Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 570 - You And Dogs Are Not Allowed To Enter

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Chapter 570 You And Dogs Are Not Allowed To Enter

Song Shiyu said, “President, I promise to complete the task!”

“There’s a high-end pet shop under Gu Corporation. Since you like dogs so much, help take care of them. This job suits you.”

With that, Gu Zheng strode away.

Song Shiyu: “…”

This was revenge! He had only said a few words of truth, but the president was already unhappy.

At this moment, Qiao Xi was still grabbing Wen Xi’s wrist. Wen Xi roared in pain. “Let go of me! Let go! You b*tch! You actually dare to attack me?”

Song Shijing’s face darkened. “Young Madam, please leave. Leave this to me.”

Wen Xi looked at Qiao Xi and found her a little familiar. After looking at her for a long time, her eyes suddenly widened. “You’re… Qiao Xi?”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes in surprise. This woman actually knew her?

Wen Xi suddenly shouted, “Qiao Xi! Let go! I’m a relative of the Xu family. You’re just an adopted daughter of the Xu family. If you dare to offend me, I’ll get Uncle Xu and Aunt Yunlou to chase you out of the house!”

Qiao Xi’s gaze was slightly cold.

Everyone realized that something was wrong and hurriedly lowered their heads.

Seeing that she could not win against Qiao Xi, Wen Xi pointed at those innocent sales attendants and shouted, “What are you idiots waiting for?! I’m the Xu family’s cousin. Moreover, our Wen family is also famous in Luo City. She’s just an adopted daughter of the Xu family. Are you sure she has the money to buy this windbreaker?

“Qiao Xi, you, an adopted daughter, dare to commit crimes in front of me? Anran and I are cousins, yet you dare to behave atrociously in front of me? Who the hell do you think you are?!”

When everyone heard that, they immediately started talking in low voices.

“Anran? She’s talking about Xu Anran?”

“Isn’t the eldest daughter of the Xu family Xu Anran? It seems that… Miss Wen is indeed a relative of the Xu family!”

“So, this miss is the adopted daughter of the Xu family? If she’s a child of the Xu family, she shouldn’t lack pocket money, right?!”

“She’s just an adopted daughter. Even if she has some pocket money, how can she compare to the legitimate eldest daughter? It’s not good for her to compete with the Xu family’s relatives, right…”

Wen Xi said arrogantly, “Qiao Xi! Did you hear that? You’re just an adopted daughter. Don’t think about spending money extravagantly. If Uncle Xu and Aunt Yunlou find out, they’ll definitely reprimand you!”

Qiao Xi sneered.

Adopted daughter?

It seemed that her biological parents really did not like her. Even though they had found their biological daughter, they announced to the public that she was their adopted daughter, while Xu Anran was the legitimate daughter of the Xu family.

“Miss, in that case, why don’t you give the windbreaker to Miss Wen?”

“Otherwise, you’ll be put in a tough spot when you go home. You might as well…” “You’re just an adopted daughter, and you’re spending the Xu family’s money. If you’re so arrogant with the Xu family’s relatives, it won’t be nice if news of this gets out!”

Wen Xi listened to everyone’s words and became even prouder. “Qiao Xi, give me the windbreaker. I’m a magnanimous person and won’t bicker with you. You have to understand your identity and know your place. Don’t come to a luxury shop such as this one. You don’t have the money to shop in these places anyway. It’ll be embarrassing if you continue acting like this.”

“Excuse me, this shop belongs to our president.”

As soon as Wen Xi finished speaking, a group of bodyguards suddenly rushed in. Following them was a tall and cold man.

A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes stood beside Gu Zheng. He had received a contract and said respectfully, “President Gu, when did you acquire this shop? Why didn’t 14”

“Just now.”

Gu Zheng glanced around, and Song Shiyu immediately announced loudly, “This shop belongs to our president, Gu Zheng!” Everyone was extremely shocked. Gu Zheng!

That god-like man, Gu Zheng!

Wen Xi looked at the handsome and noble man in front of her. She could not help but look shy. Before she could walk up to him, Song Shiyu walked over and smiled slyly. “Miss Wen.”

Wen Xi ran her fingers through her hair. “Is President Gu calling me—”.

Before she could finish, Song Shiyu interrupted her impatiently. “Miss Wen, our president has given instructions that from now on, you and dogs are not allowed to enter this shop.”

The entire shop fell silent.

Wen Xi thought that she was hallucinating. “Y-You…”

Song Shiyu turned around and waved his hand. “Miss Wen, please leave as soon as possible. Don’t make things too embarrassing for yourself.”

The bodyguards immediately walked forward and gestured for her to leave.

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