Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1668 lnto the Dream Dimension! l

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Chapter 1668 lnto the Dream Dimension! l

Pulsing waves of cerulean light emanated from Noah's figure as his Runic Kainos Mana Lines of Ascendancy danced in vibrant waves, his will surging out as 1,000 twinkling specks of light moved from his body and began floating out!

They disappeared silently into the surrounding space as they didn't just drill through its fold, but they flashed with a regal authority of Infinite Dream as they crossed into a pristine new Dimension.

Melded with the very space around them and yet at the same time entirely separate, the walls of the Dream Dimension were breached as Noah's soul released 1,000 portions of itself seamlessly!

For an existence to take a significant portion of their soul, and then spread it into 1,000 parts…this was an extremely arduous task that very few could handle. Dividing 1,000 portions meant 1,000 differently thinking souls with each of them seeking their own purpose. Even with Noah's ridiculously strong soul, this might not have been possible even now. But what did make it a possibility was the fact that Noah had utilized the Dream Stones that he had obtained from the Resplendent Treasure Caches.

The Dream Stones that allowed one to dream for a million years with a single use!

When Noah had used a single one of his dazzling stones, his consciousness was taken from his main body as he slumbered and experienced a shocking dream every single time.

He rose from humble beginnings having absolutely nothing, and yet by the end of the dream…he was always battling for supremacy!

In very few dreams did he live a simple life.

One of them a farmer. Another merely a king. A human, an elf, a dragon…any of the myriad of races had been lived by him!

Every single dream stone took a few hours to experience while it granted the soul one million years of experience. One million years of refining and fortification! And he couldn't consciously control any of these dreams as while in them, he truly felt like that was his genuine life as he didn't recall yesterday he was Noah during the dreams.

Every single day of these years felt entirely real as after Noah spent his time in the cosmic holy land and utilized over 50 dream stones, he had come out as a new man with his eyes shining their brilliant visage an existence that had seen too much.

It only took him a microsecond to reflect on the many dreams he had lived and on the many lives he had led as he came back to his singular real life with ease.

After the 50th Dream Stone, he stopped solely because his destiny told him to, the uses of these stones being more than how he utilized them in the beginning as they were still something he could do that would grant him even more boundless benefits with the remaining half of the stones.

But through them, his soul gained a sense of stability and strength that very few could achieve as even the existences that had already lived for hundreds of millions of years…all of these weren't spent just thinking and tempering their souls. So the portions of Noah's souls that set off right now…each one was filled with purpose as they were carried with the essence of the Dream Dimension along with the silent waves of destiny leading the way!

999 souls were carried silently to look for Prime Realities. Emerging Realities, and other unique realities that lay out there. But…there was a singular portion of a soul remaining that did not take the same route.

It was larger than all the others and while wrapped by the essence of the Infinite Dream, it dug deeper into the veil of the Dream Dimension as it did not seek other realities!

It instead sought to enter the depths of this unknown dimension.


The Unnamed Kainos Emperor entered a deep slumber as he focused a major part of his will and power into this singular portion of soul, with him actually traversing across the veils of the Dream Dimension!

He felt as if he was stuck in a quagmire, his soul floating slowly as if countless chains were pulling on him.

Yet he continued relentlessly.

He felt close to piercing an unknown barrier- a layer of a bubble that he was ready to burst and pierce through as the moment he did so…he would be allowed into a new land of wondrous opportunities and untold dangers!


At this critical moment, his will surged out with intensity, smashing apart whatever restrictions that were suddenly placed to prevent him to forge forward.

This portion of his soul passed through one veiled barrier as it seamlessly entered into a brand new space!


Austere silence prevailed.

It might have taken him long to wake up in the past and have his portion of soul to observe his surroundings, but with his overly strong soul and fortified will- only a mere instant passed before the will contained within the soul woke up with fervor and began to look around.

The very air and surroundings felt different.

Every area around him was hazy and filled with gray sparkling misty light.

This misty light made it hard to move even a single step as one could feel themselves bound and shackled by an unknown force!

You couldn't see what lay in front of you nor could you see what lay behind you, and the more that you tried to struggle against this force, the heavier and more constricting the force became.

Against such a force, the answer was not aggressiveness and exploding out power.


Noah's soul calmed.

He pulled upon the Infinite Dream as his mana and thousands of units of the essence of reality surged into it, pulling upon the surrounding essence of the Dream Dimension to wrap around his soul.

The restrictions began gradually getting looser and looser as he began to move freely across the misty sparkling gray light.

At the same time, the soul fully awakened and formed into a body, bright stellar eyes coming in place as at this moment- the far-reaching sight of The Watcher and The Gazer were activated!

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