Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 503

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Chapter 503

Bear-san, Goes To The Royal Capital

The next day, I used the bear gate to go to the royal capital to give Princess Flora the picture book and souvenirs from the Land of Harmony.

I came to the royal capital before I went to the Land of Harmony, so it shouldn’t have been that long, but I feel nostalgic for some reason.

Still, just like I felt when I returned to Crimonia, the buildings and clothes differed in different cultures. In the Land of Harmony, it was like being in Kyoto, but over here, it had a more like a western-style fantasy game vibe to it.

But both the Land of Harmony and the royal capital have something in common. It was, “Kuma?” “Kuma?” “Kuma?” “Bear?” Yep, the voices. It seems that the bear costume was commonly known as rare to see. It had become somewhat universal at this point.

I put on my bear hood and head for the castle, ignoring the stares of those around me.

Come to think of it, I couldn’t visit the castle in the Land of Harmony. Although, if I went to the castle, I would get into troublesome situations, wouldn’t I? I think it would be okay if I took off my bear suit, but that makes me nervous. Even so, I would like to visit the castle in the Land of Harmony someday.

As usual, when I arrived at the castle gate, a soldier called out to me.

“I came to see Princess Flora. Is that okay?”

After receiving confirmation from the soldiers, one of them ran off.

It’s the usual sight.

I have candy art, which was good as souvenirs, but what would happen if I had no food with me?

With that in mind, I head straight to Princess Flora’s room.

Arriving at the room with a slight bow to those I pass by, I knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Yuna. May I come in?”


There was a sound of someone running in the room. Then the door opens with a bang.

It was neither Princess Flora nor Anju-san who appeared from the door.


It was Tilia who came out of the door.

“Yuna, welcome.” (Tilia)

“Why are you here, Tilia?” (Yuna)

“I came to play with my sister. So Yuna, are you here to see Flora?” (Tilia)

“Yeah, I brought some souvenirs.” (Yuna)

“Yuna, you have a soft spot for Flora, don’t you?” (Tilia)

“That’s not the case, you know.” (Yuna)

I denied her words and entered the room.


When I entered the room, Princess Flora saw me and rushed to me. She then hugged my soft belly.

Correction, she hugged the soft belly of the bear costume I’m wearing.

There’s a heaven and earth difference between my stomach and the bear costume’s belly. I stroke Princess Flora’s head.

“Have you been good?” (Yuna)

Well it’s been about two weeks, I think?

“Yes!” (Flora)

Princess Flora replied cheerfully. Princess Flora has a stuffed bear in her arms. It’s nice to see it being used properly like this.

“Yuna-sama, welcome back.”

Anju-san greeted me.

“I’m sorry to bother you.” (Yuna)

“Of course not, you are always welcome here, as Flora-sama will be delighted to see you. Then I will prepare some tea and take good care of Flora-sama.” (Anju)

Anju-san lightly bowed her head and went to prepare tea.

I moved to the chair with Princess Flora. Tilia followed me.

“Flora seems to really like you. Flora, do you like Yuna?” (Tilia)

“Yes, I love bear-san.” (Flora)

It’s a little embarrassing when she says it so clearly.

But I guess they wouldn’t say the same thing if I took off my bear costume.

Maybe she likes the character and not the one inside of it. That might be depressing to think about.

“So what did you bring today?” (Tilia)

“The continuation of the picture book, and I got something a little unusual when I went somewhere.” (Yuna)

Apart from the picture book, I intend to give them candy arts and wind chimes that I got in the Land of Harmony.

“A Picture book!?” (Flora)

Princess Flora responded. I knew she was looking forward to the picture book.

“Did you go somewhere far away?” (Tilia)

“Well, sort of.” (Yuna)

I can’t explain the Land of Harmony, so I’ll make it vague.

“Ah, by the way, Tilia, how are you doing? How’s school?” (Yuna)

“We’re on a holiday.” (Tilia)

That’s why she’s wearing plain clothes.

I saw Tilia in her plain clothes, she’s not dressed like a princess, but in something like Noa and the others would wear.

Well, just because she’s a princess, it doesn’t mean that she’d wear a dress all the time.

I was going to give the picture book first, but I would be sad if she concentrated on the picture book and wouldn’t be interested in the wind chime, so I decided to give the wind chime first.

I took out a small box containing a wind chime from the bear box. Princess Flora tilted her head slightly and asked.

“Is there a picture book in it?” (Flora)

“There’s no picture book in it.” (Yuna)

I open the lid of the small box. A wind chime with a red flower painted on the clear glass appeared.

Princess Flora stretched her little body and looked into the box.

“What’s this?” (Flora)

“It’s called a wind chime, and when the wind blows, it’ll shake and make a sound.” (Yuna)

I took the wind chime out of the box and shook it lightly to make a sound.

“Beautiful, sound.” (Flora)

“When displayed near a window, it will sway in the wind and make a sound.” (Yuna)

I shake it again.

“It’s really a beautiful sound. Do I also have one?” (Tilia)

Tilia looked at me with a greedy expression

“…No, you don’t.” (Yuna)

I answered while looking away.

I didn’t think about Tilia’s piece, so I had no choice.

“As expected, Yuna has a soft spot only for Flora.” (Tilia)

I ignored Tilia’s words and talked to Anju-san, who had brought the tea.

“Anju-san, can you hang it by the window in the room later? If it makes too much noise, you can take it down.” (Yuna)

When it’s windy, the sound of wind chimes becomes irritating. A gentle breeze makes a beautiful sound.

