Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3597 - The Crisis Had Arrived  

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Chapter 3597: The Crisis Had Arrived

In the vast universe, in the boundless dark void, a triangular gray palace was floating casually.

Within the palace, two figures were leisurely sitting there playing chess and sipping tea. One of these two had an old and unkempt face. He was the strongest among the acknowledged Principles Masters in the Divine Beginning Realm, he was also the oldest living old monster, Dark Bone.

As for the other person, he was his good friend, the Ruler Realm powerhouse, Life Fall King.

“Dark Bone, although the Divine Beginning Realm you are in is only a third-grade astral world, the geniuses that are born are truly extraordinary. There was once a Di Shisan who appeared because he obtained a unique opportunity. Later on, he stepped into the origin of the sword universe. His swordsmanship is extremely powerful, and he can even sweep away ordinary Rulers. And now, there is a Heavenly Sword Marquis who also stepped into the origin of the sword universe. He is exactly the same as Di Shisan back then!” Life Fall King said.

“No, he is stronger than Di Shisan.” Elder Dark Bone laughed leisurely, “Di Shisan, although his talent in Sword Dao is unparalleled and is not weaker than the Heavenly Sword Marquis, in other aspects, he is far from being as terrifying as the Heavenly Sword Marquis. Don’t forget that the Heavenly Sword Marquis is a perfect creature, and up until now, he is only at the Immortal Saint Realm.”

“Immortal Saint? Yes, I forgot that he’s only a saint now.” Life Fall King also smiled, he glanced at the void next to him. There was a mirror image of Jian Wushuang fighting with Blood Spirit King and the other three. Among them, the attacks of Thunder Blaze Master and the other two hit Jian Wushuang, however, Jian Wushuang’s divine body was not shaken at all.

“I can see that he has indeed gotten a great opportunity over the years. He even got a supreme treasure armor. Such a level of supreme treasure armor is extremely precious even for us Rulers.”

Life Fall King was, after all, a super expert at the Ruler Realm. He could tell at a glance that the reason why Jian Wushuang could release such powerful power and protect his body was because of the supreme treasure armor on his body, this true treasure armor must be a pinnacle true treasure armor, and it might even be the best among pinnacle true treasure armors.

A pinnacle true treasure armor was extremely precious in this territory. Even a Master Realm expert would attach great importance to it, not to mention a Principles Master. After all, most of the Rulers in this territory did not have a supreme true treasure, many of them only had pinnacle true treasures.

If there were pinnacle true treasure-level offensive godly weapons, some of the Principles Masters would have them. For example, Blood Slaughter Emperor had a pinnacle true treasure-level blade, but pinnacle true treasure armors were not owned by Principles Masters, this territory did not have them.

After all, even if some great beings had a Ruler Realm great being as their backer, or even the family members of a Ruler Realm great being, this Ruler would definitely not be able to take out a pinnacle true treasure armor to protect his opponent, unless he was lucky enough to get such a treasure.

Jian Wushuang was obviously the kind of person who had encountered such a great opportunity.

“Dark Bone, this little guy has shown great strength. Now he has been recognized as the strongest Principles Master in this territory. His strength is not much weaker than yours. You have to work harder, or this little guy will really catch up to you,” Life Fall King said.

“Hahaha! I don’t intend to compare myself with this little fellow. Moreover, with his improvement speed, he will surpass me sooner or later. If I were to compete with him now, wouldn’t I be looking for trouble?” Elder Dark Bone laughed strangely.

“It’s rare for you to be so open-minded.” Life Fall King also laughed.

The two continued to drink tea.

However, if the other experts in this territory heard their conversation, they would definitely be very surprised.

Because among the many Principles Masters in this territory, although Elder Dark Bone was also very famous and powerful, even stronger than Blood Spirit King, in the minds of most experts, Elder Dark Bone should be ranked in the top five among all Principles Masters.

He could only be ranked in the top five, not even in the top three, let alone compared to Blood Slaughter Emperor, who was ranked first, and Jian Wushuang, who was now called the strongest.

Everyone thought so.

During the conversation between Elder Dark Bone and Life Fall King, Life Fall King clearly thought that there was still a gap between Jian Wushuang’s strength and Elder Dark Bone’s. Even Elder Dark Bone himself did not deny that it was strange.

However, since they were talking here, no one around them heard their conversation, so naturally, their conversation could not be spread.

In the depths of Devil Smoke Valley!

It had been more than a year since the battle between Jian Wushuang and the five experts at the pinnacle of the sixth realm.

Over the past year, the news of the battle had spread like wildfire. Countless experts from various forces in the astral world knew about it. Everyone knew that in this territory, the most powerful Principles Master was Blood Sword Master.

Although the news spread like wildfire in the outside world, as the main character of this matter, Jian Wushuang had been very calm. He had been traveling in the depths of Devil Smoke Valley toward the Wuxin Lake.

Because of that battle, no one would pay attention to him now. However, he still had to be careful and return to the Star Palace for a period of time to wait for the news to die down, he could also think of a way to cultivate the first level of the supreme indestructible mystic body that he had obtained in that special space-time.

The supreme indestructible mystic body was an internal star secret art from Planet Lingyun. Planet Lingyun was once the overlord of a region in the deepest part of the universe. Its internal star secret art was naturally extremely powerful. As long as he could cultivate the first level…his divine body would be comparable to a primary universe supreme treasure.

At that time, with such a divine body and the protective ability of the Blood Demon Cave Armor, he would be truly fearless. He would dare to face the Overlord head-on, but now…he was still a little inferior.

“The supreme imperishable celestial body requires a large number of natural treasures to assist in cultivation. The first level alone requires rare natural treasures. I wonder if the Star Palace has any way to get it.” Jian Wushuang muttered to himself.

At this moment, he was getting closer and closer to Wuxin Lake. It was less than half a month’s journey at most. At this point, Jian Wushuang was slightly relaxed.

But at this time, a crisis quietly emerged…

Jian Wushuang was originally flying forward, but suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him.

“This person…”

Looking at the figure in front of him, Jian Wushuang’s expression changed.

His soul power had been sweeping away while he was traveling. Although his soul power did not cover a wide area, as long as someone appeared in his soul perception range, he could immediately sense it.

But the person in front of him was clearly in his soul perception range, but he did not notice it at all.

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