Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 2091 Sun Xuanyin Being An Obedient Maid (1)

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“Emmmm. . .” Sun Xuanyin groaned in a soft voice, Ye Chen’s touch was so delicious.

“No way, it’s just a touch, why is my body like this?” Sun Xuanyin didn’t expect that her body would instantly heat up with just a touch from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s touch instantly excited Sun Xuanyin, it felt very good.

“Your body is shaking, do you like being touched by your own master?” Ye Chen whispered to Sun Xuanyin.

Sun Xuanyin seemed to be trying to restrain herself, she was trying to hold herself back from Ye Chen’s attack.

“Of course, master please treat you slave of yours well” said Sun Xuanyin to Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin told Ye Chen to treat himself well.

“Relax, leave everything to me.” Ye Chen replied to Sun Xuanyin.

Sun Xuanyin was easily defeated by Ye Chen, she had no resistance against Ye Chen.

“He’s very strong.” Sun Xuanyin couldn’t help but admit the strength that Ye Chen had, Ye Chen was extremely skilled, even Sun Xuanyin was helpless when she was with Ye Chen.

“How do you like it?” Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin, he wanted to know if Sun Xuanyin liked what he was doing.

“Your master is the best” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, she immediately admitted that Ye Chen was the best.

“So do you still dare to look down on me?” Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin who was in his hands.

“I don’t dare anymore” Sun Xuanyin told that she no longer dared to fight Ye Chen, she already knew Ye Chen’s strength.

“You are so obedient, because you are so obedient, I will give you a gift” Seeing Sun Xuanyin being so obedient, Ye Chen would give Sun Xuanyin a gift.

Ye Chen started to make Sun Xuanyin feel comfortable and happy, he started to show his skills to Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen started to touch and play with Sun Xuanyin’s double peak, when Ye Chen did this, Sun Xuanyin became extremely weak.

“Ah. . ., no . . ., too great.” Sun Xuanyin couldn’t stand it, she couldn’t stand what Ye Chen had done to her.

“This is very good” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, Ye Chen admitted that Sun Xuanyin had a very good double peak.

“Of course, this is the best, from now on it will be yours” replied Sun Xuanyin to Ye Chen

Sun Xuanyin told Ye Chen that from now on this double peak will belong to Ye Chen, Ye Chen can do whatever he wants to Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen didn’t expect that Sun Xuanyin would say that, if Sun Xuanyin really said that, then it was certain that he was serious about what she said.

“she’s completely fallen, I can do whatever I want.” Sun Xuanyin had completely fallen, right now Ye Chen could do whatever he wanted to Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen started to touch Sun Xuanyin’s bottom, time to make Sun Xuanyin feel his skill.

When Ye Chen started using his finger, Sun Xuanyin started to moan and made a very seductive voice, it was obvious that Sun Xuanyin couldn’t stand what Ye Chen was doing.

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“This is great, I can’t stand it.” Sun Xuanyin quickly reached the peak, she couldn’t stand what Ye Chen was doing.

“Aren’t you going too fast, I thought you were quite a pervert” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

“Yes, Master is absolutely right, I am indeed a perverted woman, so please help this Maid of yours,” said Sun Xuanyin to Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin was already addicted, she missed the feeling that Ye Chen gave her, it was very comfortable.

“You still dare to say that you are a maid, you don’t even do a good job and are having fun alone” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

Hearing this, Sun Xuanyin finally realized her mistake ,she was too comfortable with Ye Chen’s technique, she had forgotten her main task.

“Why am I so stupid, I should be the one serving him” Sun Xuanyin felt stupid, why didn’t she serve Ye Chen, it should be her job to make Ye Chen happy.

“I’m sorry, I’ll do it right away” Sun Xuanyin apologized, she was going to help Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin being an obedient maid, right now she wanted to try to make Ye Chen enjoy her services.

Sun Xuanyin started to help Ye Chen, she took off the robe that Ye Chen was wearing.

Sun Xuanyin did it very slowly, she made sure that Ye Chen enjoyed what he was doing.

Ye Chen enjoyed what Sun Xuanyin did, it could be said that he really enjoyed what Sun Xuanyin did.

Sun Xuanyin’s moves were very skillful, she really knew how to make Ye Chen happy and enjoy what she gave him.

“do better, don’t disappoint me” Ye Chen told Sun Xuanyin to do his best, he tried to make Sun Xuanyin show her potential.

