Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 14 - Doctor Qi Xianqing

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Chapter 14 Doctor Qi Xianqing

Doctor Qi thought his identity was covered up very well. All people were in the dark about who he was excluded Su Li, because she knew him in the barrack many years ago.

However, he looked at Su Li with pity but more disgust at that time, and she was just one of many military prostitutes in the barrack.

It turned out that this person was in the remote Dasu Town. It’s no wonder that no one could find him in this world.

Once Su Li went out of the door, Qi Xianqing’s eyes immediately were lit up. However, Su Huanli didn’t notice that. He introduced Doctor Qi to Erya at once, “This is my daughter, Erya. How do you think?”

Qi Xianqing pretended to look up and down for a moment, and nodded slightly, “Miss Su is a natural beauty, and she must be very intelligent. I’ll stay here to give it a try for a few days.”

Su Huanli was happy with great surprise. He held his fists immediately and said, “Then the girl will have the honor to be your student, Mr. Qi.”

“By the way, I’ve heard that your eldest son will go to the County. Could I see him?” Qi Xianqing smiled kindly with glistening eyes.

“Why not? It’s a great honor for him to be directed by you!” Su Huanli hurriedly sent people to find his eldest son. But Qi Xianqing said with his hands waving, “Nope! I’m the guest, so it is not suitable for the host to come to see me. I am going to see him.”

Su Huanli didn’t think Qi was weird, because most teachers had strange temper. So he immediately obeyed him and let the butler lead the way.

Su Li didn’t follow up. She just quietly stood in the yard and thought which was inconsistent with her age.

It’s a pity that people walking ahead didn’t see her.

In the study, when Su Qingtan saw Doctor Qi, he was confused. He was thinking how to ask him to protect his second sister, and didn’t expect he would come by himself.

“Hehehe, since Mr. Qi wants to direct my son, the butler and I will leave you alone.”

Su Huanli left consciously, even took out the maid.

“Master Su is very clear about the reason why I am here,” Qi Xianqing came to the point.

Su Qingtan nodded slightly, “I am glad that you are here. My second sister is in a bad situation at home, so please help her.”

“Hehehehehe…” Qi Xianqing stroked his white beard, and said, “I am the teacher of your family, and I will see her every day. If you haven’t managed to protect the little girl from getting hurt, I would have taken her to Yunjing.”


Su Qingtan quivered with surprise. It was the location where the Emperor lived and not everyone could go. Even him, only if he passed the approvals and examinations, could he go to Yunjing.

“Exactly,” Qi Xianqing said with smile when he saw Su Qingtan was shocked, “I am getting old, so I need a successor. Su Erya is the right one. You only need to know that if she inherits my ability, her future will be boundless.”

Su Qingtan’s eyes got red. He bowed deeply and said, “My second sister… is too naive! Even if she was bullied, she has never told me. I am not qualified for being her big brother at this point. Today, thank you for teaching her medicine. Please take care of her, so that she can live happily.”

Qi Xianqing nodded as a sign of agreement. “The boy has clear eyes and deep emotions. He will be able to walk far away in his official career in the future. While Su Huanli’s eyes are full of fame and fortune, and I don’t know how did he teach such a son,” Qi thought to himself.

However, what he wanted to teach Su Erya was not only medicine, but also the supreme…

A meaningfully smile flickered across his lips.

In the next three days, Qi Xianqing came early to teach Su Li how to read and write in every morning. Su Li didn’t pretend to be stupid, and she learned quickly. Qi Xianqing was happy about that. He wanted to test Su Li for a few days, but he changed his mind. He talked to Su Huanli at once that he had made up his mind to be Erya’s teacher.

On the fourth day, Su Qinghao also sat in the small class in the Su Family.

“Hao, Mr. Qi is a well-known teacher in our town. I spent lots of money on recruiting him. You do not have to go to school from now on, just learn with your second sister. Don’t live up to my expectations.”

When Su Qinghao was sent to the class, Su Huanli whispered in his ear.

“Got it, dad!”

Su Qinghao replied crisply. He also thought happily that his big brother was leaving, and it’s great that he would learn to read with his second sister!

Su Huanli left at ease. Qi Xianqing looked at Su Qinghao in the seat, frown slightly. However, when his eyes turned to Su Li who was reviewing the lesson, his brows were gradually unfolded.

“All right. I will turn a blind eye for him. I heard that Su Family has another daughter. Maybe there will be one more in the coming days. I can teach them in a normal way, but the successor will be taught in private.”

After Qi Xianqing made this decision, he opened the book to continue teaching.

Two hours later, Qi Xianqing picked up his book and left. Su Qinghao couldn’t hold himself anymore. He stood up and pulled Su Li, “Second sister, second sister, let’s play sand in the martial arts field!”

Su Li didn’t know whether to cry or laugh about the boy’s advice. Then she said, “You can go there. Father will scold me if I go there.”


Big brother would not be scolded, but the second sister was still somewhat different from him. Su Qinghao ran out disappointedly and thought to himself.

After clearing up the house, Su Li carried the copybook and went out. She found that Qi Xianqing was still standing in the doorway, as if he was waiting for her.

Did he want to show his hand?

Su Li glanced quickly at this old man. It’s clear that he came to Su Family for her, but Su Li didn’t know if his intention was good or not.

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