Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 989 - It's Just That You're Weak!

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The might of a Cosmic Dao varied by a large amount.

Some were highly offensive or defensive, with others providing nothing but support. But, depending on exactly what type of boon it provided, even a support or defensive Cosmic Dao could take a very high ranking among all the Cosmic Daos.

The Dao of Tenebrosity...was one of the truly unique Daos one could come across as the boons it provided were immense!

At this moment, this Dao allowed a single Hegemony to cross the boundaries of Universes while being chased by multiple Hegemonies, and yet he still couldn't be caught!


There were 3 Hegemonies behind him, and fluctuations erupted out a second later as a large amount of essence began to coalesce and shoot out in front of him in the form of a punch.

This punch caused the disintegration of the chaotic void it passed through as it sucked in everything like a black hole, and yet the Holder of the Cosmic Dao of Tenebrosity used this Dao to dissolve his body into a shadowy smoke, passing through this fist seamlessly as he blended into the Shattered void and continued!


After this, the owner of the punch changed directions and chased, this being also being joined by another aura a second later as two more Hegemonies joined the chase.

These two were the Hegemonies from the Liberated Universe that Dark Shadow purposefully passed through, the current number of Universal Hegemonies chasing after him now rising up to 5!

And yet he wasn't done as after passing through the Liberated Universe, he headed towards the Necrotic Universe as he planned to pass through every single Universe where an anchor to the Slaughter Star Monolith Universal Construct existed, all of these Universes being targets of the Universal Amalgamation that Ambrose would initiate!

As for the reason they were pulling out as many Hegemonies from these Universes before the initiation of Amalgamation? That was for us to find out later!


Essence wildly tore across the folds of space as the chase continued, many beings seemingly forgetting or not noticing the being that had started all of this at this time.

It was of course, the figure of the Tyrant Dragon that was lying comfortably within the enormous dark hand of Hegemony Dark Shadow.

His body was covered with terrifying darkness all around, his senses barely being able to pierce through and sense the outside area as it was like he was confined in a small world of darkness!

As Noah saw the surrounding folds of space changing constantly and the Hegemonies giving chase to this being that didn't even bother to spare them any words, his mind was utterly calm as he seemed like someone with no worries.

Within the world of darkness, he stretched out his body lazily as if he wasn't in the hands of a Hegemony, speaking out at the same time!

"So, you couldn't kill me, and now you're bringing me along for the ride?"


His voice was nonchalant and didn't at all match the terrifying situation at this moment, the world of darkness all around him shaking as the essence of Tenebrosity rushed out again and tried to pierce into his body!


Yet..a layer of Invulnerability seemed to exist as when it touched Noah's body, it couldn't pierce any further.

This was still the effect of Plot Armor that Noah had a bit over 40 minutes remaining on it!

How ridiculous that this Trait born from the influence of a portion of a Cosmic Treasure actually worked even against the power of a Universal Realm expert!

With such a thing still on him, Noah planned to use this time to observe the aims of this being and Ambrose, and also watch for any possible opportunities for him to use his Cosmic Treasure to deal a large amount of damage to this being.

If he was confident in being able to create a Sea of Ruination and reap the life of a Universal Hegemony right away, he would have so instantly for the loot this creature would drop!

Yet he knew that even in the case of the Cerulean Hegemony that had taken over the bodies of the Spirit Race of his Dark Universe, this being had a mere portion of his soul cross the Sea of Ruination towards the Dark Universe that was cutting itself off and floating away at that time.

This portion of his soul was ground down by the essence of Ruination as it barely managed to survive and enter the Dark Universe, but it gave Noah the knowledge that Universal Realm Hegemonies could withstand the corrosive and annihilatory effects of Ruination for some time before they perished!

So he didn't want to reveal his trump card at this time, the moment he did being the day that the knowledge of him having a Cosmic Dao all other Hegemonies were searching for becoming known!

So during this period of time, he might as well obtain information.

When the essence of Tenebrosity failed to pierce Noah yet again, the world of darkness coagulated as Noah's nonchalant figure gazed towards a certain area, watching the formation of the humanoid figure that came towards him with a curious expression.

"What kind of creature are you? How is it that you cannot be killed?"

The Holder of Tenebrosity, while under a chance by multiple Hegemonies...used a portion of his consciousness to coalesce a figure as he spoke towards the being he came to assassinate!

Towards this being's question, Noah was calm as he voiced out while coiling his draconic body into a resting position that seemed to scream how carefree he was in this situation.

"It is not that I cannot be killed, just that you are too weak to do it."



Words shocking enough to cause anyone to roll their eyes back and have a fit erupted out, but the Holder of Tenebrosity actually nodded thoughtfully as he wasn't angered!

"You might be right. For this reason, I'll be taking you with me to study exactly why. You don't mind, do you?"


With his words, the essence of Tenebrosity moved as it formed into thick dark chains that wrapped around Noah's body and limbs, strictly binding him down as the purpose of these chains was to prevent any spatial movement!

All of these actions were occurring during the chase, where at this point in time, another 2 Hegemonies had joined the chase after Dark Shadow passed through the Necrotic Universe.

The number of beings chasing him increased, but Dark Shadow still didn't stop to even give an explanation as he continued towards the directions of another Universe!

In the Liberated and Necrotic Universes that had just lost the presence of Hegemonies, new auras of Universal experts appeared, their figures coming close to the Universal Construct anchored within these Universes.

Solerno was in the Liberated Universe as another Hegemony we had yet to introduce, but was a part of the few Hegemonies that Chronos had recruited over the years- this being appeared over the Universal Construct anchored in the Necrotic Universe!

The bodies of these Hegemonies glimmered with light as they came close to the towering Towers that were the Slaughter Star Monoliths, their bodies glowing with an illusory outline of this Universal Construct as well they neared, a silent eruption essence occurred as the Universal Construct lit up brightly!

The steps were being taken as in a short period of time, something appalling would take place…

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