It’s Lonely to Be Invincible - Chapter 334 - You're very unfortunate  

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Chapter 334: You’re very unfortunate

“The eternal judgment?” He did know that the heaven sect’s trial was the biggest, but there were also many people from various sects. He had never seen how strong they were, so he didn’t know. Now, the Golden cloud judgment in front of him was actually a disciple of the judgement division. It seemed that this connection was not simple. Thinking about the judgement, he thought of the thousand sun judgement, the guy who had been kicked in the crotch by him and left in a hurry. However, he didn’t send anyone over to comfort him. He was probably afraid of losing face and directly hid the situation. At this moment, Lin fan laughed. His eyes were fixed on the woman. It was invasive. Looking at the woman made him angry. “Sinner, I hate your gaze. Keep it away.” Lin fan chuckled,”Okay, okay. I can’t even look at you. Come, let me introduce myself. I’m afraid I’ll forget you guys.” These four people’s cultivation bases were average. They were at the fifth level of heavenly Dipper and had comprehended laws. If this was in the past, he would definitely not be a match for them. But now, killing these people who had comprehended laws was as easy as killing ants. Even if these four people’s comprehension of the laws was strong, could they be as powerful as their strength? If one punch couldn’t break it, then he would punch again. “Heavenly sect Palace, laen’s judgement.” He had black hair, a straight face, and two crossed scimitars on his back. His aura was extraordinary. “Heavenly sect Hall, han caifei is the judge.” Han caifei was the only female out of the four judges. However, the way she looked at Lin fan was filled with contempt and even anger. Lin fan didn’t understand why he was so angry. “Do you remember elder Jin, Jin huayue?” Han caifei snorted. “Elder Jin? I can’t remember, my memory isn’t that good. I’ll automatically filter out ants and such. ” Lin fan smiled. He couldn’t remember who this elder Jin was. Han caifei sneered in her heart. Although she was a judge of the heaven sect Palace, she had always been concerned about the sect. Jin huayue was her Senior Sister from the same sect. However, when she went back last time and saw her Senior sister’s face, she was shocked. It could be said that she was unrecognizable. In the end, with the help of the sect’s Secret technique, she had just recovered, but she was not as good as before. This was her Senior sister’s pain, but it was also her pain. Therefore, when they found out that they were going to the magnificent flame sect to capture him, they volunteered to bring him back and teach him a lesson. Although this man was Tian Xu’s disciple, the evidence of his crimes was conclusive. The sunshine sect had been severely destroyed. Even if the judge went over, he would not be able to remove the ice and snow. This caused irreparable damage to the sunshine sect, whose territory was small to begin with. At this moment, the last person spoke. He had a thin face and a mustache. His eyes were long and narrow, and he looked gloomy and sinister. “Heavenly sect Hall, Eagle judge.” As soon as he finished speaking, he raised a pair of iron claws, which were engraved with dense runes and emitted a sharp light. “Oh, what did you guys say just now?” Lin fan smiled and asked. He didn’t expect the four judges from the heaven sect Palace to come to the magnificent flame sect and ask him to leave. However, he was puzzled. He had been wandering around and it was amazing that he could find them. “You lured the demon beast into the sunshine sect,” Jin Yun said coldly.”You’ve caused great losses to the sunshine sect. We’re going to arrest you and bring you back for trial.” “Sinner, be tactful and surrender. Don’t make us attack. Otherwise, if you get injured, don’t blame us for not warning you.” Eagle judge’s eyes were filled with anger. He was a member of the sunshine sect and had joined the heaven sect Palace. When he learned that the sect had suffered such a great disaster, he was so angry that he wanted to tear the murderer into pieces. However, Tian Xu was too powerful. He wouldn’t dare to kill him even if he had ten lives. As for this Lin fan, he didn’t care about him at all. He had followed the crowd to capture him and bring him back to the heaven sect. By then, he would make him regret everything that he had done. “Hey, only the four of you are coming?” Lin fan sighed,”aren’t you afraid that I’ll treat you guys as if you’re from the divine religion and kill you?” “You dare? We’re the heavenly sect Palace’s judges. You wouldn’t dare to even if you had ten times the courage. ” Jin Yun angrily shouted. He didn’t think that such a sinner would still dare to threaten him at this time. It was simply ridiculous. The heaven sect Palace was a huge organization formed by members of various sects. If they died here, the magnificent flame sect would face an unbearable trial. However, with the four of them here, how could a fifth level heavenly Dipper sovereign do anything to them? Saying it out loud was just a fool’s dream. Lin fan squinted his eyes. These four fellas must have thought that he was only at the fifth level of heavenly Dipper, or that they were just relying on the might of the heaven sect Palace to appear before him. However, the heavenly sect Palace was probably the most powerful. What an annoying existence. “Are you sure?” Lin fan was