Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1785 A Mythical Natural Born Physique! lll

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Chapter 1785 A Mythical Natural Born Physique! lll

In the Purple Endeavor streaking across space.

The eyes of Noah's True Sanguine Clone that was acting as Alexander flashed with shocking radiance right before his main body had undergone the change and attained the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique!

The brought about change affected all of the Clones as it was rather drastic, where Noah's destiny told him he had to act fast to make sure that his clone wasn't seen through even under the veil of LETHE!

The eruption of Essence was simply too destructive as his Body attained shocking levels of strength, his clone instantly sitting down in a meditative position aboard the vast deck of the Purple Endeavor where he was surrounded by Legions of Primordial Adjudicators behind him shimmering with Valor and power, and the visage of Genevieve and Brightborn ahead of him as more monstrous existences were hidden bow this TABOO Vessel.


To hide the undeniable Essence that was about to erupt from his clone, Noah had to either cut off the connection with this clone and disable it entirely- this bringing its death…or he could mask the eruption of essence of his Body attaining a Dimensional Physique with surges of Essence of Reality!

The Essence that interwove around the Natural Laws of Reality to make up the very Reality itself.

This was the only thing Noah had in his arsenal that he felt could mask the eruption of Dream Essence as with the aid of LETHE…


His meditating body was seen to erupt with a storm of Essence of Reality that pushed those nearby away, the eyes of Brightborn and Genevieve locking onto him instantly as others moved back in alarm and shock!

The genius Royal Humans aboard this vessel looked at the overpowering bursts of strength the visage of this being released as his very skin had coiling arcs of unidentifiable light that far surpassed anything in the Firmaments of Ascendancy!

"Is he actually close to…exceeding the Limits of the Body and becoming a Limit Breaker?"

A small voice of a nearby Adjudicator Commander that was under Katelyn spoke out in disbelief.

This was because they knew the genius follower of Genevieve appeared to have forged three Physiques successfully, being extremely strong with his body as he had even bathed in the Sacred Blood Sea to nearly attain a Bloodline onto True Royalty of the Royal Humans from the Pure Reality held!

"Haha, good! If he succeeds, you would have a truly strong body practitioner by your side, Little Gen!"

Brightborn's strong voice was jovial as this being was happier that those he had agreements with were getting more powerful- only thinking of the possible boons he would be getting in the end.

Meanwhile, the eyes of Genevieve hid their hidden somberness as in her eyes- the enemy she had resolved to devour the talent of only became more difficult for her to handle.

These were the destinies of Chosen Emperors.

They would somehow be exceeding their Limits out of nowhere as one might be considered crazy to ever target them!

But Genevieve remained steadfast in her aims as she knew of one particular being that had succeeded.


He had hunted Chosen Emperors and butchered them like chickens on his path to becoming a True Emperor.

So Genevieve raised her head high as she held a level of confidence due to the number of TABOO Edicts and a Physique she had pulled from her old Body and Origin in the Royal Treasury!

'Surely, I can handle a single Chosen Emperor that hasn't even become a LEGEND…'

Her eyes shone luminously with such thoughts as on the deck below, the figure of Katelyn that was isolated from everything else in a unique spatially enclosed room opened her glazed silver eyes at this moment to lock onto Noah who others saw to be undergoing a breakthrough with his Body.

Her Mirror like eyes bypassed the vibrant layers of multicolored Essence of Reality that Noah was utilizing with LETHE to fool the eyes of others as she saw a trace of Dimensional Essence, her eyes becoming filled with sharp radiance as more curiosity arose from this being she had secretly observed before!

The Purple Endeavor continued on as Brightborn had to collect more genius existences he had made deals with before making way towards the Unexplored Grotto Sanctum, the identity of the Royal Human known as Alexander becoming elevated in the eyes of many as he became an existence that might very soon exceed the limits of the Body under their eyes!

With his True Sanguine Clone covered, Noah's main body retained most of its will as he took a closer look at his shimmering body as the surging essences around him calmed down every so little.


Above him, the 49th Infinite Reality Passage formed as it rained down glorious rivers of essence, Noah having a difficult expression on his body as when he felt the robust strength brought about by the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique, he knew that none of the many Physiques that had gained another chance to be refined would be able to finish their refinements unless he forged his Reality!

His body had truly reached its utmost Limitations as he could go no further without undergoing resonance of his Three Aspects of Existence, where even now as he burned the Body with Sanguine Adequation to raise the soul, it would raise back towards the unbreakable ceiling soon after.

Seeing this situation, Noah sighed as Lavalliere's voice echoed out.

<I think you've prepared more than enough, no? Your soul's just about to be full as well, with the only other possibilities and opportunities lying in the hands of fate and destiny.>

He had prepared enough.

This was what every part of his cells told him as Noah nodded, bringing his hands up as he saw the boundless strength within them that held shocking meaning.

When one truly thought about it, his Body alone through its many Physiques had base boosts above 2,850+ in True Reality Damage Values!

Again, one had to understand what this truly signified! A wave of Noah's hand or a pinch of his fingers…was now equivalent to the destruction of hundreds of Realities.


This was before any multiplicative effects through Authorities like Halos and True Forms as when those were included, his damage went towards the equivalent destruction of millions of Realities!

When Noah looked at all of this and the many more things to come, he could only repeat Lavalliere's words while nodding.

"I've prepared enough…"


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