Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 521 - Disaster of the Book Pavilion

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Chapter 521 Disaster of the Book Pavilion


The oil lamp kept struggling to escape from Su Li. However, he not only didn’t free itself, but also sensed that Su Li grabbed him more tightly. The poor oil lamp couldn’t bear the load and made a painful voice.

The gray-clothed old servant was panicky. If the oil lamp was broken, he would also die. His life was at stake, so he cast the rule of the book pavilion to the winds immediately.

“Spare me! Please! I remember! The information is not exchanged between the second floor and the first floor. You can go to the second floor, in which many ferocious ghosts in red exist. They all have lived for many years!”

Upon hearing this, Su Li let go of the oil lamp and threw it into the Cang Lei’s Cave.

“If you tell a lie, I will crush you to make medicine.”

The gray-clothed old servant looked at the Cave and listened to Su Li. He finally known what a powerful person he encountered. So, he could just sigh repeatedly and accept his bad luck.

Fortunately, what he said was true.

Su Li didn’t hesitate and went upstairs to the second floor. As soon as she stepped on the soft carpet on the second floor, she immediately felt a gust of chilly wind. Covered by fog, the second floor was colder and gloomier for several times than the first floor.

In such a dead and silent space, the breath of a living person was just like a light in the darkness. As long as it appeared, it would attract the attention of all ghosts immediately.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Many blood-red eyes lit up with crazy appetite. How long hadn’t they eaten meat?

Su Li didn’t make a response and walked towards the bookshelf slowly, as if she didn’t see those ferocious ghosts at all.

Her footsteps sounded extremely harsh in the dead and silent space.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Many ferocious ghosts in red were also alarmed. A dozen rays of red light lit up in the darkness. Su Li glanced and saw more than twenty bloody eyes.

Every time she took a step, those bloody eyes would approach her a little. These ghosts showed their weird appearances in the darkness, such as humans, beasts and monsters. Those faces were extremely distorted. They all stared at Su Li’s physical body.

An ordinary practitioner would have been frozen to death by the cold breath emitting from ferocious ghosts.


All of a sudden, Su Li paused, and looked around the ferocious ghosts that were a few meters away from her with a smile. Then she said, “Twenty-four ghosts, which of you is the oldest?”

The atmosphere was strained and quiet in this moment. Then the bloody red spread bodies of those ghost quickly. They opened their mouths full of tusks immediately and bit toward the only living person fiercely and crazily.

But this time, their food didn’t show any panic like before, but showed a weird smile. Then… in the pitch-black shadow, a bloody mouth opened, which was bigger than the size of the total of twenty-four ghosts.

All ferocious ghosts watched the scene in a daze, and then were swallowed by the bloody month before they avoided it.


The second floor also returned to normal.

When the gray-clothed old servant in Cang Lei’s Cave saw this scene, his body shook more severely, and even shook to crack.

“The twenty-four ferocious ghosts in red on the second floor all have practiced for thousands of years. They all have been…eaten!!”

In the moonlight, Su Li’s shadow trembled for a while and returned to calm.

Su Li raised her head and glanced at the third floor. She felt unsatisfied, but she went downstairs and left finally.

She had eaten enough evil ghosts tonight, and it took time for her to digest them.

In the early morning of the next day, Wen Hun woke up from the trance state and came to Su Li’s yard to scrounge breakfast as usual.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, today I made lean meat porridge. Taste it.”

Seeing the familiar smile of the junior sister apprentice, Wen Hun felt a little relieved. He walked to the table in few steps and sat down. When he was about to pick up the spoon, he thought of something suddenly and looked outside the room.

Senior Sister Apprentice Yue dressed in black had stood at the door somehow, and looked at him with cold eyes.

Wen Hun was slightly startled. Why did she come out from the deep mountain at this point?

“Senior Sister Apprentice?”

Wen Hun stood up. The black-clothed woman took a look at him to motion him to follow her, and then flew to the book pavilion.

“Something happened in the book pavilion this time?”

Wen Hun’s heart sank, and he immediately put down his chopsticks to follow her.

“As expected, there is a connection between the book pavilion and the deep mountain…”

Su Li’s eyes flashed, and she also flew to follow them.

In a moment, they came to the book pavilion. Several disciples had already waited at the gate of it.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Wen, you are finally here!”

An ordinary-looking middle-aged man, who just reached Zhuji Realm, greeted Wen Hun. He called Wen Hun with a young face senior fellow apprentice, which sounded very strange.

Su Li looked at him in mystification. Wen Hun smiled embarrassedly, “Although I looked young, when other senior fellow apprentices and senior sister apprentices don’t show up, I am the chief disciple of the Sect.”

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, you are amazing.”

Su Li looked at him with bright eyes, which made Wen Hun blush. Just then, the middle-aged man’s voice came in time and eliminated his embarrassment.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, please enter and have a look. The book pavilion is in a muddle!”

Wen Hun nodded with a serious expression. As soon as he walked into the book pavilion, a ruin came into view. It was in a state of dilapidation in the morning sunshine.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, when I burned incense with junior fellow apprentices in the morning, we saw the first and second floors had become like this. It seems to be dilapidated for many years, which is very weird!”

