Inhuman Warlock - Chapter 902: Right thing?

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Chapter 902: Right thing?

“What is this thing?” Lucifer still didn’t know what it was. All he knew was that it appeared to be something that even made Maya jealous of him. 

He found something really out of place. Was his lie really that good? That didn’t seem right. It shouldn’t have been able to fool everyone that easily. For some reason, he was still somewhat suspicious. His suspicious nature didn’t let him drop this matter. He knew he needed to stay wary. 

“It’s the pass… Pass for Trial of Captainship,” the lady explained. 

“Every year, each captain nominates the name of their Vice Captains for promotion to a Captain. Out of thousands of suggestions received in such a way, the High Commission decides on the names of fifty people who had the highest merit.”

“Those fifty are given this black card. It’s proof that they’ve been selected for the trial. Out of fifty of them, only one can get the promotion in a year to a one-star captain rank. You think I shouldn’t be jealous?” The lady bit her lips in jealousy. 

Just a few minutes ago, Lucifer was like a prisoner, and now, he was a candidate to be a Captain? She couldn’t believe it even though she had been here from the start to finish. 

Lucifer gazed back at Maya, even more stunned. This was even more confusing now. If previously he thought that something wasn’t making sense, now he was sure of it. He was given an opportunity to become a Captain? And it was this soon?

“I need to know what that box turning black meant. And there is only one person who can answer me.” Lucifer clenched his fist as he turned to leave but stopped as he realized something. 

“Oh right, my card.” He took the card from the hands of Maya and kept that in his pocket. “You can tell me more about this on the way out since we’re free. And I suppose you’re assigned to take me out of this place since you’re the only one left here.”

“That’s right.” The lady nodded. “Since you are a free man, I’m supposed to take you back to Captain Joana. From now on. It’ll be his responsibility to take you to the world of Trials.”

“World of Trials?” Lucifer asked, advancing towards the massive door, walking side by side with Maya. 

“Yeah. The trials to select the next one-star member of Star Alliance. They are supposed to start next week. You are really lucky you got this card now. It’s right on time since it takes us a long time to get there. And we can’t be late. If the Trials start, no one is allowed to enter the world, so the card would’ve been useless if we were late.”

“And Joana would be taking me?” 

“Yeah. Since you’re free, I believe he will be allowed to interact with you as well. And you’re a part of his team, at least for the moment. So it’s his responsibility to take you to that world,” Maya explained. 

Lucifer nodded as if he understood what she was trying to say. He was also happy that he could meet Joana. 

Even though he was going to kill Joana in the future, no one knew about it, including Joana. For now, the two worked together. Moreover, if anyone could know about what the color of the box meant and tell him, it was going to be Joana. 

He was already planning to go back to Joana. It was even better that the two were going to be traveling together for some time. He could also ask more about his arrest from Joana to understand his real history. 

“That’s good. By the way, are these rings supposed to be on my fingers? I’m free now.’

“Oh right, I forgot about that.” Maya stepped before Lucifer before holding his hand. 

She pulled out both the rings from his hands. “The Queen had declared that you’re innocent. So you aren’t supposed to have these rings on. Also, I’m sorry for what I had to do on earth. It was my work. I had to follow the rules to make sure the safety of this universe wasn’t put in jeopardy. So please don’t keep that in mind. We are still teammates.”

“Don’t worry; I know you were just doing your duty. You aren’t a high-ranking member who could’ve gone against the High Council. I might’ve done the same if I was in your place.”

While coming to the main hall, Lucifer was so serious about what the future was going to hold that he didn’t even focus much on the servants of the palace. He only observed them quite rudely, but now, he was perfectly calm. 

On his way out of the palace, he even waved his hands at some of them. 

The servants didn’t understand why Lucifer was waving his hands. Was it some sign language? Was he signaling them? The servants remained confused as Lucifer disappeared from their sight. 

Lucifer stepped out of the massive yet beautiful mansion. He was led to a car that was parked in the distance. 

“This belongs to Captain Joana, but he let me use it for a little.” Maya opened the door and sat inside.

Lucifer was also about to step inside when he felt odd. He felt as if someone was looking at him.

Curious, he glanced back but couldn’t find anyone. No servant was there who could be looking at him. 

It was only when he raised his head that he realized that he wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t his misconception. Someone was actually looking at him, and it wasn’t any random person. 

There was a young lady standing on the balcony in the castle, gazing at Lucifer. As for the lady, she was none other than the Queen of the Star Alliance!

She wasn’t alone either. There was a young man standing beside her, who was none other than the Two Star General who was about to kill him in the future, using the same orb as the Queen. 

‘The lady I allegedly killed and the man who was about to kill me. For now, the future seems to be going as predicted. But I still don’t understand why I will kill her? Just what could be the reason? Why did she let me go so easily? And why will she marry me? Let alone her, why will I agree to marry her when I won’t love her enough to not kill her? Something big is at play.’

Lucifer didn’t stare for long. He was brought out of his daze by the voice of Maya, who called him to step inside the car. 

Lucifer stopped looking at the lady and stepped inside the car. The car left the premises.

“Are you sure it’s the right thing?” The young man asked the Queen, watching Lucifer leave. “This might be a wrong decision.”

The queen simply smiled. She didn’t answer. 

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