Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 975 - A Blood Debt Must Be Repaid By Blood! I

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Valentina quite literally had no words at this moment!

Her vibrant dark hair flowed down to her shoulders as she silently looked at the scenes displayed in the illusory screen before her, not knowing what to make of it as her hands unconsciously reached the Golden Mirror where she could contact a certain person.

Her dazed eyes couldn't help but unconsciously reach for the mirror and input her mana into it , a voice ringing out from it a few seconds later that brought her back to her senses!

"What's up? A tad bit busy at the moment…"


In the mirror, the magisterial scene of an incredulous amount of Primordial Essence swimming around Noah and delving into him was apparent, his chest showing a glorious Manifested Origin of beautiful 100 Billion Galaxies!


Valentina could only stare towards this figure in shock as words didn't even come to her mouth!


A vast distance away from all this was the isolated space where two Hegemonies were floating in front of a huge illusory image of a particular Slaughter Star Monolith, these two beings having their gazes currently attracted to the same scenes that many powerful beings of the Animus Universe were currently seeing.

"How is this possible?"

Solerno was looking at the scene with sharp eyes as Ambrose had a dark expression, his voice coming out coldly as his eyes honed in on Noah's figure!

"I told you- their Universal Fortune is somehow so high that it possibly even exceeds mine, which is an impossibility by itself! This is also why I thought it a possibility that even if all this might fail, we needed to have Hegemony Dark Shadow ready to act…"


"But it is too soon!" Solerno replied with sharp eyes as Ambrose nodded, both Hegemonies agreeing on the issue as at this moment…

"We can only wait to see the results of this, and whether what we're seeing now is truly true."

Yes! They could only wait to see the results of this shocking Universal War!


With a shocking amount of essence raging around him, the being in question causing everything was completing a myriad of things at once as in the stupor of everyone having their eyes on him, few had begun to notice that the body of his summons had also been erupting with the number of forged Galaxies, and there was a special significance to his summons breaking past the ranks of Great Sages and heading towards Paragon!

The two summons of interest were of course the ones holding the greatest identities among Noah's summons- the unique Blue Slime and the Queen Dowager that was the Progenitor of Dragons.

In the descriptions when Noah first got them, it was listed for Tiamat that [...When she completes the process of her rebirth and regains all her memories, she will awaken her comprehension in the Cosmic Dao of Annihilation]. It was also written for the Blue Slime that [...When it fully becomes a Universal Emperor Slime, it will naturally awaken the Cosmic Dao of Annihilation]!

The natural awakening of a Cosmic Dao!

Both had such shocking identities that when they reached full maturity, they already had glorious perks handed out to them as such a time was approaching! At this moment as they went towards the Rank of Paragon with Galaxies forging in the billions as Noah elevated their ranks in a Time Space of the Universal Core of the Dark Universe, preposterous scenes beginning to occur in the chaotic void of the Animus Universe where the many Legions were gathered.


A bellow tore across the chaotic void after Noah silenced every one by telling them it was merely the advancement from Great Sage to Paragon, many beings turning their eyes towards the direction of Noah's summons that were just slightly in front of the Legions of the 4 Bloodline Races.

There, the magnetic image of the Ten Headed Dragon finally became apparent for all, this figure having been overshadowed by the majesty of Noah's arrival and actions as it only now just registered in some people's eyes!

It was the figure of the Queen Dowager's Manifested Galaxy showing it reaching 100 Billion, a figure of the Progenitor of Dragons regaining her full power close to what she had before as in the next second, the Cosmic Dao she had comprehended previously bloomed from her Origin!

Above her, the chaotic void splintered and fractured as the essence of a horrendous Cosmic Dao leaked out, her ten heads roaring out gloriously as they opened to swallow this essence, creating for the shocking scene of a Ten Heading Dragon devouring the essence of a Cosmic Dao as seconds later...a pressure began to leak out of her as her many eyes blazed with intense light.

The essence of a Cosmic Dao...vibrantly emanate from her as while she released a shocking amount of pressure and power, her gaze turned towards the planet sized Nine-Tailed Fox that was one of the leading figures of the Legions of the 5 Bloodline Races, a being she very well knew as she was one of the last she saw 100,000 years ago!

"My dear friend Klaus, it has been a long time since you backstabbed me and began bullying my race!"


Her words affirmed her identity as the being called Klaus and many more sucked in cold breaths, affirming their thoughts as they gazed at the figure of Tiamat that looked exactly as they remembered a certain Progenitor many years ago!

Her gaze was domineering as it was filled with regal draconic authority, each of her heads shining a brilliant color as this creature attained her power at the Paragon level and reclaimed her Cosmic Dao right after.

Her eyes were full of anger as while she stared at her many old enemies and the rivers of blood they had created for a show before them, she bellowed out while beginning to move towards the planet sized Nine-Tailed Fox Paragon Klaus at shocking speeds.

"A blood debt must be repaid by blood!"


"You and all those behind you...there will be nothing but Annihilation!"


The Queen Dowager stepped back on the spot light after many years, her glorious power about to be shown to everyone again as they recalled exactly why she was the one who stood at the forefront of the Bloodline Races all those years ago!

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