Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 530

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Chapter 530

Bear-san, Gets Angry

We walked gently uphill.

“I’m sorry, Yuna. I got you involved in this mess.” (Cereille)

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault, Cereille. That guy is bad news.” (Yuna)


He kidnapped Cereille’s brother, Keith, and also killed Cereille’s mother in the past. For all intents and purposes, the man walking in front of us was the real culprit to be blamed.

“Yes, but……” (Cereille)

“Besides, I can protect myself, so you only have to look out for yourself and Keith.” (Yuna)

“I know that you’re strong, Yuna. But it is my fault that I got you involved in what happened. I should have been a little more aware of my surroundings before leaving the city.” (Cereille)

Cereille had a strong sense of responsibility. She felt guilty for involving me into this. Besides, her brother Keith was kidnapped. It’ll be harsh to ask her to keep her calm.

“I can assure you, Yuna, that both you and Keith will return home safely, even if it costs me my life.” (Cereille)

Cereille seemed willing to sacrifice herself to protect Keith and me. Of course, I have no intention of letting her do that. If Cereille sacrifices herself to save me, I will have to live with the guilt of letting her die for the rest of my life. I don’t want that.

“I like hearing your conversation, but make sure you follow me. If you try something like running away, well, I don’t have to tell you what would happen, do I?” (Man)

Perhaps thinking we can’t do anything, the man didn’t even turn around.

“You don’t seem to feel that much of a crisis? We may attack from behind, you know.” (Yuna)

“I don’t know about you, but Cereille-sama would never do such a reckless thing for her brother. Even if you tried to attack me, I am sure she would stop you.” (Man)

He says it as if he knows everything about Cereille.

“I might not listen to Cereille.” (Yuna)

“In other words, you don’t care what happens to her brother, do you? Cereille-sama, you should choose your friends properly.” (Man)

The way he said it was annoying.

“You can rest assured that you will not be touched by Yuna.” (Cereille)

“Fufu, Cereille-sama seems to understand the current situation better than that young lady.” (Man)

Yeah, I understand what will become of you later better than anyone.

“We won’t attack or run away, but since we are just walking, why don’t you answer my questions?” (Cereille)

“What would that be?” (Man)

“You killed my mother, but why did you do it? Did she do something to you? Did something happen between you and my mother?” (Cereille)

Cereille asked the man walking in front of her.

“I have known your mother since we were students. Your mother was a beautiful woman who was kind to everyone. I was also attracted to her. I confessed my love to her when we graduated from school. But she did not accept my love. Your mother had stepped on my goodwill. I have loved her since I was a student, but she married a man who only had money.” (Man)

The man explained while making big gestures.

“No way, that’s the only reason you killed my mother?!” (Cereille)

Cereille was gritting her teeth. Her hands were shaking with frustration.

“It’s a good enough reason. She rejected my love and trampled on it. However, as kind-hearted as I am, I waited for a few years, but her reply was the same. That’s why I killed her. She refused. Don’t you think it’s terrible for me?” (Man)

The man turned around and asked for our agreement. His face was as if to say that he was not in the wrong.

Sorry, but I don’t agree with you at all.

Even the other party has the right to choose. An ordinary woman would choose Cereille’s father over this man.

He was an aristocrat, had money, seemed kind, and would be the perfect marriage candidate from a woman’s point of view.

Comparing him to this man in front of me is wrong on so many levels.

If the nobleman we’re talking about had a bad character and had a toad face, like the aristocrat who kidnapped Misa, then people could say that she married him for his money. However, the reality is that it’s not like that. It’s simply jealousy and recrimination.

But I can see from the man’s grudge expression, in his delusion, he felt that he was betrayed.

This is worse than I thought. There is no one more difficult to have a conversation with than someone who does not understand the world’s common sense.

I have never been in a relationship, but there’s no way I would kill someone just because I was rejected. However, there are stalkers in this world who, like a person they are very attached to. They do one-time favors, and when they are rejected, they go crazy and kill people. Even in my former world, there’s such news.

Personally, I think it would be more fun to play games, instead of having time for such sticky situations. Even in this world, there are many fun things to do if you look for them. Love is not the only fun thing. And if you get rejected, you can search for a new love.

But perhaps I can say this because I have never been in a relationship. Only the person who has been rejected can understand such feelings.

