Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 20 - How Much Money Do You Want?

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Chapter 20 How Much Money Do You Want?

Qi Xianqing knew that the relationship between himself and Su Erya was not suitable to expose, so he had to restrain his anxiety. He coughed lightly and said, “Today Second Miss did not come to class, so I didn’t start to teach if not all my students come. That’s my rule. First Madam, please tell me where the Second Miss is, so that I can go and have a look.”

The First Madam had a stiff smile on her face, and she cursed the pedantic old man for his eccentricity.

“Sir, come and let’s talk.”

The First Madam stretched out her hand and pointed to a path. Qi Xianqing looked cool, but still walked with her.

“Sure enough, you still want money! But if it could be solved with money, I’ll do it.”

The First Madam snorted coldly. In order to trace the origins of the jade, she almost spent all her money. She only hoped that he wouldn’t want too much.

“Ah…you are all bad guys! No one will save my second sister. I am going to tell father!”

Su Qinghao saw the two leave, suddenly burst into tears. He dropped the hands of Su Zipei, then rushed out of the courtyard. The first Madam was surprised, so she turned back and shouted urgently, “Catch him!”

A group of maids and mammies immediately caught up Su Qinghao firmly, and no matter how he cried and pled, no one let him go. The First Madam took a sigh of relief and said, “Zipei, watch your brother, and don’t let him go out of this courtyard before I come back.”

Su Zipai’s hands was painfully being dropped by her brother, and she was angry for that. Hearing her mother’s words, she smiled and said, “Mother, don’t worry. I will take good care of my fourth brother.”

The First Madam nodded slightly, and walked with Qi Xianqing into the deep corner of the garden. She pretended to sigh and said, “Sir, there is something that you don’t know. Erya won’t come to the class anymore.”

Qi Xianqing frowned and his heart was full of anger. However, he said lightly, “Oh, why is that?”

Zhu Yan pretended to be embarrassed, and a drop of tear came out from her eyes. She said sadly, “I don’t want to hide it from you. It’s about the Su Family’s private affairs. It’s not good for outsiders to know.”

Qi Xianqing smiled slightly, “I am not a meddler.”

The First Madam looked happy, and Qi Xianqing added, “But today’s affairs concern my students, so I have to know. Please tell me even if it’s inappropriate.”

Zhu Yan’s face immediately became dark red and she thought that if the old guy was playing a trick with her.

Erya, such an insignificant person was regarded as a treasure by him!

Thinking of this, Zhu Yan didn’t change her expression and whispered, “Not long after I gave birth to Erya, I was pregnant with a second child. But that girl was a bad luck. She could crawl and crash in only three months. And she just knocked me and caused me have an abortion! For this reason, the Lord was furious, so he gave her a little punishment.”

“You said so much, but what is the matter with Su Erya’s learning to read?”

Qi Xianqing secretly sneered in his heart, “How easy to say it is a little punishment. It’s true that women were the cruelest in the world, or how could she do that to her biological daughter.”

“It doesn’t matter?” Zhu Yan seemed to be in a hurry and spoke faster, “I heard that your students are people with both virtue and abilities, while Erya is disobedient and stupid, therefore, she is not qualified as your student.”

Speaking of this, Zhu Yan smiled, “However, Zipei is very cute, smart, and filial to her parents, so she is the right person as your student.”


Qi Xianqing burst into laughter. Zhu Yan did not know why, just heard that he said in a flat voice,

“You are right, but whether the two girls are qualified as my students or not, it’s my decision, not yours. Even if you said so much, I only take them as water off a duck’s back and will not believe that.”

After what Doctor Qi has said, it’s quiet immediately.

Zhu Yan was stunned for a while before she realized what she should say. She laughed angrily and said coldly, “Sir, let’s come straight to the point, how much money do you need to let it go?”

As soon as she said that, it was Qi Xianqing’s turn to be stunned. He stared at her with his old muddy eyes, and could not believe what she said.

The First Madam of the Su Family wanted to use money to bribe him?


Qi Xianqing tossed his sleeves, turned around and walked away in the direction of the Su Family’s Main Courtyard.

Shocked at Mr. Qi’s reaction, Zhu Yan immediately chased him and shouted, “Sir, don’t go. We can have a discussion on the price. Ow!”

Zhu Yan accidentally fell down heavily by a stone blocked on the road. Her face was scratched.

“Geez! You old guy! How can you run so fast like a rabbit…” Zhu Yan got up and sat on the ground, hugging her legs and exhaling painfully, with tears in her eyes.

“No, I have to go back to the West Courtyard to arrange it… someone, someone come and help me up!”

Qi Xianqing used his martial arts walking to the Main Courtyard of the Su Family, but he slowed down near the entrance of the courtyard. He settled his clothes and wore a smile on his face, then he asked politely, “Is the owner of the Su family be there, and it’s Qi Xianqing.”

Su Huanli heard his voice outside his room, immediately dropped his account, got up and opened the door to see Qi Xianqing. He could not help but wonder, “Mr. Qi should teach in the class at this time, why are you here?”

“Haha, Erya didn’t come to the class today, so I didn’t begin the class.”

Listening to Qi Xianqing’s bright laughter, Su Huanli frowned slightly, “Oh, is that so? Sir, children of the Su Family are by no means lazy people, I’ll go to her courtyard and figure out what happened.”

Qi Xianqing saw Su Huanli headed for the East Courtyard. His narrowed his eyes slightly, stopped him and said, “Lord, wait a minute, First Madam told me that Erya returned to the West Courtyard, so you are going to the wrong way.”

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