Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1669 Into the Dream Dimension! ll

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Chapter 1669 Into the Dream Dimension! ll

Noah's mission for this portion of his soul was to withstand and not fall from the perils of the Dream Dimension while locating tens of thousands of units of the Golden Sand that could only be found within this dimension.

He didn't know how powerful the existences he would come across would be, nor what other treasures might be waiting for him. But he did know that this soul would not leave until it either perished or came back with glimmering Golden Sand to help him forge yet another TABOO Relic!

He began to wade across the gray misty light and into the unknown as before he could even get too far, his soul began to feel wavelengths of dangerous essence emanating from different directions, this essence carrying with it a resonating voice that seemed to be repeating the same thing over and over again that surged into his mind with purpose!

<Dreams and Realities…what is reality, and what is a dream?>


With ancientness, this voice felt thick and aged as it came in sequence while Noah floated across the thick gray mist!

<Are the vast Realities themselves not merely an extension of dreams…>

A penetrative will that seemed like an attack onto the soul itself surged towards Noah as if he wasn't able to bypass it and move to explore the Dream Dimension even more, the journey of this Clone would end very soon!

One thousand portions of his soul were sent out as this was not the end of Noah's plans. Even as his mesmerizing main body slumbered, there were still five other True Sanguine Clones that currently did not have any major tasks.

Now one by one, they moved to accomplish even more things!

One of the True Sanguine Clones floated in space with the figure of the dazzling RUINATION while adorning the cosmic form- this clone speaking out calmly at this moment.

<Mirror Manipulation>.


Space shattered and cracked into countless edges of mirror-like shards as Noah looked around him before seamlessly stepping into these shards of mirrors, with his figure beginning to disappear into the unknown!

The figure of RUINATION followed close behind as she stepped in with even more ease, their destination being the wondrous and more than likely just as dangerous Mirror Dimension.

Here, Noah could find the Mirror Essence Crystals that were also required to form a TABOO relic, and this True Sanguine Clone along with RUINATION would take care of this task.

Around the same time, another True Sanguine Clone was wrapped in a spatial light as he actually disappeared from the Infinite Reality and traveled fast distances, crossing the folds of space to finally appear close to the border of the Primordial Royal Wolf Bloodline that he had he had taken the life of one of its princesses!

He had made an enemy of a Bloodline Master of this Primordial Bloodline in the past, where he only knew this existence to be in the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy then. With his more recent knowledge, he could ascertain that they were more than likely A Legend's Visage or an existence with even more power who was close to becoming a Legend as when he did so…he would more than likely be replaced by another Bloodline Master as no Legend would wish to merely oversee the day to day workings of their Bloodline!

The clone had teleported to his region not just because this being was a target, but because he was the only one among the many targets.

This was because this True Sanguine Clone had the task of farming.

Yes. Farming!


Waves of destiny echoed out as they were pulled upon, a few strings loosened in relation to the veil of his own identity, but only in focus with this particular clone!

And he was loosening it for no other reason than the fact that after he reduced it to a certain level, the concepts of existences overseeing the Primordial Blacklist would be activated as those who sought to hunt him…would be directed towards him.

It was akin to setting bait as he now merely waited for the fish to come to him!

This was a task of this particular clone as, taking our eyes away from this one, we would come upon another True Sanguine Clone that was currently in the depths of the Blacksmith's Forge where at this moment, the glimmer of bountiful Limit Breaking Tools could be seen.

Dazzling elixirs that would even make normal Ninth Firmament existences drool were lying out in mountainous piles as nearby- another True Sanguine Clone could be seen hammering down as the allure of an enlightened Primordial Relic could already be seen forming!

Refining pills and elixirs, and even enlightened Primordial Relics or even Sui Generis Enlightened Primordial Relics generous primordial relics!


This was what some clones were taking care of!

And then apart from all of this, the other clone that remained had the task of seamlessly forging even more concepts.

It didn't matter if there were Minor, Greater, or even Insuperable.

Any clone that didn't have a task to do was in charge of coming up with unique concepts that would soon after be corrupted by RUINATION and then elevated to Quasi-TABOO with an Olden Orb of Transmogrification just like all of the 1,200 nomological edicts that Noah currently had swimming within his soul!

And their job also went past this as after studying and comprehending over a thousand Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edicts, Noah also wanted to try naturally forming them.

He better understood what requirements they held and what conditions had to be met for someone to exceed Insuperable and begin coming towards Quasi-TABOO or even TABOO itself!

And of course, the answer lay in the affinity to the natural laws of Reality and how one Influenced these laws themselves as ultimately- the concept of TABOO was one that could ignore and eradicate the natural laws of reality and allowed one to instantly achieve the power of A Legend's Visage!

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