Wen Hun walked to the ruin and made out the trace of the bookshelves. He guided with his hand, and a tattered miscellany flew from the ruin of itself. However, it turned into ash and scattered before falling into his hand.

The middle-aged disciple goggled his eyes and said, “That’s it! All the books seem to have been corroded by time and turn into ash.”

Wen Hun frowned. He, who had known something about the truth, perceived more things than the middle-aged man.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, where does Senior Sister Apprentice Yue go?”

Su Li asked suddenly. Wen Hun awakened immediately. Then he looked around and did not see the black-clothed woman.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Yue?”

The middle-aged disciple was taken aback and then said, “I don’t see Senior Sister Apprentice Yue. Originally, I was going to send someone to look for you, and you happened to be here.”

Wen Hun frowned more tightly. Since the Master left, strange things happened in the Sect frequently. Whatever strange things all came out to make trouble. Although he didn’t know if the “Senior Sister Apprentice Yue” was true, he decided not to pursue the matter, after all she was without malice.

Thinking of it, he waved to Su Li to mention her follow him. Then they came to the second floor.

Wen Hun originally thought that bookshelves should have not been damaged too many by virtue of the strength of ghosts on the second floor. However, when he saw the empty and bare space on the second floor, he couldn’t help twitching his mouth with amazement.

What happened here last night?

It was damaged more severely than the first floor, and the breath of all ghosts completely disappeared.

“When the Master comes back in half a month and sees the book pavilion being destroyed, what feeling will he have?”

Wen Hun sighed secretly and was about to go downstairs.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, shall we go up to have a look?”

Su Li looked back at the second floor, and then the evil ghosts hiding in the darkness immediately hid in a darker place…

“No, we can find more clues on the first floor. Come with me and I’d like to talk to you.”

“Okay, Senior Fellow Apprentice.”

The voice of Wen Hun came from downstairs, and Su Li replied crisply. She walked downstairs cheerfully. The moment she went downstairs, she heard these little ghosts breathed a sigh of relief.

“The book pavilion is a hiding place of many ghosts. Now the power of ghosts in these books has been taken away, so it becomes what it looks like now.

Wen Hun opened an Essay, and transmitted sound to instruct Su Li, “I can barely avoid it from turning into ash with the power of Ghost Chapter. You read through it to check if stories inside have endings.”

Su Li opened it and saw the ending of the first story immediately. Then she read it out.

“In the deserted deep mountain, there are countless demons and monsters. How can delicate women live alone? They are just mortals who were killed here and unwilling to become evil spirits after death. So, they lure living people for food… The scholar did not know it and was eaten by the three female ghosts. Even his soul was not left.”

It not only provided the ending of the story, but also depicted the bloody story between humans and ghosts explicitly.

“Sure enough, the ghosts on the first and second floors of the book pavilion have all left.”

Wen Hun’s face was a bit pale. Those ghosts had never left the book pavilion for thousands of years, and they only came out at night. Why did they violate the rule and leave?

He didn’t think those things could be eliminated by people. Based on his knowledge, no one could defeat those ghosts. Even the Master could only compromise with them and make unfair deals over and over again, and even let those ghosts devour disciples.

The Immortal Cultivation Sect was just like a fragile shell and was controlled by the Immortal of Ghost actually. They could live in peace when the Immortal of Ghost slept. Once he woke up… no one could survive!

Human Clan was too weak…

Wen Hun clenched his fists and raised his head to look at the ignorant junior sister apprentice. He took a deep breath and ordered other disciples to withdraw. Then he walked in front of two stone lions at the gate of the book pavilion.

“Come out. I am Wen Hun. I need to ask you something.”

Upon hearing this, the two stone lions shook.

Su Li’s eyes condensed. The breath of the two ghosts were so weak, so she could barely notice them. The breath of ferocious ghosts in red was too strong last night, and she didn’t even notice them.

But she was here.

Su Li’s eyes flashed and revealed a trace of tease.

The two stone lions shook more severely, but they didn’t dare to pretend to be dead. Then they just showed two miserable faces. When one of lions with a human face was about to speak, Su Li transmitted sound to it.

“Dare to expose me, I will eat you.”

The stone lion goggled its eyes and almost bit its tongue. Then it immediately bit back its words, and asked, “Lord Wen Hun, what do you want to know?”

Wen Hun was stunned, and strangeness appeared in his eyes. Although the two stone lions were extremely weak, every time they talk to him, they were all arrogant with their noses in the air. Why were they so humble this time?

“Could it be that the Master saved face for us this time?”

Wen Hun was puzzled. But he was concerned about the book pavilion. He didn’t care too much, and asked in a deep voice, “What happened in the book pavilion last night? Tell me everything you saw.”

The stone lion with a distorted face froze for a moment. Then it seemed to be instructed by someone, and immediately said, “Lord Wen Hun, the red-clothed seniors on the first and second floors were all…all…dead!!”

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