Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO - Chapter 801 - A Desolate Island

Chapter 801: A Desolate Island

Shi Nuannuan could hardly hold back her tears as she wept in front of Weiyi.

She cried like a helpless child as she grabbed Zuo Weiyi’s clothes tightly and leaned on her shoulder, sobbing in pain!

Zuo Weiyi hugged her as if she knew the pain that she had been suppressing and enduring these past few days.

“Sister-in-Law, Brother and Xiangyi… could they…could they have died…” She was so choked up that it was difficult for her to speak.

Zuo Weiyi pressed her lips together tightly. Although she did not cry out loud, her tears could not stop flowing out of her eyes either.

“They won’t…” She mumbled. She felt as if her heart was being torn apart, throbbing in pain.

He would be fine. This was his promise to her.

He had always kept his word. How could he die?

Despite Weiyi’s words, hi Nuannuan’s heartache did not diminish in the slightest.

“But…it’s been so many days, and there’s still no news from Brother and Xiangyi…”

Previously, they had said that no news might be the best news, but after so many days of searching, she no longer knew whether the saying still held true.

In the end, Weiyi couldn’t keep up her self-denial anymore. Was there any other possibility beside being buried at the bottom of the sea?

She heard that some of the surrounding islands had also been searched, but there was still no trace of them.

Zuo Weiyi subconsciously hugged Nuannuan even tighter. Though her nails dug deeper into Nuannuan’s skin, the pain was nowhere as much as what they felt in their hearts.

— * * * * * —

A few days ago, on a desolate island by the sea.

The gorgeous sunlight shone on a figure on the beach.

Xiangyi opened his eyes with a heavy heart, dazed. As soon as he regained consciousness, a piercing pain immediately came from the wound on his back, and he grimaced in pain!

He looked around and saw an unfamiliar and desolate island.

The moment when the plane exploded suddenly flashed in his mind!

His eyes turned cold as he struggled to support his body. He raised his head and looked around for Shi Yuting.

Midflight, the plane’s safety system alarm suddenly rang. Fortunately, he and His Excellency had jumped off the plane together right before the explosion. But the impact of the explosion must have caused burns on his back.

Since it was his back, he could not see the wound and he did not know how many days he had drifted. All he knew was that his back was in pain.

He stood up and looked around for Shi Yuting.

This should be a desolate island. Besides the jungle, there were no signs of human habitation.

He dragged his feet heavily along the beach in search of Shi Yuting.

He should have drifted to the island with the waves, so surely His Excellency would have gone through the same.

Just as he was thinking, Xiangyi’s line of sight suddenly caught a glimpse of a figure lying not far away. He straightened his dark face and quickened his pace, intending to sprint over.

“Your Excellency!”

He flew to Shi Yuting’s side. The exquisite suits they wore had already dried under the sunlight. They must have been on this island for some time.

Shi Yuting must have heard Xiangyi’s calls as he started to frown before he opened his eyes.

“Are you alright?” Xiangyi asked worriedly even though he didn’t see any injuries on his body.

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