Invincible - Chapter 3268: Occupying Huang Family’s Industries

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Chapter 3268: Occupying Huang Family’s Industries

Huang Sheng’an showed no expression as he ordered the Enforcement Hall’s disciples, “Take all of them away, and put Huang Ruxing into the dungeon number one!”

“What? Dungeon number one?!” Huang Ruxing turned white as a sheet.

The dungeon cell One was specifically used to lock up heavy crime criminals. There, one wouldn’t even get a ray of sunlight, and it was dark, humid, stuffy, and dirty. More importantly, those imprisoned in dungeon number One were subjected to daily punishments and tortures by the Enforcement Hall’s disciples!

“Huang Sheng’an, how dare you?!” Huang Ruxing’s voice rose to a sharp pitch, out of fear.

Huang Sheng’an merely smiled meaningfully and did not say a word.

While a frightened and furious Huang Ruxing was dragged away screaming by disciples of the Enforcement Hall, even the injured Huang Baogui and Huang Bo were dragged away.

Before long, Huang Houde’s elder brother, Huang Anquan, as well as Huang Anquan’s sons and daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters, were all escorted to the dungeons. Huang Anquan was stronger than Huang Ruxing, a Ninth Level Golden Core Realm expert, and his resistance was much more violent. He injured several of the Enforcement Hall’s disciples, and one of them was Huang Sheng’an’s disciple. In the end, Huang Anquan was dragged away with half a life after he was struck by Huang Sheng’an.

After Huang Ruxing’s and Huang Sheng’an’s lines were taken in, Huang Sheng’an moved on to Huang Houde’s uncles and granduncles.

Though Huang Houde was already a Sixth Level Nascent Soul Realm, most of his family and relatives were Golden Core Realm cultivators. The one with the highest cultivation amongst them was a peak late-Ninth Level Golden Core Realm. A large number of Enforcement Hall’s disciples were injured in the process of capturing Huang Houde’s uncles and granduncles.

And adhering to Huang Xiaolong’s order, Huang Sheng’an showed no mercy to those who resisted that nine out of ten of these Huang Houde’s uncles and granduncles were beaten half to death by Huang Sheng’an before they were taken away.

Before the day came to an end, the disciples in Huang Houde’s line of descendents were all detained.

The numbers consisted of one-third of Huang Family’s elders and almost half of the entire Huang Family’s Foundation Building Realm disciples.

The operation shook the Huang Family from top to bottom, causing confusion and chaos.

The news of the three grand elders’ revolt traveled fast through Datong City, Huazhou City, and it soon reached the neighboring cities. Other forces in Datong City and the neighboring cities were having a field day.

After the earthquake that hit the Huang Family, Tan Family’s and Sun Family’s upper echelons were quick to gather their experts to discuss the matter.

The Sun Family’s old ancestor, Sun Yao, looked at everyone seated in the hall and began, “What’s everyone’s opinion about the Huang Family’s Grand Elder Huang Sheng’an’s so-called betrayal?”

Sun Family’s Grand Elder Sun Zhong stood up, being the first to voice his opinion, “Old Ancestor, according to my knowledge, Huang Sheng’an, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu are loyal to Huang Houde. No doubt, there is something fishy about their sudden and unexpected revolt.”

Sun Family’s patriarch, Sun Cheng, stressed, “Though the matter is strange, it is a fact that Huang Sheng’an, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu have indeed sent the disciples of Huang Houde’s line of the family, his uncles, granduncles, and everyone else, into the dungeon. It is said Huang Sheng’an beat Huang Anquan half to death, it is a fact that the Huang Family’s three grand elders have revolted against Huang Houde!”

“Now that Huang Family is in a state of chaos and confusion, while Huang Houde is not around, and even Huang Ming has gone to the East Sea, this is a God given opportunity. We can cooperate with the Tan Family to divide and take over some of the Huang Family’s companies and expand our power! We might even replace Huang Family as one of the top ten cultivation families within the Huaxia Alliance!” A domineering aura surged from Sun Cheng’s body, raising his momentum.

The rest of Sun Family’s grand elders and elders exchanged glances.

“But, Patriarch, if the Huang Family’s Old Ancestor Huang Ming rushes back from the East Sea and throws a fit after learning what we did, the consequences…!” One of the Sun Family’s grand elders, Sun Mingyuan, hesitated to support the idea.

