Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 551 - You like to suck blood, huh?

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Chapter 551 You like to suck blood, huh?

Seeing that Ling Mo was in crisis, Fang Yuan couldn’t help shrinking his pupils and then changed his gesture. Tianhe, which initially condensed as a giant sword, immediately sent a flow to wrap Ling Mo for retreating.

However, the sword was not perfect anymore. Blood Mist Person showed a cunning look and said with a chuckle, “If Tianhe was in the hands of your elders, I might be a little troublesome. But you are so mediocre! Ha-ha!”

With a light wave of her sleeves, the eight blood dragons instantly bit towards the flawed place of the sword. The stalemate immediately broken, and several cracks appeared on the surface of the sword. Soon, numerous fragments were bit off, turned back into the water, and fell to the ground.

“Damn it!”

Fang Yuan’s complexion changed slightly. His hands seemed to be in mire, and he almost couldn’t continue his gesture! He could do nothing but grit his teeth to hang on. At the moment, eight more blood dragons burst out from the sleeves of Blood Mist Person, tearing apart the giant sword fiercely in a flash!

“Smash it!”


The giant sword in the sky exploded in an instant. The side effect of Tianhe poured out back to Fang Yuan. His complexion turned pale, and his mouth was overflowed with blood. A terrifying sound of his joints bursting sounded.

All ten fingers of him were broken!

He was defeated!

Fang Yuan lowered his hands and raised his head to stare at Blood Mist Person. His reluctance and the intent of killing seemed to have burnt the sky.

Obviously, Blood Mist Person was not happy with such a gaze. With a cold snort, the eight blood dragons immediately turned into eight blood-colored electric lights and instantly drilled eight holes in Fang Yuan’s chest!


Fang Yuan groaned and was unable to stand. He knelt on one knee and threw up a mouthful of blood mixed with internal organ fragments.

“You should know your status, the weak!”

Blood Mist Person turned her head and touched Su Buwang’s cheek, who was in a daze. She said with a soft tone, “Young man, you are not my opponent. If you kneel and beg for mercy, I might turn you into my blood slaves so that you won’t suffer from the pain of being drained of blood and wiping out your body and soul.”

Covered in blood, Ling Mo slowly walked to Fang Yuan, using his sword as a cane. He stared at Blood Mist Person with sarcasm in his eyes.

“You don’t deserve it!”

Blood Mist Person ceased to smile. Suddenly, a bloody light turned into a long whip and lashed Ling Mo hard. The vast force pushed Ling Mo far away. He fell into the dust and fainted directly.

Fang Yuan bit his lips so hard. He took a deep breath and moved his eyesight on Su Buwang, “If you let him go, I will submit to you!”


The same whip lashed on Fang Yuan’s back, leaving a fierce crack.

“You are as weak as an ant. How dare you negotiate with me?”

Fang Yuan lay on his stomach, like a drowned mouse. He struggled to get up several times, but he failed.

Blood Mist Person snorted. When she saw Ling Mo who was comatose, her interest had faded. “Well, it’s too boring. I’d better eat you instead of turning you into my blood slaves. Go to the hell!”

Fang Yuan lay on his stomach. There was dust in his eyes, but he still tried to open them up and get up.

Everything became hazy as Blood Mist Person implanted a cold force in his body. His blood was quickly drawn away by this force.

“The power is disappearing… It is so cold.

So, this is the end?

It shouldn’t be like that! I haven’t saved Buwang and her yet. How can I die?”

Suddenly, a pair of feet stood in front of him, surrounded by black gauze. He tried his best to see who that was, but he could only sense chaos.

“You are disgusting.”

Su Li spoke calmly, but Blood Mist Person felt threatened somehow.

“Who are you? It is none of your business!”

Su Li burst into laughter. Though her smile was bright, a sense of crisis was soaring in the heart of Blood Mist Person!

“None of my business? Are you sure?”

Su Li stepped out as her face instantly restored to its original appearance in the previous life. The only difference was the lotus mark in the corner of her eyes.

Blood Mist Person changed her expression drastically. “It’s you…”

Before she could finish her words, Su Li disappeared suddenly and then appeared in front of her. Su Li grabbed her body and tore it in half fiercely!



The body of Blood Mist Person was broken into flying debris!

Su Buwang looked at Su Li’s face with a bewildered look and muttered, “Mom…”

Su Li smiled and touched Su Buwang’s eyebrows quickly. The sleep spell worked immediately. Then his body softened and fell down.

“Ah!! How dare you ruin my body and cultivation! No matter who you are, you will die!”

The unpleasant screams of Blood Mist Person resounded across the sky, stirring a gust of bloody wind. Sixteen blood dragons roared out of the violent wind.

Su Li gently put down Su Buwang and then threw two spiritual lights to protect Su Buwang and Ling Mo.

At the same time, the blood dragons were very close to her back!

