Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 971 - Asking For Too Much

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Chapter 971: Asking For Too Much

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Lu Zhi smiled slightly. The director heaved a sigh of relief. “Xia Tong, just apologize! Miss Qiao doesn’t need you to compensate her for the psychological damage. It’s just a simple request. As long as you agree, this matter will be over.”

Xia Tong bit her lip tightly and looked at Qiao Xi with resentment. A public apology was equivalent to admitting that she stole someone else’s design. In that case, she would not be able to participate in the show anymore.

This little b*tch was quite capable. She actually used the Shen family and Lu Zhi’s power to suppress her. Did she really think that she was a pushover?

Xia Tong abruptly looked up and gritted her teeth. “Director, don’t forget who invested in this show. If I publicly apologize, it’ll be equivalent to me quitting the show. How will this show continue filming?”

The director looked embarrassed. 50 million was indeed not a small sum, but he could not offend the Shen family for this sum of money! After thinking for a moment, the director’s tone was a little stiff. “Xia Tong, you can’t say that. This is your fault, so you should apologize. Even if someone is protecting you, you can’t—”

“Miss Qiao, can we talk?” Xia Tong interrupted the director and looked at Qiao Xi with a gloomy expression.

Qiao Xi glanced at her coldly, and Xia Tong only felt extremely embarrassed. When had she ever been so embarrassed? She forcefully suppressed her anger. “I’ll get straight to the point. How much is your design? I’ll buy it. We can then forget about the public apology.”

Everyone was stunned. Xia Tong wanted to buy Gu Shan’s design and participate in the competition with it?

The venue was silent for a moment. Seeing this, Shen Yu’s fans cursed, “Is this person crazy?! She stole someone else’s design but refuses to apologize. She even wants to spend money to buy it?”

“Gu Shan is the chief designer of Liuli and Shen Yu’s younger sister. Would she lack money? She just wants an explanation!”

Xia Tong heard the mocking voices around her and sneered in her heart. This small-time designer’s surname was Qiao, and she was not Shen Yu’s biological sister. The Shen family indeed did not lack money, but it did not mean that this young lady did not lack money. Xia Tong naively thought that as long as the money she offered was enough, Qiao Xi would not pursue the matter.

“Miss Qiao, how much do you want? Just tell me.”

Lu Zhi’s eyes turned cold. She wanted to send Qiao Xi away with just money? Was she joking? Gu Shan’s work was unique and could not be bought by money. He was just about to go forward and berate her when Qiao Xi suddenly raised her eyes and said with a smile, “Sure.”

Everyone was stunned, and Lu Zhi swallowed the words in his mouth. Xia Tong did not expect it to be resolved so easily. A trace of disdain flashed past her eyes.

She knew that with Gu Shan’s current status and strength, her designs might cost hundreds of thousands or even a million yuan, but this was not a problem. Her sugar daddy had already invested 50 million yuan, so she did not lack that sum of money.

“50 million!”

Qiao Xi spoke indifferently, but it was suffused with a trace of irrefutable dignity.

Lu Zhi, who was in a fit of anger: “…”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Only Shen Yu smiled as if he had expected this.

The words ’50 million’ echoed in Xia Tong’s mind. She almost vomited blood. Her face alternated between green and white as she gritted her teeth. “Miss Qiao, stop joking.”

Qiao Xi lazily crossed her arms. “Do I look like I’m joking? Could it be that my design isn’t worth 50 million?”

The design was hers, so she had the right to set the price. If Xia Tong thought it was too expensive, she could choose not to buy it. She just had to publicly apologize online.

Xia Tong shouted in exasperation, “No matter how good your design is, it’s just a piece of paper. How can it be worth 50 million? Even if you want money, you can’t casually state a price! If you continue to fool around, our deal will be canceled!”

“The deal is canceled?” Qiao Xi laughed out loud and raised her eyebrows. “Miss Xia, looks like you still don’t understand. You stole the design. You refused to apologize and insisted on buying my design. I agreed to your request, but you’re canceling it now. If you’re not sincere about buying it, then forget it.”

Xia Tong was furious, and her voice became sharp. “You’re asking for 50 million because you know that someone invested 50 million in the production team for me. You’re clearly teasing me!”

Even though she was Gu Shan, a top fashion designer, she was actually asking for 50 million for a piece of design. This was clearly an exorbitant price. Xia Tong gritted her teeth and said, “I can only give you two million!”

Shen Yu frowned. Did she think she was giving the money to a beggar?

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