“So it’s an order, okay, I’ll do my best.” Sun Xuanyin seemed to be enjoying this, she looked tempting and wanted to eat Ye Chen.

this was a very good opportunity for Sun Xuanyin to show her strength and skill, she would make sure that Ye Chen felt the highest skill that he might not get from other women.

Sun Xuanyin helped Ye Chen take off the clothes he was wearing, he helped Ye Chen with all his heart.

As soon as Sun Xuanyin had removed all of Ye Chen’s clothes, he could see that Ye Chen had the perfect body that women liked.

Ye Chen has a very good body portion, everything he has is good without any advantages and disadvantages.

“Let’s see what’s down here, what kind of monster is the master hiding” Sun Xuanyin was already getting bold, she started to dare to tease Ye Chen’s younger brother who was below.

Ye Chen enjoyed every game played by Sun Xuanyin, she knew how to treasure Ye Chen’s.

Sun Xuanyin opened the last barrier, when the last barrier was removed, she saw Ye Chen’s younger brother jumping out.

“Wow, how beautiful and big” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin admitted that Ye Chen had very good capital, with a weapon this strong, any woman might not be able to stand it and would do what Ye Chen said.

This included Sun Xuanyin herself, she really did whatever Ye Chen said, she was now even serving Ye Chen with all her soul.

Sun Xuanyin had never done this for anyone, it could be said that she was only doing this kind of service for Ye Chen.

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“How, are you comfortable?” Sun Xuanyin used her hand, she teased Ye Chen’s with hers.

Sun Xuanyin’s movements were slow but sure, she used her hands well to please Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin’s ups and downs made Ye Chen feel a great comfort.

“Your work turned out to be good too” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, Ye Chen had to admit that Sun Xuanyin did a very good job, just by using his hands, Sun Xuanyin could make Ye Chen feel comfortable and enjoyable.

“Really, I’m glad to hear this.” Sun Xuanyin was happy to hear this, she was overjoyed when Ye Chen praised her.

Sun Xuanyin started to play more aggressively, she started to play with Ye Chen’s thing and traced every inch of the large object in her hand.

Sun Xuanyin seemed to be doing this on purpose, she seemed to be doing it on purpose to make Ye Chen feel at ease and would probably be out soon.

Ye Chen was much stronger than Sun Xuanyin imagined, so defeating Ye Chen was not as easy as Sun Xuanyin imagined.

Sun Xuanyin had already made very aggressive moves and attacks, strangely Ye Chen’s attacks were unable to break Ye Chen’s defense.

“As expected, master is a real man, his resilience is amazing” Ye Chen’s resilience was amazing, he was able to last quite a while when facing a goddess’s attack.

Sun Xuanyin couldn’t continue like this, it seemed that her attack was still not very strong, this kept Ye Chen from falling.

“okay” Sun Xuanyin started to take off her upper clothes, she showed her beautiful double peaks.

“I’m going to get serious.” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, she would start to carry out even more intense attacks against Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin used her dual peaks to wrap around Ye Chen’s.

“Boing” He wrapped Ye Chen’s with something soft and supple.

Ye Chen was naturally happy when he saw this, Sun Xuanyin did an excellent maid job.

Sun Xuanyin looked at Ye Chen’s, to be honest it was huge and very difficult for her to endure.

“Isn’t this too big” Sun Xuanyin said in her heart, Sun Xuanyin felt that Ye Chen had a very big thing here, obviously the size was so big that Sun Xuanyin had a hard time.

Sun Xuanyin tried her best herself tried her best to make Ye Chen happy with her service.

Sun Xuanyin moved up and down, she started to make Ye Chen’s big thing comfortable.

“It’s convenient isn’t it” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

“of course, you ended up doing a good job, keep it up” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

Sun Xuanyin was happy, she quickened her movements and made sure that Ye Chen was comfortable with what he was doing.

The big thing was wrapped in Sun Xuanyin’s two big meatballs, of course this tasted great.

“hmmmm. . .” Sun Xuanyin was getting more and more excited, she clearly couldn’t stand Ye Chen’s big thing.

“This smell, it makes my head spin.” Kissing Ye Chen up close made Sun Xuanyin a little dizzy, she wanted to immediately taste this thing in front of her.

Ye Chen stroked Sun Xuanyin’s head, he got pleasure from what Sun Xuanyin was doing.

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