Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 2792 - Ba Xiong

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Chapter 2792: Ba Xiong

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Without any warning, the space-time where East God was located completely came to a standstill.

Even East God himself was in a state of complete stagnation. He did not move at all, and his consciousness was also in a state of stagnation.

Meanwhile, in the void around East God, the giant black tree formed by the Nine Hell Blood Divine Swords once again charged out with a world-shaking might.

In the blink of an eye, the giant black wood appeared in front of the east god, less than 10 meters away from him.

At this point, the East God finally broke free from the space-time stagnation.

“Oh no!”

As soon as he broke free, he saw the giant black wood crazily rushing toward him, so he naturally knew what had happened.

Without any hesitation, the east god swung the giant axe in his right hand.

If he had faced Jian Wushuang’s reincarnation sword formation earlier, he would have used all his strength to fight back with the giant axe. Even so, he was still suppressed.

However, he did not have the time to use the giant axe with all his strength. It was already good enough for him to use part of the power of the giant axe.


There was a loud sound.

The right arm of the East God holding the giant axe was numb.

That violent power directly transmitted into his divine body.

Even Dong Shen’s divine body began to tremble violently under the impact of this tyrannical power. A trace of blood also leaked out from the corner of his mouth.

However, before he could completely endure the impact of this attack..

Buzz! !

A sword light suddenly lit up.

This sword light was incomparably beautiful.

There was also a bit of confusion in the sword light, causing one to be intoxicated.

The instant the sword light lit up, East God had already sensed it, and even he was immediately attracted by this intoxicated sword light.

He stared fixedly at this sword light, but a trace of terror arose in his heart.

The reason why he was terrified was because this sword light was too fast!

It was indeed fast, unbelievably fast.

Even if he attacked normally, he might not have the confidence to completely block this sword light. And now, he had just received the impact of the reincarnation sword formation, and before he could completely recover, he was hit by this sudden sword… this sword.., he had no way to swing the huge axe to block it.

He couldn’t even place the huge axe horizontally in front of his chest.

The only thing he could do was to have a layer of blood-red barrier appear on the surface of his body, and the protective armor on his body instantly covered his entire body.


The beautiful sword light cut through the blood-red barrier, but it did not last long before it collapsed.

Then the sword light continued to cut on the protective armor of the East God.

The protective armor of the East God was a top-tier divine treasure level protective armor, which had an amazing defensive ability. Jian wushuang’s sword attack could not cut through the armor, but the enormous power was still weakened through the armor, it was transmitted to the divine body of the East God.

Even the East God’s face turned pale and he spat out a mouthful of blood after being hit by this powerful attack.

His body flew backward like a kite that had lost its string. His aura was also greatly weakened. It was obvious that he had suffered a serious injury.

“He’s not dead?”

Jian wushuang narrowed his eyes. He felt a little regretful, but more than that, he felt relieved.

After all, the East God was a powerful great divine master at the peak, and he was also the sect master of the Divine Demon sect. The Divine Demon sect had a deep heritage, so it must be protected by a protective armor at the level of a superior divine treasure. With his current strength, it was indeed too difficult to kill a great divine master at the peak who had a protective armor at the peak.

If he used all his trump cards and methods, it might be possible.

But no matter what, Dong Shen had been seriously injured by him, and his strength would be greatly reduced.


After Dong Shen finally stabilized himself, he immediately rushed toward the battlefield at his fastest speed.

There was a trace of fear in his eyes. Obviously, he was frightened by Jian Wushuang’s strength, so he did not dare to continue fighting with Jian wushuang.

“You ran away so fast.”

Seeing that the east god chose to avoid the fight, Jian wushuang smiled coldly.

Then, he looked at the surrounding battlefields, and his face darkened.

Indeed, he fought with the East God and defeated him. He also killed a junior great divine master who was good at soul attacks.

However, in the other battlefields around him, the red stone castle, the Sword League, and the Alliance of the four forces were at an absolute disadvantage.

It was a huge disadvantage.

It was even higher than the highest battle strength..

Boom! Boom!

Two violent explosions suddenly sounded in the sky, and then two figures shot out like meteorites.

The two people who shot out were Yin Su’er and elder Tong.

At this moment, they were in a terrible state, especially Yin Su’er. Her face was pale, her mouth and robe were stained with blood, and her aura was quite weak.

“How could it be?”Jian wushuang frowned.

Yin Su’er and elder Tong were both peak great divine masters.

Needless to say, yin su’er had always been very strong. In the Pill Sun continent, she should be the strongest, except for Palace Master Nan Wu, who had defeated Yun Shan in a one-on-one fight.

As for Elder Tong, when he was only an advanced great divine master, his battle strength was the best among the advanced great divine masters, and his comprehension of the rules was also very high. Once he broke through to become a peak great divine master, his battle strength was also very impressive.

The two of them worked together with the help of his domain, but they were forced into such a sorry state by Palace Master Nan Wu?

“No! !”

Jian wushuang’s pupils suddenly constricted. His eyes were like two bolts of lightning as he immediately looked toward the void where Palace Master Nan Wu was.

However, at this moment, he found that palace master Nan Wu was not the only one in the void. There was also a cold and arrogant middle-aged man in a blood-red robe standing there.

The cold and arrogant middle-aged man also emitted an extremely powerful aura. Although this aura was not as strong as Palace Master Nan Wu’s, it was not weaker than elder Tong’s at his peak.

“This person…”Jian wushuang stared at the middle-aged man in a blood-red robe.

“Ba Xiong, it’s You!”Elder Tong also gnashed his teeth and stared at the man.

“Elder Tong, long time no see. How have you been?”A cold smile appeared on the corner of the middle-aged man’s mouth.

“Ba Xiong, it’s Him?”Jian wushuang’s face darkened.

Yin Su’er and many experts from the red stone castle and the Sword Union also had ugly looks on their faces.

Ba Xiong was a well-known expert in the pill-sun continent, and he was only an advanced great divine master before.

They were both advanced great divine masters, but Ba Xiong’s power was above that of Elder Tong. Some people in the pill-sun continent even said that Ba Xiong should be the strongest among the advanced great divine masters, just like how great divine master Jue Xin had always been called the strongest among the junior great divine masters.

Jian wushuang had also heard of Ba Xiong’s name.

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