Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 2092 Sun Xuanyin Being An Obedient Maid (2)

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Sun Xuanyin was dizzy, she seemed to be unable to take it anymore and wanted to immediately devour Ye Chen.

“master. . .” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, her eyes were full of love.

It seemed that Sun Xuanyin had completely fallen and was attracted to Ye Chen, she couldn’t resist this temptation.

“Do your best, I may give you an attractive gift” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, Ye Chen told Sun Xuanyin to do her best, then he would give Sun Xuanyin a gift.

“Okay” Sun Xuanyin understood, she started to do her best to make Ye Chen comfortable.

Sun Xuanyin used all her skill, she used her weapons very well.

Even though he had used a double peak against Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin still saw that this was not enough.

“He’s so strong, he should have lost a long time ago.” Sun Xuanyin couldn’t believe that Ye Chen would last so long, he was able to hold out against Sun Xuanyin for so long.

Ye Chen’s endurance was amazing, Sun Xuanyin never knew that men could last this long.

Sun Xuanyin’s technique was already excellent, she had already done her best to please Ye Chen.

Unfortunately what Sun Xuanyin did was still not enough, it was still not enough to beat Ye Chen.

“Okay, time to use full attack” Sun Xuanyin decided to use full attack, she decided to use full attack when facing Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin opened her Cherry mouth, she sucked and served Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin used several moves at once to defeat Ye Chen, she used all her techniques to be able to win against Ye Chen.

What Sun Xuanyin was doing was very comfortable, she made Ye Chen comfortable with what she was doing.

With the combination made by Sun Xuanyin, she made Ye Chen happy, this comfortable and good feeling made Ye Chen couldn’t stand it.

“She’s really trying to suck up to me” Ye Chen could sense that Sun Xuanyin was trying to suck up to him, what this woman was doing made Ye Chen couldn’t stand it.

“Slurpppp. . . , jubo,jubo,jubo” Sun Xuanyin likes to do this, it feels so good, Ye Chen has something that he likes.

“how ? ? ? ,. ., um. . ” Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen, she asked how the service she provided was.

“Very good, you did very well” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

“Then I will continue” Sun Xuanyin said that if she would continue her service, she would continue her service towards Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin became more and more aggressive, she actually did it more aggressively and stronger.

Ye Chen was very satisfied, he was satisfied with the work done by Sun Xuanyin, it could be said that Sun Xuanyin’s work was very good.

Ye Chen could enjoy this every day, he seemed to be making Sun Xuanyin do this every day.

Sun Xuanyin served Ye Chen for several hours, until now it did not appear that Ye Chen would lose or erupt.

“My jaw is getting tired” Sun Xuanyin complained to Ye Chen, Ye Chen’s endurance only getting stronger.

“Have you given up?” Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin, Ye Chen saw that Sun Xuanyin had given up.

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“I can still fight” Sun Xuanyin didn’t want to give up, she told Ye Chen that she could still fight against Ye Chen.

“You don’t have to force yourself.” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, he told Sun Xuanyin not to push herself.

Ye Chen picked up Sun Xuanyin, he put Sun Xuanyin on the bed.

“Master, what are you doing?” Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen.

“Obviously not, I want to eat you” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, he wanted to taste Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen had already restrained himself enough, now was the time for Ye Chen to let go of all his grievances against Sun Xuanyin.

Sun Xuanyin was embarrassed, Ye Chen’s fiery gaze made her embarrassed.

Ye Chen used his large object, he directly broke through Sun Xuanyin’s gate.

Sun Xuanyin was already quite excited, so Ye Chen no longer needed to warm up.

Ye Chen managed to enter easily, there seemed to be no resistance from Sun Xuanyin.

Sun Xuanyin’s has been cultivated by Ye Chen, so it can perfectly accept Ye Chen.

“Ahhh, this is great. .” Sun Xuanyin was satisfied, she finally got what she wanted, after a long time, she could feel this feeling again.

“I’ll start, are you ready?” Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin.

“Of course, make me comfortable, I will do my best to make you comfortable too” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin said this with great charm, she tried to seduce Ye Chen by acting innocent in front of Ye Chen.

Get ready, I won’t hold back anymore.” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, he telling Sun Xuanyin that he would not hold back and bring out his abilities.

“Good” Sun Xuanyin nodded, she would accept whatever Ye Chen did.

Ye Chen started his pace, he moved in a swift motion and started to mess with Sun Xuanyin’s flower core.