It goes without saying that no one wanted to be on the other end of an Enlightenment expert’s wrath.

It was at this time that the Sun Family’s Old Ancestor Sun Yao released a startling coercive might, suffocating and frightening the present Nascent Soul grand elders.

This is?! All of the Sun Family’s grand elders were ecstatic when they thought of the possibility.

“En-Enlightenment Realm!” Sun Family’s Grand Elder Sun Mingyuan blurted out in surprise.

Old Ancestor Sun Yao smiled and affirmed, “That’s right! I advanced to Enlightenment Realm a year ago and took a year to solidify my new realm!”

Sun Family’s grand elders and elders were thrilled by the revelation, and all of them fell to their knees in salute, “Congratulations on Old Ancestor’s advancement to Enlightenment Realm!”

Enlightenment Realm, ah!

Only families with an Enlightenment Realm expert could be considered one of the top-tier cultivation families on Earth.

The main reason Sun Family has been a head shorter than Huang Family was because there wasn’t an Enlightenment Realm expert in the family. Now that their Old Ancestor Sun Yao had successfully taken that step, they didn’t need to lower their heads before the Huang Family anymore!

It was time for the Sun Family to raise their heads and stand tall!

Only now did these Sun Family’s grand elders and elders realize where the patriarch’s confidence to divvy up the Huang Family’s industries stemmed from.

“Everyone, stand up,” Old Ancestor Sun Yao said to everyone. “Act according to Sun Cheng’s plan, however, there’s no rush to grab the Huang Family’s industries. First, we’ll take care of the Huang Family’s industries in Yan City. If there is no reaction from the Huang Family, we will proceed with the cities close to Yan City!”

The Sun Family’s main residence was located in Yan City!

That was why the Huang Family’s industries in Yan City were an eyesore to the Sun Family. Ever since he had broken through to Enlightenment Realm, Sun Yoa had been intending to loop Huang Family’s industries in Yan City as their own, and now, the changes within the Huang Family had provided a great opportunity!

“Old Ancestor, are we still joining hands with the Tan Family?” Sun Family’s patriarch, Sun Cheng, asked.

Sun Yao waved his hand and stated in a domineering tone, “I’ve already advanced to Enlightenment Realm, so it is unnecessary to join hands with the Tan Family!” He paused briefly before adding, “However, we can inform the Tan Family. Since we’re planning to take over some of the Huang Family’s industries, the Tan Family won’t be able to hold back and would grab a piece as well!”

“That way, there is one more party to help us take away some of the Huang Family’s fury!”

“By the time the Huang Family reacts and tries to rectify the Tan Family, we will release the news that I’ve broken through to Enlightenment Realm. The Tan Family would come and seek to form an alliance with us!”

An obscured light of cunning glimmered in Sun Yao’s eyes. “At that time, we can put up our request to the Tan Family!”

Sun Cheng beamed when he heard that. “Old Ancestor’s the wisest!”

Flattering words poured out endlessly from the present grand elders and elders.

After the meeting dispersed, Sun Family’s elder, Dun Youwei, returned to his own villa. From inside the villa, a well-maintained woman in her fifties came out to welcome him. Though she seemed to be in her fifties, she exuded the aura of a noble rich lady which charmed many people. She was none other than Huang Datou’s mother, Zhang Rui, who had remarried to a Sun Family’s elder as concubine.

“What made you so happy today?” Seeing the unconcealable smile on Sun Youwei’s face, Zhang Rui asked with a smile on her face.

Sun Youwei told Zhang Rui that their Sun Family’s Old Ancestor Sun Yao had broken through to Enlightenment Realm, and that three of Huang Family’s grand elders had revolted. He laughed and went on, “When our Sun Family’s influence expands, I would be managing many more affairs for the family!”

Therefore, the benefits he could gain in between would increase as well!

Zhang Rui was obviously delighted, “Really?! Congratulations, master!”

Sun Youwei looked at Zhang Rui’s charming face and spanked her rounded derriere playfully. “So, tonight, you have to reward me well!”

Zhang Rui blushed, “Whatever master wants, anything you wish!”

Sun Youwei nodded with satisfaction, then he thought of something and said, “There’s another good news. It’s said that Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datou have been listed as criminals by the Huang Family.”

Zhang Rui froze.

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