Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1981: Vampire Demon Queen

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Chapter 1981: Vampire Demon Queen

Yu Ting bit her own lip, again her own person was defeated by Ye Chen.         



“are you satisfied?” ask Yu Ting to Ye Chen and Chang Er.     


Yu Ting asked Ye Chen if Ye Chen was satisfied with ruining all the plans that she had prepared so thoroughly.     


“bitch, feel that, you must be desperate already” Chang Er said to Yu Ting.     


“shut up little girl, if it wasn’t for that person beside you you wouldn’t be able to defeat me” Yu Ting said to Chang Er.     


If not with the help of Ye Chen, then it was certain that Chang Er would not have been able to defeat Yu Ting.     


” just say that you are jealous ” Chang Er said to Yu Ting, Chang Er said that Yu Ting was jealous of what he had.     


Yu Ting clenched her fist, it was obvious that she was not happy with what Chang Er had said.     


” hahaha ” Ye Chen laughed, himself laughing when he saw Yu Ting who was getting more and more angry over what Ye Chen had done.     


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