“Oh. . . ., that’s great, it’s full of me. .” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, she was very happy with what Ye Chen did, this was the best that Ye Chen had given her.

Sun Xuanyin liked this feeling, she didn’t mind being Ye Chen’s servant as long as she had this every day.

Sun Xuanyin made a face filled with satisfaction, in a very short time she managed to get pleasure that made her body and mind soar to the sky.

Ye Chen’s ability is indeed the best, no one can compare the abilities possessed by Ye Chen.

“Too bad, why did I meet him so late, if only this had been done a long time ago” Sun Xuanyin was truly very sorry, she should have met Ye Chen a long time ago, that way she would have the highest pleasure in this world.

Sun Xuanyin pinched Ye Chen very tightly, this female honey cave could move according to Sun Xuanyin’s wishes.

“this is great, this is what I like about this woman” this was one of the things that made Ye Chen like Sun Xuanyin, she was able to make Ye Chen happy with her highly skilled skills.

Ye Chen moved at a faster speed, this made him feel happy.

Sun Xuanyin also felt the same way as Ye Chen, every time Ye Chen reached the end, Sun Xuanyin felt that she might go crazy.

“Ah. . ., this is very good, I really can’t stand it.” Sun Xuanyin couldn’t stand it, again she reached the peak.

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Sun Xuanyin’s body slightly spasmed, it seemed that this pleasure made Sun Xuanyin’s body numb.

​ “I like this, I can no longer leave this man” Sun Xuanyin could no longer live without Ye Chen, she already belonged to Ye Chen and would not be able to escape again.

“Let’s continue” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, he told Sun Xuanyin to continue this match.

Sun Xuanyin had just finished, this made her body very sensitive, it was clear that she couldn’t stand it and could only accept what Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen started the match with Sun Xuanyin, both of them were enjoying the day well.

Sun Xuanyin tried her best, it seemed she had to go the extra mile to fight Ye Chen, perhaps she wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for a while.



Elsewhere, more precisely in the Immortal Profound Sea Realm, currently Dongfang Xiu was trying on a wedding dress, she was very beautiful when wearing a wedding dress, it could be said that this was the highest beauty that Dongfang Xiu displayed.

The most beautiful women’s beauty was when they wore a wedding dress, so it was not surprising that Dongfang Xiu was very beautiful in this wedding dress.

Dongfang Xiu was already very beautiful from the start, she was such a beautiful cold goddess, when she wore a dress, of course she would be even more beautiful.

Dongfang Xiu looked at herself in the mirror, she didn’t expect that he would be wearing a wedding dress like this.

“my goddess, you are so beautiful” Hai Ming came, he wanted to see Dongfang Xiu wearing a wedding dress.

“Why did you come to this place?” Dongfang Xiu looked displeased when he saw Hai Ming coming to this place.

“I just want to see my future lady, is that okay?” Hai Ming said to Dongfang Xiu.

Hai Ming stretched out his hand towards Dongfang Xiu, he wanted to touch Dongfang Xiu’s pretty face.

“Pah. . .” Dongfang Xiu immediately brushed off Hai Ming’s hand, she didn’t want to be touched by Hai Ming.

“Don’t touch me” Dongfang Xiu said to Hai Ming, she telling Hai Ming not to touch her.

“very cold, but that’s okay soon you will be mine, you can’t run away from me anymore” Hai Ming said to Dongfang Xiu.

Hai Ming would be patient, it was only a matter of hours when Dongfang Xiu became his mine, he couldn’t wait to make Dongfang Xiu his completely.

When that time came, Hai Ming would do whatever he wanted to Dongfang Xiu.

“I told you, that I don’t belong to you” Dongfang Xiu said to Hai Ming, she told Hai Ming that she doesn’t belong to Hai Ming.

“You won’t be able to change anything” Hai Ming said to Dongfang Xiu.

“We’ll see.” Dongfang Xiu said to Hai Ming, she would definitely try to change things up.

Dongfang Xiu wanted to try to change what happened, she wanted to get away from this responsibility.

“You have to accept this, reality is bitter, after all you are mine, don’t forget that” Hai Ming said to Dongfang Xiu.

“Hmph. . .” Dongfang Xiu sniffed coldly, she couldn’t accept what Hai Ming had said.

“I can’t wait to enjoy the first night” said Hai Ming, after saying that, Hai Ming left this place.

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