Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 972 - The 50 Million Investment Is Gone

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Chapter 972: The 50 Million Investment Is Gone

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Qiao Xi did not even bother to look at her and said casually, “Miss Xia, you should know that I’m the chief designer of Liuli. The work I design can bring Liuli a lot of money. Although I’m not too satisfied with this gown, it can still bring Liuli at least 50 million yuan. If you want to buy this design, you have to compensate us for our losses. Otherwise, why should I sell it to you?”

Everyone nodded in unison and instantly felt that Qiao Xi’s asking price was not high anymore.

Lu Zhi stood up. “That’s right. Any one of Gu Shan’s designs can bring huge benefits to Liuli, and 50 million is nothing. Miss Xia, if you want to buy it, take out the money. If you refuse to, apologize publicly. It’s your choice.”

Xia Tong was so angry that her face turned red. 50 million for a piece of paper? She was not stupid! She did not expect this designer to be so greedy. She asked for 50 million without any room for discussion.

“Miss Xia, since you’re neither willing to apologize nor pay, then don’t blame me for being nasty,” Shen Yu said coldly, a trace of ruthlessness flashing past his eyes.

Xia Tong’s face was pale, and the director lowered his head with an embarrassed expression. He was already cursing Xia Tong and Qiao Xi in his heart. Neither of these two women was willing to give in, so this show could not continue. On one hand, it was the Shen family and Lu Zhi. On the other hand, it was the investor. He did not dare to offend either of them and could only be stuck in the middle.

Xia Tong was so afraid that her entire body was trembling. However, on second thought, this designer was not the biological daughter of the Shen family, and she was from the Xia family. Why would the Shen family offend the Xia family for an unrelated person? Shen Yu was probably just saying it casually. Would he really attack her?

Her expression softened, and her tone was exceptionally arrogant. “It’s not that I’m unwilling to accept it, but Miss Qiao, you’re insincere. You’re asking for 50 million right away, so forget it. I’ll quit the show.”

With that, Xia Tong and Chen Li turned to leave.

“Miss Xia, in that case, let’s see who between the Xia and Shen families is stronger!” Shen Yu said casually, but his body was filled with strong killing intent.

No! No way! Shen Yu would not attack her for an unrelated person. Moreover, if he wanted to sue her for plagiarism, he would have to go through legal procedures. Why would Shen Yu waste his precious time for a designer?

Xia Tong’s breathing became irregular as cold sweat broke out on her back. She gritted her teeth and left as if she was escaping.

The recording studio was silent for a moment. The director’s phone suddenly rang. It was a message from the investor. He clearly said that if Xia Tong withdrew, he would withdraw his investment.

The director’s expression was ugly as he looked at Shen Yu helplessly. “Mr. Shen, this…”

If the 50 million yuan investment was gone, shouldn’t the Shen family take responsibility? After all, this series of events happened because of Qiao Xi!

Shen Yu glanced at him coldly and said slowly, “Director Feng, don’t forget your promise. I hope to see you publicly apologize online today.”

With that, Shen Yu and the others left, leaving the production team looking at each other.

At this moment, in the president’s office, Xiang Rong was reporting to Gu Zheng while trembling. “President Gu, I promise you that I’ll investigate this matter thoroughly and strictly deal with people who have been bribed!”

Xiang Rong never expected that the young lady who saved his daughter was actually Gu Zheng’s wife! Hence, Gu Zheng directly looked for him today. When he saw Gu Zheng, Xiang Rong was so nervous that his forehead was covered in sweat. He was afraid that this man would get angry and tear down the entire television station.

After hearing about what had happened at the scene, Xiang Rong did not hesitate to cancel the 50 million investment. It did not matter if Xia Tong did not participate. He would never allow anyone to secretly manipulate the results of the competition. Those who helped Xia Tong cheat would also be punished. He only hoped that Gu Zheng would not blame them.

Gu Zheng leaned lazily against the sofa, his long fingers tapping lightly on the table. “Who invested 50 million?”

“Uhh… It’s the young master of ‘Xingxin Foods’ in Luo City.”

Gu Zheng stopped what he was doing. His voice was cold, but it made one shudder. “Those people stole my wife’s design, and the producer also helped Xia Tong hide the truth. This must be all his doing!”

Xiang Rong nodded. “Actually, the development of Xingxin Foods has been getting worse over the years, but their young master still splurges all day long. For Xia Tong, he spent 50 million yuan. He doesn’t even consider the overall situation. He’s just a good-for-nothing.”

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