thinking about how to solve this. He would kill them and destroy the corpses. No one would know anyway. This was a good idea. Han caifei was extremely angry,”sinner, what do you want to confirm? why aren’t you surrendering now? if the heaven sect Palace wants to punish you, you won’t be able to escape.” At this moment, a chilling sharpness spread from the distance. When Jin Yun and the other three felt this aura, their expressions changed. This aura was very oppressive. In the distance, two figures walked over slowly, one tall and one short. However, the terrifying aura was clearly coming from the man in the black cloak. The black Emperor was a man who treated blades as his life. He was also the man who had fought with Lin fan and lost by a slight margin. He had lost the previous time and was here to seek Him out. He didn’t know where Lin fan was. However, he could vaguely sense that his opponent was in a certain direction. Then, he lowered his head and looked at the short, red-faced child beside him. “Zhenyi, wait. Stay away. Don’t come close.” “Yes, Master.” “Yes!” Zhen Yi nodded heavily, holding a black knife in his arms. Behind his small body, there was a mini black knife. No matter how small it was, it was as tall as him. However, at this moment, Zhen Yi looked into the distance,”master, is that your opponent?” “Yes.” Zhenyi opened his round eyes and tried his best to look into the distance.”Master, you will definitely win.” The black Monarch did not answer, but she had been gathering her aura from nothing to the peak. Zhen Yi looked at his master with admiration. He had just become his master’s apprentice not long ago. He was playing with knives by the river. When he was tired, he went to rest. However, when he saw the black Emperor, who was covered in injuries, he took care of him. In the end, he would always remember what his master had told him. “If you like sabers, learn from me.” From then on, he had followed his master to travel around the world. The wooden saber had become the small black saber that his master had given him. This meant that he was his master’s successor from now on. At this moment, the black Monarch stretched out her hand. “Here you go, master.” Zhenyi hurriedly handed over the black knife in his arms and ran away in a hurry. However, the black knife on his back was longer than him, so he tripped and ate a mouthful of dust. He stood up and found his master looking at him as if he was concerned. She wiped her small face and revealed a bright smile. “Master, all the best. You’ll definitely win.” He knew that the person his master was going to face was very powerful. His master wasn’t confident in winning, and it would cause a great impact during the battle. In order not to affect his master, he could only run far away. He believed that as long as he cultivated well with his master, he would definitely become an expert like his master. “Zhenyue, I didn’t expect you to come.” Before he could see the face clearly, he already knew who had come. There could only be one person with such a saber intent. It was true Moon, who he had fought with before. He was from the divine religion, but he didn’t kill him. Instead, he let him go because he could feel that this person was pursuing a higher blade intent. “I’m here. This time, I’m going to have a match with you,” Black Emperor Zhen Yue looked at Lin fan, his eyes shining with battle intent. Even his pupils were imprinted with a black blade. “Just now, that child, your disciple?” Lin fan asked, but he was thinking about it. If he fought with Zhen Yue later, the aura he released might accidentally kill the four of them. Wouldn’t that be a perfect combination? It was a good idea. “Yes.” A smile appeared on Black Emperor Zhen Yue’s originally calm face, as if he was very satisfied with this disciple. Far, far away, Zhen Yi hid behind a huge rock. His big eyes kept looking into the distance. He clenched his small fists and shouted in his heart. “Good luck, master.” Lin fan replied,”alright. Since you’ve come, let’s have a fight. However, if your strength doesn’t improve, it’ll be boring.” Just as he finished speaking. A vast blade intent directly burst out from Black Emperor Zhen Yue’s body. This blade intent rushed into the sky and earth, cutting the clouds apart. Compared to before, it was more powerful and sharper. He had improved, and it was a huge improvement. “Impudent! Lin fan, you dare to ignore us?” Jin Yun didn’t expect that this sinner would ignore them. He didn’t put them in his eyes at all. Instead, he was chatting with a mysterious man carrying a black blade. But suddenly, when they felt the sharp saber will, the four of them staggered back and looked frightened. Although they had not fought, the saber will had cut their hearts. Berserk body! Lin fan transformed immediately. His body expanded rapidly, and his muscles started stacking up one by one. He activated cruel blood, and several Blood Dragons coiled around him. Red patterns appeared on his body. The magic of the seven Gods was activated, and his black hair gradually turned red, all the way to the tip of his hair. His muscular body stood between heaven and earth, and his blood-red eyes looked at the four of them with a smile on his face. “You are very unfortunate.” “What?” Jin Yun was shocked. However, all of a sudden, a powerful aura burst out from Lin fan’s back and pressed down on them. They could feel the blood in their bodies freezing up.

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