forward the Centennial Alchemy Tournament as our prominent Alchemists will utilize the rarest Cauldrons and Pill Furnaces to produce the highest quality of Elixirs and Pills they can!”


His words coincided with them breaking past the verdant cloud layer and fully entering this Mystical Pill Mountain, their eyes gazing at intricate ancient dwellings and huge monuments of bronze and gold Cauldrons and Pill Furnaces all over the region, with the largest structure being an enormous green Cauldron structure near the peak of the Mystical Pill Mountain thousands of miles in size where the largest clusters of beings could be seen.

There, distinguished Celestial Vines in human form could be seen as they were adorned in purple robes to distinguish their profession as Alchemists, with each of them having a different number of golden lines branded onto their purple robes as they represented their rank as an Alchemist!

Those with a single golden line on their purple robes were Master Alchemists while those with two lines were Grandmaster Alchemists, and there were actually five beings that were currently adorned with three golden bands on their purple robes standing at the forefront as they were Peerless Alchemists!

“Atop this Centennial Cauldron, we shall have some of our prized Alchemists compete to show the most treasures Pills and Elixirs they can produce!”

The procession arrived atop the Centennial Cauldron where many powerful auras were gathered, the purple robes of the Alchemists prominent as they paid their respects to the figure of Empress Genevieve who nodded towards them calmly.

Her eyes twinkled with light as she gazed at the many Pill Furnaces and Cauldrons atop this location, as well as the vibrant life force given off by the herbs all over this Mystical Pill Mountain that would make other races jealous to even see it!

While taking in such a sight, her eyes flashed with light as she actually turned to her side and gazed towards an unexpected direction, her eyes landing on Noah who was currently surrounded by Victoria and a few other Elders that had come to meet him and show their respect, even if all of them were currently focusing on Empress Genevieve.

“Alexander King…you’re outstanding in a few areas as I’ve seen, are you also knowledgeable about Alchemy to be adorned with the robes of a Grandmaster Alchemist, or even a Peerless Alchemist?”


Her words caught everyone by surprise as the eyes of all beings followed her gaze to land on Noah’s position.

The existence with an illusory crimson gold crown that represented a Bloodline from the Olden Times actually rose to meet his eyes with the Empress as with a light smile, he replied without a pause.

“I am not yet adorned with the robes of one, but I am something of an Alchemist myself, Empress. Probably…a Peerless one I would say.”


His flaming hair rose and fell in waves as the eyes of many beings landed on him, their eyes sweeping over his body to affirm the Bloodline of a Celestial Vine and a Primordial as they were shocked to hear Empress Genevieve actually focus her words and attention on him!

Was it because both of them carried a Bloodline from the Olden Times or was there something deeper? And his words of him probably being a Peerless Alchemist even though he wasn’t certified with a purple robe nor had he ever shown his abilities before…just how truthfully were they?

Peerless Alchemist!

This was a title that less than 20 beings enjoyed in their entire Bloodline! Existences that were routinely called over to the innermost parts of the Infinite Realities into the domains of Primordials to serve as the Alchemists of Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodline Lineages or as guests, where even at this moment in time…the 5 Peerless Alchemists standing grandly before them today and participating in the Centennial Alchemy Tournament were the only ones present in their domains at this moment!

The other 15 were prized existences who took posts among Cardinal Royal Bloodlines as they spread the prestige of the Celestial Vines away from home and kept their status elevated.

For an existence to say they were probably a Peerless Alchemist without any basis…it drew the ire of a few beings even though they still looked towards this Alexander King holding an Emperor of Old Bloodline favorably!

It drew the ire of others, but the faces of the actual Peerless Alchemists flashed with their own thoughts as they stood tall with pride, the sonorous voice of Empress Genevieve ringing out once more as it reverberated in the very souls of those who heard it.

“Then we must see your capabilities in this Centennial Alchemy Tournament!”


A statement that could also be seen as a command as it carried an undeniable weight!

Under the eyes of many beings, Noah let out a light smile as his body gave off silent waves of destiny, his gaze landing on the enormous cauldron platform where the eyes of many Alchemists were glaring at him with indifference and pride!

So what if he carried an Olden Bloodline? Was this enough for him to just claim himself to be a Peerless Alchemist? A pristine profession that bypassed Bloodlines across these vast Realities as such existences would be welcomed even in a Pure-Blooded Bloodline with open arms.

Supremely elevated that some even believed they were above Peerless Forgers as their Alchemical creations ranged from terrifying poisons that could lay waste to Realities all the way to prized pills that could allow one to easily complete Edicts, power up their soul permanently, or even grant stupendous momentary boosts that could overcome those stronger than them in power!

These were Peerless Alchemists.

And not just anyone…could become a Peerless Alchemist!

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