Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1873 moon mirror necklace

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Chapter 1873 moon mirror necklace

  Qiao Xin was quite touched by what Ye Chen said, she was happy that Ye Chen was so worried about her.

”Xin, where are you going, our game isn’t over.” Li Jingyi walked over to Ye Chen and Qiao Xin, saying that their game wasn’t over yet.

”I’ll be right there.” Qiao Xin nodded, she gave Ye Chen a present and returned with Li Jingyi.

”Cheer up, if you are excited I will give you a gift” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen, she said that she would give a gift to Ye Chen who had worked hard.

” okay. . . . “Ye Chen was very excited, he was quite excited when he listened to what Qiao Xin had to say.

Ye Chen of course knew what Qiao Xin was referring to, this woman must be discussing bed matters with Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin liked doing Dual Cultivation together with Ye Chen, it wasn’t strange that she asked for more from Ye Chen.

”Young master, I have a letter for you.” Qi Yunzhi came over to bring Ye Chen a letter.

”What’s the letter?” Ye Chen asked Qi Yunzhi.

”I didn’t know it was from Jade Lotus Peak” Qi Yunzhi said to Ye Chen.

Qi Yunzhi had not opened the letter, so it was not surprising that he did not know what was in the letter.

Ye Chen took the letter that was in Qi Yunzhi’s hand, when Ye Chen read the letter, it contained a description of the test to enter the God Realm martial arts competition.

”Is it tomorrow” Ye Chen did not expect that the competition would be held tomorrow, it was too soon for Ye Chen.

”I think I’m going to get ready” Ye Chen had no choice but to start preparing, tomorrow was the time for the God Realm Martial Arts competition test.

This test will be followed by a lot of people, it should be a very big event, and only a few people will pass and enter the next stage.

”Thank you very much for giving this to me” Ye Chen thanked Qi Yunzhi for giving this to him.

”You’re welcome.” Qi Yunzhi nodded, her happy to help Ye Chen.

”You all work even harder” Ye Chen told his Clone to work even harder, he wanted to finish this faster.

With the order given by Ye Chen, all the clones immediately accelerated their work, they were very fast and started to finish the building given by Ye Chen.



In the Heaven Light Palace, at this time appeared three beautiful women who had just come out of the confined space.

”We’re finally done” the three of them were happy because they had come out of a tiring and very long closed-door practice.

When this woman has her own characteristics, the first has a very glamorous look, the second has a very seductive and charming look, and when she has a cold and beautiful look.

The three of them were Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin, the three of them had finished their training and had become stronger and stronger.

In addition to the increased strength, the three of them became even more beautiful, the three of them became more mature and more seductive.

”It’s been a long time, I want to meet my husband” Qing Cheng wanted to meet Ye Chen, she had not seen Ye Chen for a long time.

”You look very excited, it seems you want to do that” Mu Lanyin could tell what Qing Cheng was thinking, Qing Cheng definitely wanted to be with Ye Chen.

”You know very well what I’m thinking” Qing Cheng nodded, she naturally wanted to be with Ye Chen, it had been a long time since Qing Cheng had been with Ye Chen.

”Fufufufu, you guys are so excited, then why don’t we go and have a look.” Su Mengxin took Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng to see Ye Chen.

”Where is he now?” Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng didn’t know where Ye Chen was, they had never heard any news about Ye Chen.

”Let’s ask Yanyan” Su Mengxin was about to ask Zhao Yanyan, she was one of the people who knew of Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

”Let’s go” Qing Cheng agreed, he wanted to ask Zhao Yanyan about Ye Chen.

”You guys are looking for me” Zhao Yanyan came over, she already knew that the three would come out.

”Yanyan” Su Mengxin hugged Zhao Yanyan, she hadn’t seen Zhao Yanyan in a long time.

Zhao Yanyan hugged Su Mengxin back, their relationship was as close as their two grandfathers.

Su Mengxin and Zhao Yanyan had spent a lot of time together, so it wasn’t strange that the two had become very close.

”Are you guys done practicing yet?” Zhao Yanyan asked Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin.

”We’re done, now we’re much stronger,” Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin said to Zhao Yanyan.

”I’m glad to hear this,” Zhao Yanyan said to Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin.

”But when compared to you, you are still behind,” Mu Lanyin said to Zhao Yanyan.

Even though they had become stronger, in reality they were still below Zhao Yanyan.

”You don’t have to worry too much, this is for you.” Zhao Yanyan gave the resources Ye Chen had entrusted to Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin.

With the resources provided by Ye Chen Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin could become even stronger.

”Yanyan, This ?” Su Mengxin asked Zhao Yanyan.

”This is from husband, you can use it.” Zhao Yanyan said to Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin.

Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin were touched by what Ye Chen said, Ye Chen was still very kind to them.

”Yanyan, where is husband now?” Qing Cheng asked Zhao Yanyan, she wanted to know where Ye Chen was.

”He’s at the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.” Zhao Yanyan said that Ye Chen was still at the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

”Then we will go” after they listened to what Zhao Yanyan said, they immediately left, they wanted to meet Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan gave the teleport stone to the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm, they should be able to find Ye Chen by themselves.

”Thank you very much” Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin Zhao Yanyan, the three took the teleportation stone and headed straight for the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

Zhao Yanyan was left alone by Mu Lanyin, Qing Chen and Su Mengxin.

Zhao Yanyan showed a sweet smile, she saw that all her sisters looked very excited.

”Yanyan come here.” Shui Yixian called out to Zhao Yanyan.

”I’ll be there” Zhao Yanyan immediately left, she immediately went to Shui Yixian’s place

”Sister what’s wrong?” Zhao Yanyan asked Shui Yixian, when Shui Yixian called her, something must have happened.

”Liu Yue is almost out, before she leaves the closed door, you go to Blue Moon God Star Realm and ask for the moon mirror necklace from the Moon Goddess” Shui Yixian told Zhao Yanyan to go to Blue Moon God Star Realm.

”Is the moon goddess willing to give the moon mirror necklace?, it should be a precious treasure” Zhao Yanyan said to Shui Yixian.

”In the past he promised me, now is the time to collect it, so you go and say if I ask for it, it will be very useful for Liu Yue” Shui Yixian said to Zhao Yanyan.

”Then I will go and meet the goddess Yue Ya” Zhao Yanyan will do it, this is all for Liu Yue’s sake.

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