“Hahaha… Daughter of luck? No matter you are a human or a ghost, I will take your luck today!”

“Daughter of luck?”

Fang Yuan, who felt dizzy, suddenly became sober when he heard it. He struggled to turn his head to the blood mist, but his vision was too hazy to see it.


Su Li’s lips twitched slightly as her eyes instantly turned into a dark pool.

Body of evil ghost!


A powerful might suddenly burst from Su Li’s thin body. The sixteen blood dragons were blown away before they hit Su Li’s back and then returned to scattered blood mist.

“…Emperor’s might?!”

The face of the blood mist changed drastically, and her killing intent instantly changed into fear. “How is it possible? There is no emperor in this world! They are just stories!!!”

As soon as she finished her words, Blood Mist Person noticed the darkness in front of her. Su Li, who was looking after Su Buwang just then from a distance, suddenly stood in front of her and slapped her fiercely.


The blood mist rolled, and a humanoid shape was thrown far away.

“How dare you hurt my men!”

Blood Mist Person was stunned by this slap; even her body was disassembled a lot. When she was about to get up, another slap was quickly flying towards her.

“A mere demon dares to turn into my body and hurt my men?”

Blood Mist Person rolled down a long way. When she stood up this time, she suddenly realized that there was only half of her body left. “How did you do that?! You are only a human! How could you hurt me?”

Su Li’s eyes narrowed, “Who told you that I am a human?”

Blood Mist Person suddenly thought of something and was panicked, “An emperor but not a human… Please forgive me, Senior! I didn’t know all of this! For the sake that we are all heterogeneous fellows, spare my life, please!”

Su Li made a playful expression, but she didn’t answer at all. She squeezed a drop of blood on the tip of her finger, and then shot it into the blood mist.

“You like to suck blood, huh?”

The drop was quickly absorbed by the blood mist instinctively. Blood Mist Person was taken aback for a moment, and then a sharp pain suddenly emerged from the bottom of her heart.

“What did you do to me?!”

Su Li looked indifferent and didn’t respond. She just turned around and stretched out her hand towards Yun Yi and others. Then she shook it.




Dozens of huge blood monsters exploded into pieces simultaneously, like fireworks, bright and dreamy.

Yun Yi and others, who were already desperate, watched this scene blankly, as if they were in a dream.

“My incarnation…”

Blood Mist Person was in horror as her body started to drop black pieces. She just absorbed a drop of Su Li’s blood. How could this be?

Even the most violent blood poison she had ever seen could not destroy her body, but now, her body was easily destroyed because of Su Li’s blood!

“Your Majesty! I am useful to you! I am a survivor of ancient times. I know many secrets, and I was even transformed into a spirit by Nixue Bead. Besides, I know the inheritance of Nixue Emperor… Spare me!!”

Before Blood Mist Person finished speaking, she screamed and then turned into a pool of black charcoal remains in a blink.

“No way! You have only one ending for hurting them. I have told you that.”

After Su Li spoke that, she walked to Su Buwang’s side. A bead broke through his chest and flew out. Then his wound healed instantly.

Su Li pinched the warm bead with two fingers. She was lost in thought.

“It is really the bead I got from Lin Yanxing. In the Reincarnation Mirror, I gave up everything, and this bead was inherited by Buwang. This Nixue Bead seems to be the heritage of Nixue Emperor.

Though I am not a true Emperor yet, I am close to it enough. This bead is useless to me, but it is an opportunity for Buwang. However, I have to check this bead to prevent it from hurting him.”

Su Li put away the bead and checked Su Buwang’s condition. After she confirmed that he was fine, she put him in an exquisite wing-room in Cang Lei’s Cave.

Then, Su Li turned around as her face was restored to the appearance of this life. With a wave, the two half-dead men on the ground floated up to her side.

“Blood Mist Person was more powerful than the Grand Elder of Han Sect I have killed. No wonder Ling Mo and the others were not the opponents of her. However, now, this Blood World has no need to exist.”

Su Li squinted. Then, many fragments of the small world emerged behind her.

“Since I don’t need these fragments anymore, let them do their last job.”

Countless fragments glowing with colorful lusters flied and hit the blood-colored sky.


“What is this sound?”

Yun Yi heard the sound. Suddenly, someone pointed at the sky and said in shock, “Look! The sky is splitting!”

Yun Yi and others looked up at the dark red sky and saw a crack on it. The crack was still expanding at a very rapid rate.

“The Blood World is breaking!”

Yun Yi was overjoyed, “Fang Yuan and others did it!!”

At the same time, other small blood worlds in Juecheng City also showed signs of collapsing. Everyone was surprised and delighted. They finally won the battle!

Fang Yuan was floating in the air. His body was no longer uncomfortable, but it was still weak, without the slightest strength.

However, he tried his best to see the face of the woman next to him.


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