Even so, that’s not a reason to kill or bind people.

“You are insane. You killed my mother just because she rejected you?” (Cereille)

Cereille, who was listening to the man’s story, said to the man in a squeezed voice.

Cereille was frustrated when she learned why her mother was killed. She furiously looked at the man, but could not do more because her brother Keith was being held somewhere.

“So you killed the mother because you got dumped, then what are you going to do with the daughter, Cereille? Are you going to kill Cereille, too?” (Yuna)

“Kill Cereille-sama? No way” (Man)

The man laughed at my words.

“I would never kill her. Cereille-sama has grown up so beautifully. It reminds me of those school days. Cereille-sama will marry me.” (Man)

“……Marry?” (Cereille)

“The time has finally come for you to be united with me.” (Man)

The man laughs. He’s totally crazy.

Could it be that this man has been waiting for Cereille to grow up since the time he killed her mother?

Just imagining it makes me sick. I am sure that Cereille, to whom this proposal was directed to, would feel even more uncomfortable than I am.

“I am not my mother. I am Cereille.” (Cereille)

“No, you look exactly alike. Your looks and that resolute attitude. And you have the same kindness as your mother, such kindness that can never be ruthless.” (Man)

“I’m not going to marry you. I’d rather go to the same place as my mother than marry you.” (Cereille)

“With your brother?” (Man)

“!?” (Cereille)

So that’s what the hostage Keith is for?

“You are despicable.” (Cereille)

“I’ll take it as a compliment.” (Man)

The man laughs.

“Moreover, you and I are in love, aren’t we? We think about each other every day. We have lived our lives thinking of one another.” (Man)

“It is to avenge my mother if you show up.” (Cereille)

“And yet you still thought of me. From the time your mother was killed, you’ve thought of me. From the time you were a child, every time you wield your sword you’re thinking of only me, and you also learned magic while thinking of me. Even if it was out of hatred, even if it was to kill me, I was always in your heart. Just the thought of it gives me such joy.” (Man)

The man spoke zealously.

But it’s unpleasant to hear.

It’s totally insane. He’s been watching her from somewhere for 10 years. Just imagining it makes me nauseous.

So Cereille knew from an early age that the man who killed her mother would appear, and she honed her sword skills and learned magic. That’s a long time. I can’t even imagine.

“So you kidnapped Keith to blackmail Cereille into marrying you?” (Yuna)

“Personally, no. I’m just trying to make her brother happy with us. Well, if she refuses though, I don’t know what will happen.” (Man)

That’s called blackmail.

Ah, I’m pissed off, I’m sick of this, I feel terrible. It would make me feel better if only I could save Keith and pulverize this guy.

But Cereille, to whom these feelings were directed at, would be even more uncomfortable than I was. Being beautiful also has problems such as attracting weird people. On that note, I’m…

Well, let’s not think about it. It makes me feel empty.

“Cereille, are you okay?” (Yuna)

“Ah, yes. I’m fine.” (Cereille)

You don’t look fine. You look pale.

“I have never been so displeased. I feel sick, angry, and sad for my mother who was killed unreasonably. I feel like my mind is being jumbled up with all sorts of emotions.” (Cereille)

Well, it can’t be helped. If this man’s feelings were directed at me, I would have hit him as fast as I could. The thought of Tirumina-san being killed and Fina being kidnapped makes me so angry.

I might explode.

As I worry about Cereille, the man stops walking.

“We arrived.” (Man)

“Where is Keith!?” (Cereille)

There’s no sign of Keith anywhere.

I try to use my detection skills to check his whereabouts. But the screen did not appear.

Right, I can’t use it.

I can’t get rid of my habit. Whenever I try to find something out, I habitually check it with detection skills and my bear map.

This makes me realize how much I have relied on my bear equipment.

“He’s right over there.” (Man)

The man pointed ahead.

Cereille ran over in that direction. I chased after her.

There was an unbelievable scene.

We have been walking gently uphill. But that location was even higher.

“Monsters…” (Yuna)

There were hills beyond our line of sight, and many wolves and other monsters gathered. Their number might even exceed a thousand.

A child was laid in the center of that horde.

“Keith!” (Cereille)

Cereille shouts.

Keith was lying in the center of that monster horde.


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