“Yes, I understand.” (Anju)

I asked her to do it later, but Anju-san get right into it

When Anju-san carried the chair to the window, she stood on the chair and attached the wind chime to the window. Since it was attached on the inside, it would only make a sound when the window was open.

Everyone looked at the window where the wind chime was hanging.

The wind chimes sway in the wind and make a chirīn, chirīn sound.

It feels like summer. I didn’t have wind chimes at home, but when I hear the sound of wind chimes, I feel like it was summer.

Princess Flora also looked happy whenever the wind blew and the chime went chirīn, chirīn.

We listened to the sound of wind chimes as we sip tea made by Anju-san.

Then, I took out another souvenir from the bear box that I bought in the Land of Harmony.

“What’s in it?” (Tilia)

“It’s candy.” (Yuna)

I answered Tilia’s question.

Fufu, I can finally eat Yuna’s souvenir, because you always come when I’m not there.” (Tilia)

Tilia was still a student. Whenever I come to visit her sister, she’s usually at school, so it was inevitable that I cannot see her.

I opened the lid of the heavy box containing the candy arts, and inside were variously shaped candies. I had given most of them away to the children at the orphanage, but I had bought all the candy arts from the stall, so there was still some left.

Tilia and Princess Flora looked inside the heavy box.

“So pretty.” (Tilia)

Uwa~a, a flower, and Bird-san!” (Flora)

“There are fruits and fish. Are these foods?” (Tilia)

“Those are candies made of sugar, I think? Well, it’s sweet and delicious.” (Yuna)

I picked up a piece of candy from the heavy box.

It’s a candy art made in the shape of a stuffed bear. It was made by an old man who makes candy crafts, and he made it with me as the motif. I am a little embarrassed, but I offered it to Princess Flora.

“It’s Bear-san!” (Flora)

“It’s in the shape of Yuna.” (Tilia)

“Well, I had it made with me as the motif.” (Yuna)

“Good for you, Flora.” (Tilia)

But Princess Flora was staring at the bear shaped candy art in her hand.

“What’s up?” (Yuna)

“Are we going to eat Bear-san?” (Flora)

“Because it’s candy.” (Yuna)

Maybe she is the same as Noa?

“If I eat it, will it disappear?” (Flora)

“Yeah, if you eat it, it will disappear.” (Yuna)

U~u, I don’t want to eat it!” (Flora)

Princess Flora gave back the candy art of me in a bear costume.

“Then I’ll eat it.” (Tilia)

“Don’t eat it!” (Flora)

Princess Flora called out to Tilia, who reached for the candy art of me in a bear costume.

“All right, stop shouting, I won’t eat it.” (Tilia)

“Really?” (Flora)

“I swear.” (Tilia)

With that said, Tilia grabbed a flower candy art.

“Then, Princess Flora, choose which one you like.” (Yuna)

I held the heavy box in front of Princess Flora.

Princess Flora grabbed the same flower candy art as Tilia while nervously letting out an “U~u, u~u” voice. Does she want to be like her sister?

Princess Flora put it straight into her mouth.

“Sweet!” (Flora)

Princess Flora has a big smile on her face.

“But it’s really beautiful. It’s a waste to eat them.” (Tilia)

“It’s food, so it would be wasteful not to eat it.” (Yuna)

While these candies were works of art, they were still food. If you don’t eat it, it would be rude to the person who made it.

Tilia puts the candy art in her mouth and has the same reaction as Princess Flora. They’re sisters after all, aren’t they?

“Anju-san, please have some.” (Yuna)

“Are you sure?” (Anju)

“If you don’t feel like eating it now, you can have it later. If you like, you can also take one home for your child.” (Yuna)

“Thank you very much.” (Anju)

Anju-san was apologetic and happy at the same time.

Then, I will also ask her to give Zeref-san’s portion of the candy art. By the way, I’ll also ask her to tell him that I don’t have the recipe for it.

I didn’t make it, so I don’t have a recipe. I don’t want him to ask me later.

As I was eating a piece of candy in my hand, the door opened without anyone knocking. It was the promised appearance of His Majesty the King. Next to him was the queen.

I’m starting to wonder if this country is really safe.

And the wind chime goes chirīn, chirīn.

“What is this sound?” (Queen)

“It’s a souvenir from Yuna.” (Tilia)

Tilia looked in the direction of the wind chime hanging on the window. The wind blows, and the chime goes chirīn, chirīn

“It sounds pretty.” (Queen)

“It’s enjoyable listening to the sound.” (King)

While listening to the wind chime sound, His Majesty the King and the Queen sat on the chairs. Then, they looked at the heavy box on the table.

“I see, we made it in time, huh?” (King)

The moment the king looked into the heavy box, he frowned.

“What is this? Flowers and fish? Animals and fruits?” (King)

“It’s a confection called candy art. Would it be better to call it sugar candy, perhaps?” (Yuna)

I gave the King the same explanation I gave earler to Tilia. That’s the only explanation I can give.

“It’s very, very sweet and delicious.” (Flora)

Princess Flora told the King with a big smile.

“You can choose which one you like. There are many shapes and colors, but the taste is basically similar.” (Yuna)

His Majesty the King and the Queen were troubled and each took a candy art in their hands.

“Are you sure it’s candy? You’re not tricking me, right?” (King)

“Once you eat it, you’ll then understand.” (Yuna)

The king looked curiously at the bird-shaped candy.

Ara, it’s delicious. It’s really sweet like sugar candy.” (Queen)

Next to the puzzled King, the queen was putting the candy in her mouth.

His Majesty the King who saw it also started eating.


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