Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System - Chapter 664 - We Are The Kings! Overseas Races Surrender (2)

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Chapter 664: We Are The Kings! Overseas Races Surrender (2)

“People from other nations? What are they here for? Surrendering to us?”

The nonchalant voice was filled with gentleness.

About sixty people stood in the air while the old man in the middle did not flare. He continued to overlook the group of cultivators from Gautama Denomination and India without any expression.

The experts within Gautama Denomination and the Indian cultivators revealed slight embarrassment on their faces when they heard the old man’s otherworldly words.

All of them stared at the group of people who walked from a space crack in the sky with vigilance. None of them dared to speak.

The Martial Artists of the Underworld below fixed their eyes on the Immortals that stalked out of the Immortal Realm in the air with astonishment.

The old man who was known as Elder Hua did not mind their silence. Slowly, he looked down and spotted the group of Martial Artists of the Underworld standing on one of the peaks.

He swept his gaze at the dozen bodies who were attacked and asked softly, “This is the Underworld of China? How weak they are!”

Elder Hua murmured softly. A few short-haired young and middle-aged men approached that old man from behind and bowed. With respect, they answered, “Elder Hua, those are the Martial Artists of the Underworld below. As for the rest, they should be the other forces from overseas!”

A middle-aged man with short hair looked around. Apparently, he had good knowledge about those Martial Artists of the Underworld.


Over two thousand Martial Artists of the Underworld craned their necks and looked up with bewilderment, staring at the middle-aged man who spoke.

“Attendant…Attendant Hua!”

Suddenly, the Sect Leader of Qingfeng Sect burst out a shocking cry. He was taken aback as he fixed his eyes on the middle-aged man with short hair!


Upon hearing his voice, the middle-aged man with short hair cast his sight over and nodded plainly.

“After the Nine Cauldron Worlds went into seclusion, the entire Underworld slipped into decline. All of you are worse than kids, getting bullied by extraterritorial races. A bunch of useless things!”

As Elder Hua slowly chided them, he was already striding toward the mountain below.

A group of about sixty experts followed behind him to the mountain below.

“Elder Hua, the Immortal Sects have remained in seclusion while Diabolism rose. The Underworld is getting worse generation by generation!”

The middle-aged man with short hair spoke with a sigh.


Sixty of them stood at the peak summit while the rest of the Martial Artists of the Underworld did not dare to take in deep breaths. All of them were standing there like cats on hot bricks.

“They may be useless, but they are still Chinese Martial Artists. When did the Chinese get bullied by anyone? We are the Kings while the extraterritorial races have to surrender to us!”

Elder Hua was expressionless when he cast his gaze at the experts from Gautama Denomination and India. “Pay us back ten times for killing dozens of our men!”

“Elder, leave this to us!”

The three middle-aged men behind him stared coldly at the few hundred people from Gautama Denomination and India. “How dare you kill the Chinese Martial Artists. Pay us back ten times now!”

Before the three men could finish their words, greenish energy darted out without any warning.

“Gentlemen, let’s talk this out!”

Upon seeing the greenish energy charging toward them, the old man who was leading the Gautama Denomination was aghast. He tapped his truncheon, and a dazzling golden shield manifested itself before them!

“Kill before talk!”

There was a flash of contempt in their eyes when the three middle-aged men saw the defense put up by the Budding Realm experts from Gautama Denomination.

“Thistles and Thorns Burial!” three of them called out. To everyone’s surprise, the greenish energy landed on the tree branches on the mountain.


For a moment, all the trees seemed to be transformed into some tree demons with branches extending themselves frantically. Even the roots were wriggling violently.

A few hundred tree branches grew to a thousand meters long, hurling themselves at the Gautama Denomination disciples and the Indian cultivators.


The old man who had a double-headed truncheon in his hand suddenly changed his expression. The elder beside him was horrified as well.

The golden radiance vibrated and was penetrated by those three branches right away.


Frightening shrieks suddenly rang out while a tree branch that was less than a hundred meters long sprang out from the ground out of the blue. His body was trapped by it immediately as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood!

“Watch out!” an Indian expert shouted in trepidation.


However, all the trees in the surroundings were uplifted from the ground, sweeping in from the air and the land!

All the experts from Gautama Denomination and the Indian cultivators were aghast.

Their screams lasted for only ten seconds before they came to an abrupt end.

Hundreds of corpses were lying everywhere on the ground.

“140. Nice!”

A middle-aged man swept his gaze across and commented plainly.

This sentence struck chills into all the cultivators of Gautama Denomination and India instantly. All they could do was stare at them with consternation.

As soon as they sensed danger, they were ready to flee.


Elder Hua nodded his head without any emotion. He looked up impassively at the cultivators from Gautama Denomination and India and said, “Since the king has returned, the rest of you can surrender or die!”


All the experts from Gautama Denomination and India were horrified by what Elder Hua had said. Everyone was infuriated.

“Elder, the Gautama Denomination is in the top nine supreme-class forces within Asia. We’ve got Immortals controlling a region!”

The old man with a double-headed truncheon replied in a low voice with a sullen face.

“Gautama Denomination? Haha, I’ve never heard of it. I only heard of Shahuang Denomination which was annihilated by us. It looks like none of you are going to surrender to us!”

Upon hearing them, the elder remained composed as he overlooked them!


The old man with the double-headed truncheon widened his eyes with horror.

The rest of the disciples of Gautama Denomination and Indian cultivators were equally shocked.

Shahuang Denomination was their ancient denomination in India. It used to be the largest denomination in their country.

However, the entire denomination had been annihilated three hundred years ago. Some of the disciples who managed to escape from it established the Gautama Denomination that existed today!

“Immortal Sect? All of you are from Immortal Sects? It was said that all the Chinese Immortal Sects entered another world, right?”

The old man with the double-headed truncheon asked this with eyes full of disbelief. His eyebrows were twitching without stopping.

“Extraterritorial races, kneel before us and surrender to us!”

Without any further talking, an emerald truncheon suddenly emerged in Elder Hua’s hand. The truncheon was one meter long and the tip was embedded with an emerald bead.

“You… you people…”

All the Gautama Denomination and Indian people exhibited humiliating looks on their faces.

Asking us to surrender?

Want us to get on our knees?

How could this be possible?

Why are domineering experts sprouting up in China out of the blue? Why are the legendary Immortal Sects descending into this world?

Why do we keep running into them?

“If you do not surrender, death is the only way out!”

Seeing them in a long silence, the old man spoke in an overbearing voice.

“Let us do it!”

Five middle-aged and old men instantly struck from behind.

All the trees within the thousands of meters around turned into tree demons, launching their attacks.

The two elders lifted their fiery-red truncheons up slowly over their heads!

“Wood Fire Burial!”

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